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Pretty Simple :: Extended Engagement

November 14th, 2012

Have any of you hopped on the clip-in extensions bandwagon? If this is your first time seeing them, you may be a teeny tiny bit jarred by the way these look, but ask anyone who’s given clip-in’s a try… they’re life-changers. Used to add length, thickness or both, it’s actually kind of amazing the difference they can make to your mane. And once you get the hang of how to put them in, it becomes second nature. We’ve had tons of people voice that they’d love to learn how to wear clip-in extensions properly (and how to pick out the right ones) so we turned to the all-knowing Martha Lynn for guidance. Click through for the tutorial, and prepare to have your world rocked!

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  1. Ferren says:

    OMG I’ve got to try this!
    What is the price range?

  2. kimberly says:

    I looooove mine! My stylist told me where to find them, and I just took them into my next appointment and she cut and colored them to match my hair, taught me how to put them in, and after a couple tries on my own I felt like a pro. I already have really long hair but it doesn’t hold curl very well, so the extensions are great for making my hair look more full and hold curl a lot longer.

  3. Ashley says:

    I have been researching these beauties lately! Love the tutorial!

  4. This tutorial totally opened my eyes… I didn’t realize how easy clip-ins could be, and how seamless with your natural hair! I’m always trying to “pump up the volume” on my fine hair, and this seems like the guaranteed way to do it. And as our model Sidni told me, they’re not just for special occasions – she clips hers in for work all the time!

  5. Martha Lynn says:

    You can even do just one or two rows to make a braid super full!

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