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Sea Chant's Portland Studio | Photography by Berta Pfirsich for Camille Styles

Love + Work :: Sea Chant

“There are moments when we are looking at something we made together and it’s exactly what we have been dreaming and envisioning, something we could only create together…and it’s just really satisfying and full of love-feelings,” says Carissa Gallo, one half of the cutie couple behind Sea Chant, a photo/directing duo based out of Portland,… read more

Monochromatic Monday :: Piña Colada

With July 4th under our belts, it feels like we’re in the home stretch of summer… and if we don’t embrace the lazy, carefree days now, we’ll turn around one day and autumn will have surprised us with its all-too-sudden arrival. There are a handful of activities that only feel right in the heat of… read more

Summer Travel Essentials with The Weekender

It was on a trip to Ireland when she was eight years old that Lauren Greenberg caught that elusive and impossible to shake travel bug. “I took pictures with my mom’s Minolta and wrote in my travel journal every night,” she remembers. Since that first trip, she has travelled the world — celebrating along with… read more

Weekend Notes

As much as I love to travel, since I became a mom I’ve become much more of a homebody… and nothing feels better than coming home from a trip and having the weekend stretching ahead of me. Yesterday was all about unpacking and getting caught up on housework and emails from while I was away;… read more

10 Best :: Popsicle Recipes

Well, hello summer! Now that the first week of the summer has officially kicked off, we thought it was only necessary to round up the recipes of everyone’s favorite summer sweet — popsicles. There’s just something about those icy cold pops-on-a-stick in the midst of a hot, steamy day that has both children and adults… read more

Live Kindly :: My First Running Group

EDITOR’S NOTE: When our friend Kelly Krause shared her incredibly inspiring “How to :: Change Your Life” story of losing over 135 pounds in a year, it seemed to resonate with so many of our readers. We love her enthusiasm and passion for her adventures in wellness, so we invited her to start taking us… read more

The Artist’s Studio :: Spruce

If you’ve ever taken it upon yourself to upgrade a dated piece of furniture, you know that it’s no easy feat. Half the battle is deciding on colors and patterns, and the other half is finding an upholsterer who can do the job right. Upholsterer and author Amanda Brown of Spruce Upholstery is renowned for… read more

How to :: Write a Thank-You Note

I have always been a huge believer in the power of the written word, and teaching Phoebe the importance of expressing gratitude through the thank-you note is something I will start from an early age. We may live in the digital age, but there is still nothing like the feeling you get upon receiving a… read more

Weekend Notes

Isn’t the weekend the most wonderful respite from the busyness of the workweek? Especially in the summertime: the days are supposed to be a little lazier and more about enjoyment, yet it’s often difficult to find time to kick back and have fun until Saturday rolls around. What do all of you have on the… read more

10 Best :: Hammocks

It’s that time of the summer again: toeing the line between sun kissed and sunburnt, nose in my latest novel, always on the lookout for my new favorite lazy day hangout. I’ve just recently bought my first hammock, and nothing beats hot summer days like an afternoon siesta in the familiar comfort of its linen… read more

Snapshots from Saint-Tropez

We’re back from our trip to Saint-Tropez, and I can officially report that it was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. We left just after my 30th birthday, and rang in our 5-year wedding anniversary while we were away, and the magic of the place made it an unforgettable way to celebrate both… read more