Bring it Home

Bring It Home :: Design Within Reach

In my last edition of Bring it Home I featured a standard Ikea kitchen and a budget friendly DIY, but this room is slightly less attainable (unless a kitchen renovation is in your realm of possibility). But no matter, there are always ways to incorporate elements from an inspirational image into your home. It’s simply… read more

Bring It Home :: A Personal Touch

At first glance, you’d never guess this was a standard Ikea kitchen. The space feels warm, aged, and filled with personal touches… most notably those leather drawer pulls. Owner Kristan Cunningham replaced their aluminum handles with strips of leather (only 39 cents each) and rivets to keep them in place. In my opinion this is… read more

Bring It Home :: For the Love of Clawfoot Tubs

It’s always been my dream to own a clawfoot bathtub. And ever since seeing Jenna Lyons’ home in Domino magazine it became my dream to have a black clawfoot bathtub. This week’s edition of Bring it Home is in celebration of the return of Domino (yipee!), and an ode to beautiful dark clawfoot tubs. I recently… read more

Bring It Home :: Charmed, I’m Sure

Cristina here, and I just moved into a new place where the bathroom is yet to be updated… and while it’s not what I would have chosen, I’m trying (so hard!) to appreciate the beauty in its pink and black 1950′s tiles. A few cracks in the wall, less than perfect grout, a missing tile or two —… read more

Bring It Home :: Morning Ritual

Some mornings, my ritual is the only thing that gets me out of bed — I put the kettle on while I brush my teeth and wash my face, and let the tea cool while I finish off my makeup. It’s simple, but having a routine gets my day off to an orderly start! When Piret… read more

Bring It Home :: Making it Work

Have you ever inherited a piece of furniture that wasn’t quite your style? A China cabinet, dining set, or maybe the childhood piano that, as much as you love it, just doesn’t mesh, perhaps? You know I’m a sucker for raw, aged wood and modern lines, so I was surprised by how much I loved… read more

Bring It Home :: Warm & Inviting Living Space

Everyday I pin interiors that are exquisite, inspiring and jaw droppingly gorgeous. But I have to admit, I wouldn’t feel comfortable kicking back with my feet up in most of them… you know I love all white everything, but sometimes a girl’s gotta eat pizza on the couch! While I love the look of an… read more

Bring It Home :: Savoring Summer

August always fills me with a sense of urgency to truly soak up the last days of summer spending time outdoors with friends. I can’t think of a better way to embrace the end of the season than poolside with iced drinks in hand, blasting this year’s overplayed summer hits. And even though it’s been years since… read more

Bring It Home :: My Dream Kitchen

Marble backsplash, raw wood chopping boards, gold-lined cabinetry, walnut barstools. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my dream kitchen. Cristina here, and I have been strategizing all of the various ways to make this beauty mine. Until that day comes, I’ve found a few golden touches in the form of a Tom Dixon bowl set and the sleekest fire… read more

Bring It Home :: Double Take

There is something so inexplicably appealing about the look of two twin beds side-by-side… perhaps it stirs up memories of childhood sleepovers, or maybe it’s just the pleasing symmetry of it all. Cristina, here. I’ve always loved this look for a guest room, and with summer travels in full swing, there’s no better time than now… read more