Baby Talk

Featured On… Serena & Lily

Did you guys catch Camille’s “planning the nursery” posts? From the inspiration, to the work in progress, to the beautiful finished product, we all had so much fun following along step-by-step as the gorgeous room came together. So we were so excited last week when Serena & Lily spotlighted the series on their site, with a few… read more

In My Diaper Bag :: Lauren Smith Ford

How do we love Lauren Smith Ford? Let us count the ways… As a prop and wardrobe stylist, the editor and creative director of Tribeza (Austin’s arts and culture mag), and a dear friend of ours, adding “stylish mama” to her list of talents was just a drop in the bucket for Lauren. Since becoming a… read more

Happy {1 Month} Phoebe!

How in the world is our baby girl already a month old? In 30 days, I’ve already become the stereotypical mom who bemoans how fast time flies and gets teary thinking about her daughter being “all grown up.” Motherhood has been a dream, and despite the sleepless nights and a few crying-filled days, I can’t… read more

In My Diaper Bag :: Natalie Schwartz

Any mama who has the foresight to pack a pair of oversized children’s sunnies in her diaper bag gets a gold star in my book. And since Natalie Schwartz is the founder of Chic Child, I expected nothing less! From “anything wipe-able” to “anything plant-based”, Natalie’s got all the right ideas of must-have baby products.… read more

Weekend Notes

Happy September, you guys! Though I’m technically still taking a post-baby break from blogging, I couldn’t resist popping in to share a new photo of sweet Phoebe… I can’t believe she turns 3 weeks old tomorrow! I’m already seeing how these precious newborn days quickly become weeks, then months, and before I know it, she’ll… read more

In My Diaper Bag :: Anne Campbell

Hope you’re prepared to take notes, because today’s In my Diaper Bag picks come from one of the hippest mamas we know. As Partnership and Promotions Editor of Austin Tidbits and mother to two sweet little girls, it goes without saying that Anne Campbell is a woman-on-the-go — but the gal has got her stylish motherhood essentials… read more

In My Diaper Bag :: Abby Larson

Next up in our In My Diaper Bag series (did you catch Camille’s picks?) is none other than super-mom Abby Larson. As editor and founder of Style Me Pretty, Abby knows a thing or two about stylish details, and so we couldn’t wait to find out how she balances form and function when day tripping with… read more

Dear Phoebe…

Sweet Phoebe… you were born only 5 days ago, and it’s already been the most exhilarating, exhausting, joy and love-filled week of my life. From your wispy dark hair to the tips of your tiny delicate toes, you are perfect. I can watch you sleep for hours, but when you open up those big blue… read more

In My Hospital Bag

*In case you haven’t heard, Phoebe was born on Sunday, so I’m taking a little break to enjoy being a mom! In the meantime, we have tons of great posts from our regular contributors, special guest posts from my fave bloggers around the web, and a few that I prepared in advance… like today’s! You… read more

I Had a Baby!

If you’re reading this, it means that baby has finally arrived! After nine months of planning, prepping, growing, bonding and dreaming of our little girl…it’s hard to believe she’s actually here! So what to expect here on the blog over the next few weeks? I’ll be taking a little break to adjust to motherhood (though… read more