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Weekend Notes

Popping in on this lovely long weekend with just a handful of reads I enjoyed over the past week. Hope you’ll be reading them poolside, sprawled out in a hammock, or at least on your comfiest couch (c’mon, it’s the weekend!) We’ve had a fun one so far: sort-of tailgating yesterday (or as my friend said, “glam-gating“), making… read more

Weekend Notes

So far, this weekend has been absolutely perfect. We’re hosting our cousins who are visiting from England, and there’s nothing like out-of-town guests to make you hit the pause button on work and other commitments and take a little vacation yourself. After a morning hike and trip to the farmer’s market yesterday, we spent the… read more

10 Best :: Dramatic Staircases

Some might argue that staircases are inherently dramatic — they’re architectural in an ancient way and provide instant intrigue to a room. What’s up there? There’s truly no version of my dream home that doesn’t have a staircase, although sometimes they’re simple stone steps and other times they’re carved from dark wood. We’ve rounded up ten… read more

Bring It Home:: California State of Mind

This summer I took a long weekend to visit old friends in California, and I must confess I felt the strong urge to drop everything and move to the West Coast. This feeling is like a familiar old friend, as it tends to visit me every time I travel. In these moments I try to… read more

House Tour :: Duffy Stone’s Barn Style Bungalow

Pushing open the wrought iron gates of Duffy Stone’s 1930s barn style bungalow feels like you are walking in to another world. The serene, overgrown gardens that surround the house on all sides are a contrast to the buzzing, vibrant East Austin neighborhood around them. Interior designer Duffy and her documentary filmmaker boyfriend, Ben Powell,… read more

Modern Play Yard for Phoebe

During the warmer months (75% of the year here in Austin), our lives pretty much revolve around our backyard swimming pool. We spend the weekends in it, eat dinner around it, and hang out next to it while we’re grilling. While I’d never complain about having a backyard that’s almost completely pool and patio, ever… read more

How to :: Create a Home Office Space

Shay Spaniola was only 16 when she caught the travel bug, and since then, her love of globe-trotting has only intensified. It was in that spirit of adventure and wanderlust that she started her own Austin-based design studio: bunglo,where Shay creates hand-painted fabrics and art. Needless to say, Shay’s travels are a major influence in her… read more

Dream Job :: Art Curator at Wythe Hotel

When we think of “hotel artwork,” most of us can’t help but imagine mass-produced abstract prints in poor color choices, or large-scale, arbitrary stock photography (insert sad face). But at Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel, that’s not nearly the case; instead, each and every piece of artwork you’ll see has been carefully and intentionally selected to bolster… read more

How to :: Look Forward to Mondays

I’ve always been one of those annoying people who gets up early on Monday morning, downs a swift dose of caffeine, and begins tackling the tasks of the day with an unbridled energy that’s reserved for meeting the challenges of a brand new week. I love my job, and that passion has historically translated into… read more

Weekend Notes

Happy happy! So glad it’s the weekend, though it’s a little scary to think that we only have four more of them before summer’s over. Instead of letting it get me down, I’m using it as extra incentive to make the most of these slower-paced days with some quintessentially summer activities: dinners al fresco, afternoon… read more

10 Best :: Kids’ Rooms

It’s beginning…my two-year-old is out of her Oeuf crib and in to her Land of Nod Jenny Lind Twin. She can wear her hair in a legit ponytail, and she shares new (and quite strong) opinions every day. I love and admire her independent spirit, and as much as I want to fight it, this girl is… read more