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Pulling It Off :: Stripes + Leopard

February 8th, 2013

Stripes + Leopard | Grown-up Shoes for Camille Styles

Hi friends! Ana here with this month’s Pulling It Off: stripes and leopard. I love this modern take on two classic prints, and I think it’s the perfect combination for achieving that tricky winter-to-spring transition. My beautiful friend Candice of Oh! Fox Vintage is modeling this look at one of our favorite spots in town, Walton’s on W. 6th Street. Chelsea did such a great job of capturing the look and with Walton’s photogenic exterior, it was hard to edit these snapshots down! Below are just a few of my favorites, a shopping guide to get you started and (you guessed it) the 4-1-1 on how to pull of this adorable look.

Stripes + Leopard | Grown-up Shoes for Camille Styles

Typically when mixing prints you’re looking for one of two things: harmony between the prints or contrast. This look is the latter because the color base of our stripe (crisp blue and white) and the color base of our leopard (a warm brown) are not the same tone or color. For that reason, you want a big dose of one — in our case, the striped sweater — and a small dose of the other — our leopard shoes. Make sense? Candice’s skinny jeans break everything up just enough and keep this whole look balanced.

Stripes + Leopard | Grown-up Shoes for Camille Styles

How cool is this great signage Walton’s has painted onto their brick wall? This cafe is my favorite for a morning breakfast meeting—it’s adorable interior and delightful menu make it ideal for client meet-ups.

Stripes + Leopard | Grown-up Shoes for Camille Styles

Stripes + Leopard | Grown-up Shoes for Camille Styles

When shopping for simple items like striped sweaters, always look for great detail. That special hem on Candice’s sweater and the ankle strap on her leopard wedges add a great feminine touch to this look and make it that much more unique. Okay, it’s your turn: mix it up!

Stripes + Leopard | Grown-up Shoes for Camille Styles

That blue sweater, top right, is a great example of mixed prints in harmony, like I mentioned before. Even though it’s a floral and a stripe, they have the same color base (blue) and so they work well together. Pair with blue jeans (just make sure the stripe and the jean are a different color blue for contrast) and a leopard belt peeking out, and you’ve got a perfect balance of prints. Bonus points for pulling off three-in-one look!

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  2. I wear stripes and leopard all the time! I love mixing prints.

  3. Krissy Cox says:

    I like it…I think it works because you’re wearing basic jeans, and the shoes go with the jeans. If you were wearing printed pants, it might be a little jarring. I love those shoes!

  4. Heidi says:

    I love Waltons and went last week for my birthday lunch! Loving the leopard shoes!

  5. Kristina says:

    So cute! Loving this feature!

  6. Michelle says:

    Where is that ring from?? Love it!

  7. April says:

    cute look! Love Walton’s, took my engagement photos there!

  8. Dee says:

    Hiya – where can we find the sweater that Ana is wearing?? thanks!

    • Ana says:

      Hi Dee! Candice’s sweater is from Madewell but it’s sold out online, sadly. You can always call if there’s a store near you and see if they have some left or if there are any in other stores that they can have shipped to you. Here’s the info:

  9. I am CRAVING that sweater, and those leopard flats… both timeless pieces that I’d wear with jeans in the winter, shorts in the summer. Classics – but wearing them together adds an unexpected twist! Beautiful job, ladies!

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