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Weekend Notes

By / June 25th

Happy weekend, friends! On Friday, my phone accidentally got run over by a car (seriously), so the last couple days have become an unintentional digital detox. I’ve got to admit, …read more

Weekend Notes

By / June 15th

Happy Summer Sunday, friends! We dove headfirst in the work week after getting back from our Italy travels, and though I was so happy to be home, it was tough …read more

6 lessons in living (and entertaining) by the beach, photo by MIKKEL VANG

Weekend Notes

By / May 28th

Morning y’all, happy holiday weekend! We’ve already been soaking it up in a major way around here: yesterday was hiking and farmer’s market and rosé by the pool and trying …read more

#thatpinkdoor palm springs

Passport To

Palm Springs

By / May 23rd

It wasn’t until my family’s annual Christmas card went out that I realized I didn’t travel anywhere in 2016. Seriously, my biggest excursion was making the three hour drive home …read more

magnolia floral workshop

Weekend Notes

By / May 21st

Morning, y’all! We started the weekend early on Friday morning with Phoebe’s preschool graduation (still can’t believe it), then a celebration lunch with the kids and playing hooky in the …read more

crab and rosé

Weekend Notes

By / May 12th

Morning, friends! It’s a sunshine-y weekend here in Austin, and we’ve been filling it with hours in the pool, lots of giggles, breakfast tacos, and poké bowls. I couldn’t be …read more

Weekend Notes

By / May 7th

Morning, friends! I still have a perma-smile plastered on my face after yesterday’s #GetHealthyGetTogether we hosted here in Austin. It was pretty unbelievable to see that many women working out and …read more

a bucket of springtime blooms

Entertaining With

Lucy Cuneo

By / May 4th

According to Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo, we should only have items in our home that “spark joy.” I’ve been thinking about her little reminder with recent redecorating projects, and it’s certainly …read more

Weekend Notes

By / April 21st

Morning, friends! I’m feeling pretty amazing this morning after nailing my first night of solid sleep in a few weeks; between lots of travel, late-night events, and Henry suddenly deciding to …read more