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Entertaining With :: Poplin & Queen

Hard to believe, I know, but Labor Day is officially upon us. It’s bittersweet: a weekend full of revelry and family time is always a good thing, but kissing summer goodbye sure does sting. So to help soften the blow, we’ve turned to interior designers Lindsey and Shannon of Poplin & Queen. The duo is joining… read more

Entertaining With :: Rebecca Finell

If you (or any of your friends) have children, you’ve most likely been in a room with one of Rebecca Finell’s designs. The iconic green grass drying rack she created is on the windowsill of practically every new mom we know. Rebecca’s already built and sold her first product company, Boon, and after taking a… read more

Entertaining With :: Elizabeth Mollen

Elizabeth Mollen began developing her eye for design from a young age. Inspired by her grandmother’s success as an artist and antique dealer, Elizabeth knew she was destined to pursue a career in the arts, and eventually, interiors design. Today, Elizabeth has a lot to be excited about: a thriving textile and interior design studio, a baby on… read more

Entertaining With :: Lila and Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy and Lila Stewart started their journey together in Indonesia, helping children in need through documentary film production and orphanage volunteer work, respectively. When they moved back to the U.S., it was only natural that their pursuit of bettering the lives of children continued, this time on their home turf. Enter Hari Mari, a flip-flop… read more

Entertaining With :: Courtland Crosswell McBroom

Courtland Crosswell McBroom has been playing hostess for as long as she can remember. “I was such a ham as a little girl! I was always putting on a show for my parents’ dinner party guests and wanting to get in on the experience,” she says. “From going to the grocery store and party prepping… read more

Entertaining With :: Annette Joseph

Annette Joseph knows how to throw a party — she is confident, full of laughs and totally at ease, as she whips up one Italian dish after another while guests simply sit back in awe of her skill. Annette learned from the best: after working alongside Gwyneth Paltrow, living alongside her best Italian girlfriends and… read more

Entertaining With :: The Wellgro Co.

When you take a look around the Hugheys’ home, little tidbits of Kerri’s grandmother’s legacy are everywhere: black and white nostalgia in the form of old photographs, a simple wooden recipe box full of delicious thoughts and scribbles, a white and red cabinet in the kitchen. Across from the cabinet hangs one of Ed’s prized possessions:… read more

Entertaining With :: Maile Roberts-Loring

In 1967, Maile Roberts-Loring’s dad and grandparents sat down to come up with a list of 54 things they should do together as a family. Opening The Salt Lick was 14 on the list. Forty seven years later, business is still booming and the Salt Lick has become an iconic figure on the BBQ scene.… read more

Entertaining With :: Currie Person

A fiesta doesn’t always have to be about vibrant colors, tequila shots and busting open a pinata. The queen of understated cool, Currie Person, invited her group of creative Portland gal pals over for a Mexican-inspired feast, showing as she does in her inviting shop, Spartan…that less really is more. The Austin native and film business… read more

Entertaining With :: Libbie Summers

I can almost smell the weekend, you guys, and all the food and parties and outdoor revelry that come with it. With soaking-up-the-sun and outdoor entertaining on our minds, we turned to one of the most creative and unconventional hostesses we know: Libbie Summers is the co-creator of the super inspirational Salted and Styled blog, and… read more