Yearly Archives: 2010

Candy Striper

Nothing oozes Christmas spirit quite like bright red & white stripes, and I’m taking a cue from this classic motif as the theme for my holiday wrapping this year. A bold wall dressed in floor-to-ceiling stripes is a guaranteed showstopper; the layers of a traditional red velvet cake incorporate the look into the holiday feast.… read more

Outside the Box

This holiday season it seems like gift-wrapping has been turned up a few big notches… and who could we possibly count on to guide us through the movement, other than Martha Stewart herself? Tossing those old sticky-bows out the window, she brings us ten seriously easy ways to spice up solid wrapping paper to reach… read more

My Gift Guide on coco+kelley!

In case you missed it, hop over to coco+kelley and take a peek at my gift guide for the gal who loves to entertain. From whimsical invites to wintery flutes; festive nibbles to the most fabulous piñata… get all the sources here.… read more

Ring Around the Roses

Lately I’ve been gravitating towards holiday decor that is simple, modern and a bit unexpected… This paper flower wreath from West Elm totally fits the bill (as does just about every other item in their holiday collection!) I can envision it as a minimalist touch in a traditional holiday setting, or feeling right at home… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Marshmallow Milkshake

Today’s recipe by Joy The Baker has literally got me sprinting for the grocery store… which says a lot considering I usually can’t tear my eyes away from her hilarious commentary (the girl is hysterical). Ladies & gentlemen, I give you: Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes. I kid you not, the mere thought of this combination has… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Little Fir Tree

I’ve made it a goal this month to stop and savor the magical joy of the holidays, no matter how busy the season gets… Care to join me? Today’s inspiration board is an escape into winter’s wonder dressed in evergreen & snowy white. Set a glittering buffet with sweets & silver pitchers of eggnog; drape… read more

Weekend Notes

It’s definitely that time of year… the calendar is quickly filling up with a whirlwind of social activities, and while I’m filled with anticipation for the fun in store, its a bit daunting to think of all that must be done in the next few weeks! Not that I’m complaining…this weekend’s agenda includes an annual… read more

Parcel + Paper

It happens every year: I start December with grand ideas of wrapping each gift with style, creativity and a unified color palette…then the busy-ness of the holidays kicks in and I’m left scrambling to find time to make my vision a reality. This Holiday Gifting Kit from parcel + paper is a total lifesaver for… read more

Food & Art

The moment I heard that Karen Wise (one of my fave wedding photographers ever) had launched a site dedicated to her stunning food photography, I immediately clicked over and spent the next half hour gazing & drooling at the stunning scenes she so artfully captured. Image after image of vibrant color, luscious texture  and perfect… read more

Thursday Beats :: Weekend

How tough is it to bounce back into work mode after a long break like Thanksgiving? This weeks play list is a melodious reminder that we are in the home stretch! Give these weekend tunes a quick listen to get excited for the days to come, or save them for a fun gathering you’re planning.… read more