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How much is TMI on social media?

How Much is TMI on Social Media?

By / July 2nd

She posted what?! From where?! Saying what?! Sorry, but aren’t some things supposed to be private? Today we’re asking one of the many controversial questions that surround modern day social media – how real is too real? We’ve …read more

Gaby Dalkin's Kitchen

What's On Hand

Gaby Dalkin

By / June 25th

Gaby Dalkin is your quintessential California girl. From her sun-kissed complexion to her happy-go-lucky personality she positively radiates sunshine. I had the opportunity to meet her this year and after …read more

flowers & market bag

Weekend Notes

By / June 21st

Hey y’all, happy weekend! Hope you’re having a good one so far. We’re brunching and hanging with our dads to celebrate Father’s Day. I feel incredibly lucky to have a dad who …read more

How to repaint a rattan peacock chair


Peacock Chair Makeover

By / June 18th

If you do home improvement projects often, you probably know that they almost always take more time (and work, and money) than you originally planned. Well friends, I stand before you today reinvigorated and …read more

peach tart

Weekend Notes

By / June 14th

As I type this I’m savoring a rare quiet Saturday afternoon: Phoebe and Henry are both napping, leaving me to satisfy a serious urge to bake with this strawberry-almond cake …read more

DIY Carnation Stir Sticks


Carnation Stir Sticks

By / June 9th

It’s summertime, and you need these stir sticks in your life… or at the very least, in your cocktails. Planning to host (or co-host) any time soon? These little beauties …read more


Office Style


By / June 5th

If you don’t know what Bloglovin‘ is, allow me to do the honors (and if you do, skip to the next paragraph): You know all those gorgeous, inspirational blogs you stumble …read more

yara birkenstock

Weekend Notes

By / May 31st

Happy weekend, lovelies! Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes here and on Instagram — it has been a great one! After abstaining from raw fish throughout my entire pregnancy, …read more

natalie portman // dior

Weekend Notes

By / May 24th

Happy long weekend, darlings! The forecast is calling for a grey, rainy Memorial Day around here, but I don’t mind: all we have on the agenda is hunkering down with our …read more

Colorful Homes In Cartagena With Balconies Adorned With Lush Pink Flowered Vines And Ferns

Passport To


By / May 20th

This is the first in our brand new “Passport to” series, where one of our favorite creative people invites us along on a visual tour of a fascinating destination. Rather than …read more

moms and kids craft time

Entertaining With

Rachel Blumenthal

By / May 19th

Explaining why Rachel Blumenthal is awesome in one short paragraph is no easy feat. With a stellar background in the fashion industry (think YSL and Rachel Leigh Jewelry and Warby Parker), it’s no surprise …read more

besties Duffy & Christy shop at East Austin Succulents


Duffy & Christy

By / May 14th

If it’s true that you are the company you keep, I want an invitation to join this friend group stat. Duffy Stone and Christy Curcuru are creative girls about town here …read more

Whole Wheat Belgium Chocolate Chip Waffles with Coconut Caramelized Bananas

Weekend Notes

By / May 3rd

The royal baby watch may be over, but it’s still going full force around here! Now that I’m in that window where it could actually happen any time, I find …read more