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Pretty Simple :: Hair Flower

June 25th, 2014

Hair Flower Tutorial | Martha Lynn Kale for Camille StylesI think a pretty accessory in your hair can really bring something special to even the most basic style. Martha Lynn here, and this look is no exception: instead of adding an accessory, we created one using her hair! This style is easy to achieve and you don’t have to have hair down to your waist to make it work. You can use my technique to add several “hair flowers” or keep it simple like we did here. Perfect for a summer wedding or brunch with the girls, this look will have people wondering how you did it!Hair Flower Tutorial | Martha Lynn Kale for Camille StylesnewPostLabel_Instructions

  1. We started with Lander’s hair in soft curls but this would work with straight hair or using your natural texture.
  2. Gather all of the hair from the ear forward and brush out to smooth the top to prep for your braid.
  3. Create a simple three strand braid aiming the hair in a diagonal (this will help with “bumps” when you create the flower). You could also do a fish tail if you want your flower to look more textured.
  4. Roll the braid back up on itself in a clockwise direction.
  5. Adjust as needed pulling out sections if you need to to make the “petals” show more. Secure with a few bobby pins.
  6. We left the tail of the braid out at the bottom to add interest. Voila!Hair Flower Tutorial | Martha Lynn Kale for Camille StylesHair Flower Tutorial | Martha Lynn Kale for Camille StylesMartha LynnKate Stafford Weaver

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3 Comments under :: Pretty Simple :: Hair Flower
  1. Love this hair do! Thank you so much for sharing !
    XO Luba

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  2. Love it! Such a pretty look. Thanks for showing how it’s done.

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