Double Take

Double Take :: The Military Jacket

When you bring together two full-time travel writers, story telling and adventure swapping tales at their best quickly ensue. On Ramona Flume’s, who contributes travel stories for a mix of publications like New York Daily News and the Dallas Morning News, first international assignment, she traveled alone through the Colombian Amazon by motorcycle, by foot… read more

Double Take :: The Striped Tee

Bloggers Samantha Hutchinson and Alicia Lund are two women in an army of style queens that have taken the [virtual and real] fashion world by storm. After launching their respective blogs, Could I Have That? and Cheetah is the New Black, they each rose to style stardom and have worked on turning dreams into realities ever… read more

Double Take :: The White Shirt

It was the 1998 Oscars and Sharon Stone walked the red carpet in a silk skirt…and a white button down that she plucked straight from her husband’s closet. It was a flawless fashion moment that still makes the list of best Oscar red carpet looks. For this month’s Double Take column, we took inspiration from… read more

Double Take :: Swedish Hasbeen Boots

I can still remember begging my mom to buy me a pair of Doc Martens in middle school. It seemed like all the rebel girls made their plaid school uniforms look so much cooler just by slipping on a pair of the signature black lace-up boots. I particularly love Swedish Hasbeen’s take on the combat… read more

Double Take :: The Chambray Shirt

In my work as a stylist, I am always trying to come up with new ways to wear classic pieces. So, we are launching a new column to explore just that. We have deemed it Double Take, and each month, we will ask two people with totally different approaches to dressing to share how they… read more