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Pretty Simple :: Romantic Twisted Chignon

January 30th, 2013

Romantic Twisted Updo by Martha Lynn Kale | Photos by Cory Ryan for Camille Styles

Today’s updo is super feminine (perfect for V-day rendezvous!), but is actually so much simpler than it appears. This twisting technique can be adapted into totally different looks, too: instead of using five smaller sections the way this detailed updo does, try experimenting with an eye-catching ponytail made from two larger sections. All you need to master are the basics: gather hair like you’re putting it half up, twist, push up for volume, and pin! So what do you think… would you try this look for your next night out?

Romantic Twisted Updo by Martha Lynn Kale | Photos by Cory Ryan for Camille Styles


  1. Section hair at the top, gather angling backward and twist to the right. Gently push hair forward to create height, and pin to secure.
  2. Gather another section of hair below the first, just above the ears, and twist to the lift. Gently push hair forward and pin to secure.
  3. Continue sectioning layers of hair and twisting in alternating directions until you’re left with just the “tail”.
  4. Twist tail and tuck upward to create a bun. Secure with pins and spray all over.

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11 Comments under :: Pretty Simple :: Romantic Twisted Chignon
  1. Hi Chanel and Martha,
    This might sound silly, but would you consider doing a post that teaches the proper way to use a bobby pin? I can never quite get it!


    • Michelle says:

      Not sill! I was just thinking the same thing, when I was attempting this hairstyle!!

    • Martha Lynn says:

      Sure! One trick I can share in the meantime is to just hold it on the end and push it in. Most people try to use their teeth and open it and end up with too much hair in it…Since the tip is already slanted up you can just push it right into the twist and it will hold. 🙂

  2. Holy smokes this is completely beautiful. Thank you!

    Lela –

  3. Now if only my hair was long enough to pull this one off! Beautiful post as usual 🙂

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to give this hairstyle a try! You always have the best tutorials!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

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  6. I just love them all,they are just perfect for me.I chopped off all my hair ,when my husband passed on to greener pastuiers. Now i am looking forward to having my hair grow agin

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