Featured Artist

Featured Artist :: David Prince Photography

I typically dedicate my Sundays for relaxing and productive errand-running, but since I’ve been waiting all week long to share these gorgeous images with you all, today’s a day for celebration! I can’t remember what originally brought me to David Prince’s site (if I had to guess, I’d say it was Pinterest), but as soon as I… read more

Featured Artist :: Sharyn Cairns

This weekend I’ve been gazing at (and drooling over) the work of Australian-based photographer Sharyn Cairns. The dark, moody quality of much of her portfolio is so fitting for getting into an autumn state of mind, and these particular shots capture the communal eating experiences that make me excited for the coming holidays. Hop on… read more

Featured Shop :: QUITOKEETO

There’s no bigger let-down than coming across a pop-up shop announcement that almost knocks me out of my chair, and then realizing that it’s not in my city (or state!). This week I was beyond excited to stumble upon the beautiful QUITOKEETO, an online pop-up shop that’s curated by Heidi Swanson and Wayne Bremser. They’re “open every… read more

Featured Shop :: Tokketok

What’s not to love about a brand that describes themselves as simple, happy and loving, and spends their time ‘playing with printing techniques’? We’ve been coveting each and every item by Tokketok for a while now — the vibrant colors combined with crisp design come together to create super fun paper products that have countless… read more

Featured Artist :: The Animal Print Shop

Since I started the process of decorating the baby’s nursery, I’ve discovered a wealth of inspiring new sources for great décor – both kids’ and adults’! One of my absolute faves is The Animal Print Shop, from photographer Sharon Montrose. I instantly fell in love with her bold, arresting images of furry and feathered friends, and… read more

Featured Artist :: Mimi Thorisson

It all started with this glorious cake…studded with berries and fresh-from-the-garden flowers, the moment I laid eyes on it (somewhere on Pinterest?) I fell in love with whoever designed such a quintessentially summer creation. Thankfully, I was able to track it down to France-based stylist/cook /food blogger Mimi Thorisson…whose site, Manger, is brimming with equally jaw dropping… read more

Featured Artist :: Ladyfingers Letterpress

Have you guys heard of Ladyfingers Letterpress? They’re a Providence-based company specializing in one-of-a-kind, hand drawn letterpress wedding invitations, and ever since discovering them on 100 layer cake we’ve been absolutely obsessed with their work. Arley-Rose and Morgan are the design duo behind the fabulous creations, and it’s actually their immaculate wedding invitation suite (pictured above) that… read more

Summer Sunday

If these fun-loving images by lifestyle photographer Paul Costello don’t make you want to kick off your shoes and do a little “celebrate summer” dance, well… I don’t know what will. Chilled-out poolside get-togethers, croquet on the lawn and a little glamping sounds exactly what I want my summer to look like. Hope you’re all getting… read more

Featured Artist :: Ideal Bookshelf

It feels like every bookworm I know has an iPad or Kindle, and while I’m all for tech innovations (some might even call me an early adopter), I can’t help but feel a little sad for hard copy books. There’s just no accessory that warms a space like the colorful spines of dozens of hardbacks… read more

More From Mae

How’s everyone’s Sunday going? I (Chanel) don’t have any big plans, just looking forward to catching up on some long overdue reading and relaxing. My Google Reader is practically overflowing with the best of the blogosphere from the week and I can’t wait to get caught up on it all. Though I’m slightly out of… read more