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Morning Meals :: Quinoa Scramble

Easter brunch doesn’t have to be all about hiding eggs this year. Our Spring-y scramble is a perfect light and bright breakfast for the upcoming holiday, and we promise your guests will love it, too. Serve it warm with your favorite brunch beverage (coffee or a cocktail)…sometimes we like both! 1/2 cup quinoa 3 tablespoons… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Hazelnut & Raspberry Éclairs

I’ll never forget my first trip to Paris. I was eighteen, and my mom and I celebrated my high school graduation with a dream trip where we meandered through Claude Monet’s waterlilies, strolled along the Seine, gazed at Picassos, and of course, sampled as much French food as one could possibly taste in the span… read more

Entertaining With :: The New Potato

If you’re looking for in depth glimpses into the food adventures and habits of global tastemakers, look no further than The New Potato. Founded by sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann, the site is our go-to destination for daily lifestyle inspiration, so you can imagine our excitement when the talented twosome agreed to share their entertaining style… read more

Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts with Chef Callie

Since we’re devoting the month of March to loving our hometowns, we thought it would be fun to invite a couple of the local chefs we love to stop by our studio kitchen and school us on one amazing dish that represents Austin. First up? Callie Speer, pastry chef extraordinaire at Swift’s Attic and fun, sexy… read more

Bottoms Up :: Tepache Cocktail from Qui

For a month devoted to hometown love, what could be more worthwhile than sussing out the recipe behind the cocktail recently crowned the “official drink of Austin“? Every year, our city’s best mixologists go head-to-head in a fierce battle behind the bar, and only one comes out on top. We asked our friends at Qui… read more

Austin Restaurant Guide

Is Franklin Barbecue really worth the wait? What’s our favorite trailer amongst Austin’s sea of four-wheeled culinary experiences? Where do we go for the perfect chile relleno? Find out in Team Camille Styles’ guide to where to dine now in Austin.… read more

10 Best :: Cocktails in Austin

The business of food…and cocktails in Austin has become just as serious as the music scene we have long been known for. The city has much more to offer than tasty tacos and a couple of Lonestars (although those will always have a reverent place in the Live Music Capital). We have assembled a guide… read more

The Super Foodie :: Napa Cabbage Wraps

I’m obsessed with these cabbage wraps not only because I think they’re so beautiful, but because they’re incredibly tasty and satisfying. I attribute that in large part to the peanut dipping sauce which is salty, packed with flavor and such a treat. They’re delicious…that’s really what you need to know! In addition to being wildly… read more

Morning Meals :: Avocado Toast with Egg & Frisee

Breakfast is a very special meal in my home and not just because I have a fondness for eggs.  I love a lazy Saturday and Sunday brunch, leisurely eaten at home with countless cups of fresh coffee.  As much as I try to vary my meals, my go-to is always avocado toast with an egg.  It’s… read more

Bottoms Up :: Latte with Bailey’s and Orange

There’s a firm dividing line in the Camille Styles office between coffee drinkers, and non-coffee drinkers. We caffeine addicts huddle around the Nespresso first thing in the morning and again after lunch, and dodge one another as we dart to grab mugs, spoons, milk and sugar… all for that first, hot sip. As an ode… read more

Tuesday Tastings :: Super Healthy Migas

Can we start this post with an informal survey? I’m dying to know: how many of you have never had migas? It was such a normal weekend breakfast for us growing up — my dad standing at the stove crunching up the tortilla chips to toss into scrambled eggs — that I sometimes forget it’s… read more