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Bring It Home :: Beachy Keen

My body may be at my work desk today, but my mind is on a beach somewhere soaking up sun and saltwater. Chalk it up to the 87 degree weather we’ve been having in Austin and the wanderlust this moodboard gave me. This living room is adorned with found shells and gives me the laid back… read more

10 Best :: New Bands of 2014

Between tabletops and decor, it might surprise you that music is actually one of the most talked about subjects in this office. Whatever project we’re working on, our Sonos speaker is constantly jamming our favorite Pandora and Spotify channels. This has lead to discussions — some might even say arguments — about everything from André… read more

DIY :: Embroidered Felt Easter Eggs

Easter egg crafts hold a special place in my heart, right up there with Valentine’s Day card making. They’re low-pressure, great for kids, and best of all, they just scream spring! I’ve always loved the rustic and homemade look of felt balls, so for this project we used wool roving to make egg-shaped delights rather than the… read more

Behind the Smile :: With ELLE & Crest!

I had such a blast being part of this collaboration with ELLE and Crest, and I couldn’t be more excited for the feature to finally hit newsstands in the April issue! I spent the most fun day last fall hanging out at the Joule with the ELLE team, getting my photo snapped by The Coveteur (pinch… read more

How to :: Take a Staycation

At the Camille Styles headquarters, the month of March has been devoted to all things Hometown Love. We have celebrated our hometown of Austin, Texas and made stops in Marfa and Portland along the way. Sometimes life gets so hectic that even the time and planning it takes to go on a vacation feels overwhelming.… read more

Weekend Notes & thoughts on pampering yourself

Good morning, lovelies! It’s been a bit of a hectic week and I’d been feeling a little harried (you know those times when, every time you have a spare moment, you find yourself obsessively going over your various to-do lists? That was me last week.) So I finally took some time yesterday afternoon to treat… read more

10 Best :: City Bikes

My favorite thing about the new office? Finally being able to ditch my car for a set of two wheels! While I still own a primary vehicle, most days you’ll spot me cruising my Mixte 3 to work and back. With downtown areas being revitalized in cities across the nation and populations moving inwards, there’s… read more

Besties :: Brooke and Jessica

We couldn’t be more excited to reveal our new series focused on friendship between creative and inspiring women. These aren’t just everyday friends — they are instead those rare and magical connections for which we reserve that most exalted title: BFF! We met up with talent buyer Brooke Wirth of C3 Presents and Michael Kors… read more

Bring It Home :: Sasha Bikoff

If you haven’t yet heard of the rising star New York designer Sasha Bikoff, prepare to soon be well-acquainted with her fresh and fun approach to design. The 26-year-old (who grew up in Manhattan) will launch her design website next month. Although I haven’t seen a great deal of her work yet, this sneak peek of her… read more

Weekend Notes (and SXSW style-spotting!)

Happy weekend, friends! What are all of you up to on this spring Saturday? Austin is still in the throes of SXSW, and while I was all anticipation and excitement last weekend… I’ve got to admit that my energy is starting to wane. It’s been a blast though, and I thought I’d share a few of my… read more

How To :: Style Paper Products

We all know a gorgeous invitation suite when we see one… just the right combination of calligraphy and print, perfect color choices, and design that can bring an entire party theme to life. But if you ask me, what really sets show-stopping paper products apart from the rest is great styling. And if you’ve ever tried… read more