Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up :: Tomatillo Cucumber Cocktail

What better way to jazz up a Monday than with a tequila cocktail kicked up with jalapeño and (surprise!) tomatillos? I was super proud of my friend, blogger/artist/consultant Meg Biram (little known fact: she was one of my college besties!) when she told me she’d started subscribing to a CSA basket, since back in our college… read more

Bottoms Up :: Watermelon Sangria

Every year, I always seem to end up with one signature drink of summer that I master and then make for just about every party of the season. It usually has a few defining qualities: a propensity to be made in large batches, requires only a handful of easy-to-find ingredients, and at least a little… read more

Bottoms Up :: The Kombucha Cocktail

Some of us never forget our first experience with Kombucha. I remember staring blankly at those bouncy clusters of (extremely foreign) floaters, wondering why my mom insisted that I gulp down the alien drink. Fast forward a couple years and many tangy sips later, this trendy, fermented drink has got me hooked. Whether it’s that… read more

Butter Coffee: Miracle Drink or Crazy Health Fad?

When a tall, willowy beauty tells you she’ll spill the secret behind her svelte bod, high energy levels, and glowing skin, well, you get ready to take notes. Then, when she tells you that it all started when she began drinking coffee made with grass-fed butter, you stop and say… Huh?! (at least if you’re me.) That’s what… read more

Bottoms Up :: The Tequila Rose

Some of the best parties and projects we’ve worked on at Camille Styles have been fiestas — we just love this traditional concept for colorful outdoor parties! This year, we wanted to give our favorite theme a new twist with a drink that incorporated tequila, but wasn’t a traditional margarita. With a little help from… read more

Bottoms Up :: Lavender Lillet Cocktail

Even if you’re not the one hosting Easter brunch, you could definitely win points for “best guest of the year” by offering to bring a refreshing cocktail that kicks off the festivities. Sure, you could supply OJ and bubbly for mimosas without complaints… or you could really wow ‘em by bringing just a few ingredients to whip up these… read more

Bottoms Up :: Sunshine Smoothie

Last week, I returned from the ultimate getaway to Cabo San Lucas with girlfriends and sunshine galore. And let’s be real: I’m still in denial that reality has recommenced. Back in the Camille Styles office, I’m  attempting to infuse vacation (or staycation) mode into the air with this fruity sip that takes me back to… read more

Bottoms Up :: Tepache Cocktail from Qui

For a month devoted to hometown love, what could be more worthwhile than sussing out the recipe behind the cocktail recently crowned the “official drink of Austin“? Every year, our city’s best mixologists go head-to-head in a fierce battle behind the bar, and only one comes out on top. We asked our friends at Qui… read more

Bottoms Up :: Latte with Bailey’s and Orange

There’s a firm dividing line in the Camille Styles office between coffee drinkers, and non-coffee drinkers. We caffeine addicts huddle around the Nespresso first thing in the morning and again after lunch, and dodge one another as we dart to grab mugs, spoons, milk and sugar… all for that first, hot sip. As an ode… read more

Bottoms Up :: Super Bowl Shandies

The most unprecedented rivalry between the Broncos and Seahawks is going down this Sunday evening, so a celebration is clearly in order. And whether or not you’re a team groupie, it’s evident that after 30 seconds into the first quarter, football fans ultimately value a cold beer over game stats. A shandy provides the perfect balance… read more