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sunday morning

Weekend Notes

By / August 30th

Hi guys, hope you’re having a great weekend so far! We’re doing our best to soak up the last vibes of summer with a trip to the farmers’ market, a …read more

rosé wine slush cocktail recipe

Bottoms Up

Rosé Wine Slush

By / August 28th

TGIF! And just because school’s in session doesn’t mean we have to kiss summer goodbye quite yet. As long as temps are in the triple digits, I’m still wholeheartedly embracing rosé …read more

Bohemian Garden Dinner Party

A Midsummer Night’s Soirée

By / August 25th

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is probably my favorite play by Shakespeare. It’s filled with fanciful prose, crazy love triangles, mystical personalities, and encompasses a unique approach to that most serious …read more


Weekend Notes

By / August 23rd

Hey guys! What are y’all up to this weekend? After a really busy workweek for both Adam and me, it’s been nice to just chill the last couple of days. …read more

a low table and poufs for an al fresco summer meal

A Mediterranean Summer Mezze

By / August 19th

We’ve been in denial for weeks, but the date on the calendar makes it official: mid-August means summer is coming to an end. Nooo! The cucumbers! The peaches! The tomatoes! It’s hard …read more

jen coleman and her dog ralph

Fox & Hound

Jen & Ralph

By / August 17th

Dog lovers rejoice! We’re kicking the week off with a heartwarming third installment of our new Fox & Hound series. Today’s subject: none other than Jen Coleman, 1/2 of the …read more


Entertaining With


By / August 14th

Today’s Entertaining With feature has us flush with emotion. As a Camille Styles intern, Cara Greenstein rocked our worlds with her love of everything food, and her knack for whipping …read more

strawberry layer cake

Weekend Notes

By / August 2nd

Can’t believe that August is here! This has been one of those weekends that makes me wish summer would last forever. Patio brunching with friends, swimming for hours, grilling dinner …read more

Summer Garden Dinner Party

Weekend Notes

By / July 26th

I have to admit that I’d been feeling a little “off” this week — just kind of down-in-the-dumps for no other reason than possibly hormones and tiredness. Yesterday I decided that …read more

Are you a cryer?

Are You a Cryer?

By / July 17th

I’m Chanel, and I’m a crybaby. I know what you’re thinking – I haven’t heard that word used since elementary school – but there’s no other way to describe it. I’m moved …read more

cookie decorating

Entertaining With

Mer Mag

By / July 15th

I don’t think of myself as a jealous person, but that little kid inside me is green with envy over this wonderful, whimsical children’s party. Hosted by the ever-talented Merrilee …read more

avocado kale caesar salad

Recipes for a Clean Green Summer Menu

By / July 14th

If you’re struggling to think of delicious, filling, yet healthy dishes that are easy to prepare, look no further. Today’s three-course menu from author, chef, journalist, and all-around lovely person Candice Kumai, is the answer to …read more

lea seydoux, striped hat

Weekend Notes

By / July 12th

Happy weekend, darlings! Hope yours has gotten off to a great start. I’ve taken a couple weeks off from posting our usual Weekend Notes, since frankly, time has been a precious commodity since …read more

Royal Mansour in Marrakech

Passport To


By / July 9th

If you’re still reeling from the first installment of our new “Passport to” series, buckle up. Today’s adventure has us globetrotting to Morocco, famous for… well, a lot. Between the architecture, the beaches, the cuisine …read more

Kate Arends and her puppy

Fox & Hound

Kate & Winnie

By / July 9th

Confession: We’re a bit dog-crazy around the office. Even though I’m the only dog owner among us, that doesn’t keep everyone from spending half the work day talking about breeds we …read more

do you have a mantra?

Do You Have a Mantra?

By / July 8th

If y’all are following #CSBookClub on Instagram, you know that I’m currently making my way through The Untethered Soul, a weighty read by Michael A. Singer that explores the questions of …read more

How much is TMI on social media?

How Much is TMI on Social Media?

By / July 2nd

She posted what?! From where?! Saying what?! Sorry, but aren’t some things supposed to be private? Today we’re asking one of the many controversial questions that surround modern day social media – how real is too real? We’ve …read more