Little Things

Little Things :: Making Maracas

Springtime in Austin always means sitting outside listening to live music. SXSW comes and goes like a whirlwind, but really, this city is always about those things and in the Spring we just get to enjoy them more often. In the spirit of our musical town and the upcoming Cinco de Mayo festivities, I thought… read more

Little Things :: Tips for Photographing Your Kids

As a professional photographer, I feel very confident I can capitalize on the time I spend with my clients and get really great images that are true to who they are…but when it comes to trying to snap some frame worthy photos of my own kids, I sometimes feel like I literally need to be… read more

Little Things :: Kiddos, You’ve Got Mail!

I’ve been dying to share the simplest idea I had for those of you who may be a little like me. I am not a baby book maker. In fact, I purchased and started one for Porter (filled out one page) but never even purchased one for Mary Mae (and she’s almost three). All in all, I… read more

Little Things :: Family Memory Game

I love getting together at the holidays and seeing my nearest and dearest, but it makes me so sad when I realize that sometimes my kids don’t remember these lovely folks. This year we created a memory game that associates things we like to remember about these family members with photos and magazine cut-outs so… read more

Little Things :: Including Them

For me, one of the most precious sounds is hearing my little people hone in on what they’re thankful for — really digging deep into that place where they realize that they have lots to be grateful for, even in their most “dire” of circumstances (like, not getting to have three cookies after dinner, or… read more

Little Things :: A Fall Menu for Kids

For me, Fall is all about getting together with friends and family. The summer is spent gallivanting around with no school and no schedule, and you miss a lot of the routine get-togethers and weekly catch ups with the folks you love. So as the air cools off and things kick back into gear, its… read more

Little Things :: Printstagram Lunch Box Notes

When I was in school, my dad created an ongoing character who made a special appearance on the napkins in my lunchbox.  I didn’t see this character everyday, but he showed up often enough for me to be wondering when he’d be back again. His name was Superdog and he was precisely how you are… read more

Little Things :: Queen for a Day

There are about one million things about Austin that I love, but if I’m totally honest, the blazing hot dog days of summer are not one of them. Y’all, it was 106 last week. That sounds like a made-up temperature, but it’s real. So when I’m feeling a little bluesy about being stuck inside (or… read more

Little Things :: Summer Berry Picking

Today I’m thrilled to introduce a brand new monthly series here on the blog: Little Things will be brimming with inspiration for fun get-togethers to do with the littles in your life — and if you don’t have any, you just might get inspired to let loose and act like a kid yourself for a day.… read more