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More Monochromatic Monday

Sheep Inspiration Board

Dyed in the Wool

By / January 12th

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, dyed-in-the-wool is an adjective meaning “having opinions that are very strong and do not change.” While I wouldn’t say I’m dyed-in-the-wool when it comes to …read more

Cozy Cabin Inspiration Board

Cabin Fever

By / December 8th

After watching hours on end of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks on Netflix, I’ve got a bad case of cabin fever — and no, I don’t mean the irritable, restless kind. …read more

Fowl Play Inspiration Board

Fowl Play

By / November 24th

Inspiration strikes in the most unpredictable places. It’s not that I disliked chickens and roosters before, I’d just never been especially fond of them (their eggs, on the other hand, I’ve …read more


The Chunky Knit

By / November 17th

The word on the street (or at least, in our office) is that Camille’s mom knits up the world’s coziest and downright dreamiest knitted cowl scarves. So while I still yearn …read more

thanksgiving desserts

Life of Pie

By / November 10th

With my favorite holiday of the year just over 2 weeks away, my mind is in dessert idea overdrive. From pies to cakes to tarts, the ways to finish Thanksgiving dinner on …read more

Apple Picking Season

Apple Picking Season

By / November 3rd

Is it obvious that we’re in an autumnal state of mind around here? If today’s apple-themed inspiration board doesn’t have you feeling the same, I don’t know what will. Camille …read more

Dark Rustic Inspiration Board

Dark Fables

By / October 27th

I love Halloween because it’s the one time of year I get a free pass to explore the darker side of my aesthetic — and I suffer from a lifelong …read more

Pumpkin Orange

Pumpkin Spice

By / October 13th

Is anyone else currently drooling over all things pumpkin? Here in Texas, we’ve been greeted by a few too many cold weather teasers, which only beg for constant daydreams of falling leaves and …read more