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This braid will stay put without a hair tie!

Braid on the Run

By / June 22nd

Summertime in Austin is no joke — we’re desperate for ways to keep cool, and all too often find ourselves trying (in vain) to put our hair up at a restaurant without …read more

How to Rock a Faux Hawk

By / June 9th

When we first met our friend Nathalie Holmes, we couldn’t get over her incredible “faux hawk” hairstyle. The up-and-coming Austin actress (and blogger behind Pretty Funny Girl) has major confidence, …read more

Classic curls.

Hollywood Waves

By / April 27th

Y’all *might* have noticed that I tend to wear my hair in the same beachy waves every day, and I’m kinda not sorry about it. But they say that a new …read more

How to use airbrush foundation

My Newest Beauty Secret

By / March 29th

You guys know I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie, and for the most part, I’ve tried it all. Sheet masks, color-correcting primers, setting sprays, contouring sticks, plumping lip …read more

From Plucking to Pencils to Permanent Tattoos: My Brow Journey

My Quest for Perfect Brows

By / March 9th

When it comes to beauty, it’s often true that we always want what we weren’t naturally born with, and that would certainly explain my lifelong obsession with full, shapely brows. Back …read more