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Baby Phoebe | Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

By / September 1st

Happy September, you guys! Though I’m technically still taking a post-baby break from blogging, I couldn’t resist popping in to share a new photo of sweet Phoebe… I can’t believe …read more

Baby Phoebe | Camille Styles

Dear Phoebe…

By / August 17th

Sweet Phoebe… you were born only 5 days ago, and it’s already been the most exhilarating, exhausting, joy and love-filled week of my life. From your wispy dark hair to …read more

In My Hospital Bag | Camille Styles

In My Hospital Bag

By / August 14th

*In case you haven’t heard, Phoebe was born on Sunday, so I’m taking a little break to enjoy being a mom! In the meantime, we have tons of great posts …read more

Camille Styles Baby Name

I Had a Baby!

By / August 13th

If you’re reading this, it means that baby has finally arrived! After nine months of planning, prepping, growing, bonding and dreaming of our little girl…it’s hard to believe she’s actually …read more

Work-Life Balance | Camille Styles

Balancing Act

By / August 10th

I like to maintain a full and focused schedule at work, so when I do get home I rarely work. I dive right into motherhood in the evening and try …read more