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The Best Bright Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone | Camille Styles

Decoder :: The Best Bright Lips For Every Skin Tone

Despite the fact that I love makeup and embrace trying new products with possibly too much vigor, I absolutely sympathize with women that shy away from wearing bright lipstick. First of all, poppy lipstick shades undoubtedly make a big statement — one that can make some women uncomfortable if they’re used to neutral makeup looks.… read more

Style in Spades :: A Day in Havana

We didn’t even have to board a plane to find the feel (and the tastes) of Cuba’s vibrant Old Havana. When our friends at kate spade new york asked us to bring some of the pieces from their latest Havana-inspired collection to life, we knew just where to go. Camille and friends hopped in to… read more

Giveaway :: Vacation Wardrobe From ASOS!

As much as I’d love to spend every summer jetting off to St-Tropez or some other fab destination for a week, some years, it’s not in the cards. But even when a summer is spent closer to home, it’s still nice to find ways to channel the breezy, relaxed vibe that comes with a great vacation. Earlier… read more

Dream Job :: Garden & Gun’s Senior Editor

“Be fearless. If you really want to make it in this field, you have to go for it,” says Jessica Mischner, the smart as a whip, and full of authentic Southern charm senior editor of Garden & Gun, on making it in the competitive magazine industry. She moved to NYC after college and landed her first job… read more

What I Wore in St-Tropez

Adam and I typically have a strict “carry-on only” policy when we travel, and last week’s trip to St-Tropez was no exception. Seven days at a destination that required lots of different outfit needs (sightseeing, beach lounging, dressing up to go out at night) definitely made it a challenge, but one I was willing to embrace… read more

10 Best :: Beach Towels

While our enthusiasm for bikini shopping may vary from year to year, our love for poolside accessories is absolute. (We know from experience that a great pair of shades, printed sarong, or straw hat can transform the shy-est of swimmers into confident cabana hopper!) Of all the gear packed in our beach bags, it’s the… read more

The Most Stylish Dads Of All Time

Our dads taught us how to throw a football, eat with our hands (sorry Mom) and live life on our own terms — what’s not to love? I can still remember being a little girl and hopping on the couch with my Dad for long hours of watching the French Open or the PGA Tour… read more

Pretty Simple :: 5-Minute Sunkissed Skin

I may be a beauty product junkie, but that doesn’t mean I want to camp out in front of the mirror each morning! I think every woman should have a 5-minute routine that makes her feel great and gets her out the door quickly. In the summertime, I’m all about a naturally sun-kissed look that… read more

10 Best :: Summer Sandals

Every year I seem to run into the same recurring problem: last summer’s beloved sandals have oh-so-sadly seen their last days. And if your sandals are as well-loved as mine, then you know the drill… it’s time to ditch last year’s shabby kicks and build out a new stock of summer flats. Since we know… read more

Packing for St. Tropez

I can’t believe we’re leaving for St. Tropez in just a few days! Adam and I have been planning this trip for ages – ever since realizing that my 30th birthday and our 5 year wedding anniversary fall within a week of each other, and deciding that was something worth celebrating with a destination we’ve always… read more

Pretty Simple :: Summer Waves

Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to master that perfectly beach-y mermaid hair we all dream about. Martha Lynn here, and I am so excited to share a technique that will have everyone doing a double take whether you are on the beach or in the boardroom: these are the curls that… read more