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sardine tin valentines for the adventurous foodie in your life!


Sardine Tin Valentines

By / February 5th

Today’s Valentine’s Day DIY project is a polarizing one. I imagine our readers are split into two camps: those who read the post title and instantly cringe, and those who think, …read more

these mini eclairs are seriously the cutest desserts ever

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DIY Mini Éclairs

By / February 3rd

If you’ve ever traveled to France, you likely associate éclairs with the oblong pastries found preciously lined up behind glass cases in patisseries all over the country. Well, today’s versions …read more

DIY Valentine's Wall Decal


Valentine’s Wall Decal

By / February 3rd

I’ve often wondered why we don’t deck out our homes for Valentine’s Day the way we do for other holidays. Think about it: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or in my case, Hannukah) …read more

Hand Painted Wood Slice DIY Valentines | Camille Styles


DIY :: Woody Valentines

By / February 11th

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without printed, cut, folded and glued paper Valentines passed out to friends and family (like the lovely floral printables Jenn created this year), but I’m …read more