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Duffy Stone’s Barn Style Bungalow

August 7th, 2014

Pushing open the wrought iron gates of Duffy Stone’s 1930s barn style bungalow feels like you are walking in to another world. The serene, overgrown gardens that surround the house on all sides are a contrast to the buzzing, vibrant East Austin neighborhood around them. Interior designer Duffy and her documentary filmmaker boyfriend, Ben Powell, have created a stylish retreat with their Viszla, Werner, that embodies her laid back, organic approach to design — “I’ll mix anything. If I love it and the color’s right… then it goes. I don’t like to overthink things,” she says in her charming Southern drawl. “Most importantly, the space has got to have some soul and occasionally a groovy side-serving of 1960s flare.”

photography by jessica pages

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  1. kristin says:

    the brent humphrey’s photograph is really cool.

  2. Kelly Jo says:

    Beautiful home. That ivy in the archway is perfection. I love what she said about not over-thinking things and mixing whatever she likes, it’s a very refreshing point of view on decor.

  3. Gorgeous space! It looks so relaxing and inviting.

  4. I love that idea of having an open book there. A great way to capture a guests interest. Also love the ivy archway – so inviting!

  5. Love how approachable this house is… it doesn’t feel pretentious, but walking in, I’d immediately know that whoever decorated it must be one cool person!

  6. Loverly says:

    The back porch area is lovely! Perfect relaxing spot for an iced drink in summer.

  7. Chelsea says:

    I’m blown away by every room. Well done, Duffy! And beautiful images, Jessica.

  8. Maryn says:

    Beautiful! Way to go Lauren. This girl’s always had stellar style.

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