Baby Talk

How to Cook With Your Kids

When I was pregnant, I read the book Bringing Up Bébé about the benefits of the French parenting style. In one scene, the author recounts an experience where she watched one of her friends bake a cake with her 3-year-old daughter — a relaxing weekend tradition that is de rigueur in many French households. Ever since, I’ve carried around a… read more

Baby Registry Take Two with giggle

I can still remember walking through the big box baby store with the remote controlled clicker in hand selecting items to add to my registry that I thought I just couldn’t live without…I dreamt of a germ-free life where I always had one of those cushioned grocery cart seat covers on hand for every trip… read more

Phoebe’s Fall Wishlist

She’s got a penchant for pink and a major thing for shoes (the better to practice running in!) Today, Phoebe’s sharing a few things on her wish list for fall (and yes, I might have helped her just a teensy tiny bit…) She may just be one, but the girl knows what she likes!… read more

How To :: Create a Stylish, Baby-Proof Home

The arrival of baby is often associated with the demise of a gorgeous, well-designed living space — first comes the love, then comes the marriage, then come the ugly toys and baby-proof eyesores, right? Wrong! Janette Crawford is the founder of Sun + Dotter (a brand new curation and styling service for design-conscious parents) and a… read more

An Antiquarian Baby Shower

It’s no secret that we’re longtime fangirls of everything Antiquaria (remember this sneak peak into their entertaining style?), so when we first heard that Emma was expecting a little girl, we immediately began counting down to the big reveal of what would undoubtably be a gorgeous baby shower. Turns out, the day was every bit… read more

What Phoebe Eats

Gourmand. A person who loves good food (and occasionally enjoys it too much) — one who is flavor-obsessed, often dreaming about what to make for dinner while enjoying her lunch. Yup, guilty as charged, and it probably comes as no surprise that I’ve been impatiently waiting for the month when Phoebe could move past milk and… read more

Happy (Half)Birthday to Phoebe!

Last week we celebrated Phoebe’s half birthday… I can’t believe our darling girl is 6 months old! The other day I read a quote that said “The days are long, but the years are short,” and boy is that true with a baby. Some days (especially if she’s having a fussy afternoon) the hours seem… read more

Featured Shop :: Cox & Cox

Even before I became a mom last year, I’ve always been drawn to kids’ crafts, games & clothing that capture the whimsy and magic of childhood – those items that take you back to what it really felt like to be a kid. I stumbled upon UK-based Cox & Cox a few weeks ago and… read more

All I Want for Christmas…

Christmas Eve has always been my favorite day of the year. The magic of old traditions, gathering with family for great food (and way too many sweets) and the anticipation of Christmas morning building hour by hour…I’ve loved it all since I was a little girl, and having our baby girl this year makes it… read more

Announcements, Announcements

This weekend I’m knee-deep in envelopes, stamps and my favorite le pens as I work on getting Phoebe’s birth announcements sent out to family and friends. I’m pretty thrilled with how they turned out… I wanted a design where Buff Strickland’s beautiful photo of her took the full focus, and this flat card from Minted… read more