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Loft Life

By / February 6th

The challenge of living in a loft is that you can see everything from every vantage point. And the beauty of living in a loft is that you can see …read more


The Multi-Purpose Home

By / December 26th

For most of the year our homes function pretty routinely, but during the holidays, they take on so many extra responsibilities. You may bake more cookies this month than the rest of the year …read more

Modern Couple, Jack Spade Fall Cookbook 2014

Fashion at Home

By / October 31st

As an interior addict, my design fix is not limited to the pages of magazines and bloggers’ home tours. I intently study the homes of movie characters, the occasional nail salon, and …read more

How to Hide Your TV

How to Hide Your TV

By / October 17th

If you’re into movie nights, live sports, or the occasional heart stopping episode of Scandal, then a television is probably a part of your living room decor. It is a rare …read more

Purple Rug

Be My Guest

By / October 3rd

As we head into the first weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival, I am preparing for house guests. And there is truly nothing like a house guest to light a fire under …read more