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What’s On Hand :: Erin Gleeson

A husband and wife leave New York to travel West, and settle down in a little cabin in the woods. Could there be anything more idyllic? This is the real life story behind Erin Gleeson’s inspiring food blog and new cookbook, the Forest Feast. Each week, Erin creates simple yet delicious meals inspired by the seasonal… read more

From Camille’s Kitchen :: Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake

You guys know that I’m not usually one to post big, complicated-looking desserts, but I do think that it’s a good idea to have one or two showstopping tricks up your sleeve for those times when you volunteer to make your mom’s birthday cake or really need to get on your friend’s good side before… read more

Field Trip :: Lick Honest Ice Creams

If you’re an Austinite reading this, chances are you’ve already thought to yourself (or maybe exclaimed out loud), “I love that place!” In the three years since it opened, Lick Ice Creams has made a name for itself in town for being unlike any other, and during these dog days of summer we can’t get enough of… read more

Summer Cooking Party with Athena & Eden

There’s nothing I love more than inviting a girl friend to come hang out in my kitchen: cooking together, comparing recipe notes, opening a bottle of wine and inevitably sharing lots of laughs. Two of my favorite foodie gals recently got together and did all of the above, and blogger-designer Athena Calderone was sweet enough… read more

From Camille’s Kitchen :: Peach Shortcakes with Lavender Cream

Even in today’s world where you can get pretty decent strawberries, citrus, and other produce all year round (imported of course, but totally edible), peaches are one of those items that should be reserved for summertime only. The flavorless and mealy stone fruit that pop up in grocery stores out-of-season barely resemble the sweet, luscious… read more

10 Best :: Cherry Desserts

Today’s 10 Best is dedicated to my mom, the world’s biggest cherry lover. Every year for as long as I can remember, the moment that cherries hit peak-of-season, she heads to the grocery and picks up a big bag which she “accidentally” devours on the car ride home.  As wonderful as they are eaten fresh out… read more

Morning Meals :: Heirloom Summer Herb Frittata

I recently realized how much I absolutely love frittatas. Not the tasteless and chewy ones from your average brunch buffet…I’m talking the homemade kind. Anytime I’m entertaining for breakfast, the frittata is my go to. It’s similar to the age-old “everything but the kitchen sink” soup or salad. The possibilities here are endless and best when… read more

Affogato with Olive Oil Ice Cream & Rosemary Biscotti

Happy Fourth of July! We recently joined Annette Joseph at her home in Atlanta for a fabulous pool party, and of course the menu was to die for — Grilled Caesar Salad, Pasta Frutti di Mare, and the most amazing Affogato you’ve ever had. It’s the perfect poolside treat that you could prepare on this patriotic weekend.… read more

Morning Meals :: Breakfast Tacos

I grew up in Southern California which means Mexican food is as prominent in my house as chicken and rice. Almost any meal deserves red pepper flakes or hot sauce, and breakfast is no exception. Breakfast tacos and burritos were a huge part of my family’s breakfast menu. It also happens to be a seriously… read more