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Camille Styles New Website

We Got a Major Makeover!

By / September 15th

Yes, we are looking a little different today, and I couldn’t be happier to unveil the all-new site design that we’ve been toiling over for the last several months. Especially in this …read more


Weekend Notes

By / September 13th

Happy weekend, friends! You may have noticed that we got a bit of a makeover yesterday with the launch of our all new site design! We’ve been working on it …read more


Office Style

Office Style :: TOMS

By / September 2nd

For most, the TOMS brand needs no introduction. Since 2006, the company’s bridged the gap between fashion and philanthropy, and in the years since their launch, TOMS’ “One for One” design has …read more

Sour Cherry Gin & Tonic

Weekend Notes

By / August 31st

Popping in on this lovely long weekend with just a handful of reads I enjoyed over the past week. Hope you’ll be reading them poolside, sprawled out in a hammock, or at least …read more

Rose Uniacke’s London home | Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

By / August 24th

Is it true? Could it really be the last weekend of summer? Sure, temps will still hit triple digits here for a few more weeks, but once I spot that …read more


An End-of-Summer Family Feast

By / August 18th

There’s an unexpected calmness that creeps in this time of year, don’t you think? With the novelty of summer worn off and most of our travels a thing of the past, we’re now channeling …read more

portugal | Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

By / August 17th

Today I’m spending the day with four of my best girl friends – having lunch, laying by a pool, and most of all, just catching up on life. In our early …read more

cinque terre, italy // Gray Malin Photography

Weekend Notes

By / August 10th

So far, this weekend has been absolutely perfect. We’re hosting our cousins who are visiting from England, and there’s nothing like out-of-town guests to make you hit the pause button …read more

pineapple boat with sorbet | Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

By / August 3rd

Happy happy! So glad it’s the weekend, though it’s a little scary to think that we only have four more of them before summer’s over. Instead of letting it get …read more

Best Jasmine Products | Camille Styles

Jasmine Love

By / July 29th

It seems that every time I visit a new destination, I somehow fall head-over-heels for a certain scent that comes to represent the place in my memories. There were the …read more

Erica Pelosini wedding in Capri, photo by The Coveteur | Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

By / July 27th

Good morning, lovelies! Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends, savoring summer, and diving into something extra delicious on this Sunday morning (and if you haven’t decided what yet, may I …read more

A Week's Worth of Outfits | Camille Styles

5 Days of Great Style

By / July 24th

I’ve read interviews where some of the most stylish, well-dressed women in the world claim that even they have days when they look in their closets and feel like they …read more

picnic | Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

By / July 20th

Hello, hello! It’s a big weekend around here… we celebrated Chanel’s birthday yesterday (hence the huge cup of coffee in my hand as I recover from last night’s “punch”), and …read more

Souvenir Shop :: A Berber Rug | Camille Styles

The Art of Souvenir Shopping

By / July 16th

EDITOR’S NOTE: French Culinary Institute-trained Andrea Duty is a dear friend of the blog who we often collaborated with when she lived in Austin and ran her delicious custom dessert …read more

Weekend lounging & gorgeous wallpaper | Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

By / July 13th

The past week has been made up of some really lovely days: working in the morning, spending the afternoons with Phoebe swimming in the pool and making popsicles, and enjoying …read more