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Elfenn Marrakech Morocco

Moroccan Staycation

By / June 26th

Lately I’ve been overscheduling myself on weekends, leaving me with low energy levels as I head into the workweek. As satisfying and productive as it feels to add tick marks to my project and to-do lists, …read more


Patio Makeover

By / May 15th

You’d never believe it by looking at this photo, but this patio used to be “a dumping ground for old plants and old furniture” before Sarah Sherman Samuel and her …read more


Take It Outside

By / April 17th

Here in Texas there is a small window between sweater weather and too-hot-to-breathe. And that window is here! It’s time to head out to the patio, balcony, or garden with friends …read more


Get Sprung

By / April 2nd

One swipe through my Instagram feed and it’s immediately clear that spring is here. Pastels and  florals have officially taken over, but I must confess – that’s not my thing. …read more