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20 best water bottles

20 Best Water Bottles

By / July 23rd

Sustainable water bottles are so in right now. Not sure I ever thought I’d say those words aloud, but it’s true! I still have to convince myself to to lug around a jug …read more

20 Best Sunglasses | Camille Styles

20 Best Sunglasses

By / July 16th

Let’s talk eyewear. Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be a serious struggle, especially if you’re one of those women who needs prescription lenses, i.e. me… I feel your …read more

11 best artichoke recipes

11 Best Artichoke Recipes

By / July 10th

Despite their somewhat intimidating appearance, artichokes are delicious, plain and simple. After a little prep work and a little more time cooking, you would not believe how tender this tough veggie can be.. …read more

20 best espadrilles | image via Hellp Fashion

20 Best Espadrilles

By / June 12th

I remember getting my first pair of espadrille sandals as a teenager — they were open-toed and canvas with a ropey strap that knotted around my ankle, and they likely …read more