Camille Styles

black bean & sweet potato breakfast bowl

Weekend Notes

By / September 11th

Morning, friends! Have to admit that I’m dragging a bit after a very late night celebrating a friend’s birthday — and hoping that this strong cup of coffee and a …read more

Mediterranean Antipasto Platter

Weekend Notes

By / September 4th

Happy holiday weekend! Hope you’re enjoying every minute of it and soaking up the last bits of summer before we embrace fall in all its glory. Around here, we’ve been …read more

Chanel Dror's wedding inspiration

Monochromatic Monday

Organic Romance

By / August 22nd

It feels like every couple days I’m asked what my “wedding colors” are, and each time, I offer the same underwhelming answer: “I… don’t really have any?” Sure, there’ll be plenty of white and …read more

midcentury california kitchen

Weekend Notes

By / August 21st

Happy weekend! We’re enjoying a cozy one at home, since Austin’s been flooded with rain for the past week and it doesn’t appear to be letting up. That means multiple …read more

persian love cake donuts

Weekend Notes

By / August 14th

Morning, y’all! Hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend so far. This has been the first weekend we’ve been at home in almost a month, so it feels especially blissful to …read more

blush bedroom

Let’s Be Pin Pals

By / August 10th

Hey y’all, wanted to pop in with a fun little Pinterest update: in celebration of topping 100k followers, we decided to give our boards a little refresh and reorg, and …read more

Summer Salad

Entertaining With

Over the Moon

By / August 8th

Alexandra Macon and Andee Olson met in 2010 while working at and became fast friends — after all they were both Southern girls living and working in New York City. Fast forward six years, and …read more

Nothin cuter than a girl and her bicycle

Weekend Notes

By / August 7th

Hey y’all! Camille’s on a family beach vacation in Florida this weekend, so I’ll be stepping in today with our weekly update. What’s new with me? Well, at the risk of …read more

strawberry mint hibiscus iced tea

Weekend Notes

By / July 31st

Morning, y’all! This weekend has been a bit nuts — it started on the Texas coast for Chanel’s bachelorette party in Port Aransas, and now I’m at my next stop in San …read more

Juley Le and her Boston Terrier

Fox & Hound

Juley & Jameson

By / July 27th

Juley Le describes falling for her Boston Terrier as “love at first sight,” and we believe it. Because ever since we laid our eyes on Jameson in this entertaining story about Juley, …read more