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I (Jen) believe that having an office job is no excuse to throw fashion out the window, and I love the challenge of finding ways to incorporate current trends into professional attire. Just because you might be spending your summer behind a computer screen, doesn’t mean you can’t do so in style, right? Take this look for example: it’s right on trend with crazy bright neon, but take away the color and it is still a perfectly appropriate pencil skirt and top. Currently interviewing for jobs? I think this is an amazing way to stand out among a sea of other applicants! I wore this outfit to a meeting with a publicist, and on set for a segment of Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show, and both times it was a total hit. Keep reading for some tips on how to pull this look off, plus product info!

If you are going head-to-toe neon, I recommend keeping your pieces in the same color family.  Too many contrasting brights can look busy and overwhelming. For a more subtle look, pair this neon skirt with a neutral top, like a drapey black tee or white button-down.

When tucking shirts in, I always wear a belt.  Not only does it create a more flattering waist definition, but it covers that awkward area where shirts tend to bunch up.

My outfit might be loud and fun, but my shoes are all business!  Keep shoes neutral so they don’t compete with the brighter elements.

J. Crew pencil skirt, J. Crew cotton tee, Zara heelsZara clutch, Kate Spade necklace, vintage belt

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19 Responses to “My Life, Styled :: Bright Day at the Office”

  1. Charlotte

    amazing colors :) love the skirt!

  2. Jessica Ellingsworth

    I’ve been totally apprehensive about the neon trend, but this ensemble is extremely cute! I love how it all looks together!

  3. Maya

    I would love for you to come to my office and give a speech based on the first two sentences of this post!

  4. Courtney

    That belt advice is golden! I wish I’d thought of that a long time ago. I have a shirt very much like that, but neon yellow is not a color I would have thought to pair with it. Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  5. Mercedes

    What nail color are you wearing? And which are your favorite nail polish and colors? Love the outfit!

  6. Molly

    Love the feature Jen and couldn’t agree more – just because you’re working in an office doesn’t mean you have to dress in dark colors & frumpy clothes! xoxo

  7. Camille Styles

    Agreed – Jen’s post *almost* makes me wish that I had to dress up in office attire every day… if I could always look THIS chic, that is!


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