Bring it Home

Bring It Home:: The Importance of Editing

This home on the cover of Vogue Living, like most homes on the cover of Vogue Living, doesn’t exactly scream accessible. Even if you were blessed with a budget that could accommodate this space, how does anyone keep all that white clean, where is all of their stuff? But I firmly believe that with a bit… read more

Bring It Home :: A Creative Mood

“Art is inspirational. It sets a creative mood and tone that pushes our boundaries and outlook on life, like art is supposed to” says Leanne Citrone of her art-filled Los Angeles home. And I wholeheartedly agree. I loved seeing how  Citrone and her husband incorporated their impressive modern art collection into their house in the last Domino… read more

Bring It Home :: Fun & Feminine

Decorating a home with your significant other can be…a challenge. I’ve seen the conflict arise time and time again when one or both parties have strong design opinions and they wind up with a space that neither can fully appreciate. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe it’s possible (and often times better) to mix disparate… read more

Bring It Home :: Happy Memorial Day

I hope you’re all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend with friends and family, and maybe even a few extra Z’s! I admit I’m partial to the neutral palette and clean lines of Scandinavian design, but today I’m feeling the more traditional feel of this bedroom. In one of my previous posts I posed the question… read more

Bring It Home:: My Favorite Outdoor Space

We’ve been celebrating the outdoors on the blog this month, and this has got to be hands down my favorite outdoor space…ever. Five years ago, armed with this outdoor space as inspiration, I ventured out onto a friend’s country property hunting for the perfect logs to fashion as side tables. Each log weighed about a… read more

Bring It Home :: Beachy Keen

My body may be at my work desk today, but my mind is on a beach somewhere soaking up sun and saltwater. Chalk it up to the 87 degree weather we’ve been having in Austin and the wanderlust this moodboard gave me. This living room is adorned with found shells and gives me the laid back… read more

Bring It Home :: Hint of Mint

Sayonara polar vortex…it’s officially spring! This kitchen really captures the best of what spring has to offer. Its window backsplash lets in bright light and a view of the outdoors, and the woven basket lights hint at beach days and the promise of summer. I’m looking forward to cooking with a different lineup of fruits… read more

Bring It Home :: Sasha Bikoff

If you haven’t yet heard of the rising star New York designer Sasha Bikoff, prepare to soon be well-acquainted with her fresh and fun approach to design. The 26-year-old (who grew up in Manhattan) will launch her design website next month. Although I haven’t seen a great deal of her work yet, this sneak peek of her… read more

Bring it Home :: Elizabeth Street Cafe

We really are spoiled with choices here in Austin. When I was searching for inspiration for today’s Bring it Home post it was hard to settle on just one Austin interior to feature. There was the effortlessly cool styling of hotels like the St. Cecilia and San Jose, gorgeous restaurants like Josephine House and Hillside Farmacy,… read more

Bring it Home :: A Home Full of Stories

Unhung art leaning on the walls, stacks of books with dog-eared pages—to me, these details are what make a home look lived in and full of stories (literally). I love to imagine living in an all-white apartment with not a thing out of place (ok, I want to be Olivia Pope), but let’s get real.… read more