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15 Best Trench Coats // Camille Styles

15 Best Trench Coats

By / October 16th

This time of year, there’s really only one item we’re on the look out for: the perfect coat. In Austin, we haven’t quite reached puffer and shearling temps (and honestly, we’re …read more

13 Best Loafers | Camille Styles

13 Best Loafers

By / September 25th

Of all the shoes in my closet, my current favorites are a pair of dark burgundy velvet smoking loafers. They’re everything I want in a shoe: comfortable, feminine, old-world feeling, …read more

Sesame bagel with grilled eggplant, tomato and goat cheese

12 Best Veggie Sandwiches

By / September 18th

I’ve never met a veggie sandwich I didn’t like. Seasonal vegetables — whether fresh or cooked — are always a good idea. But when placed between two pieces of perfectly toasted …read more

New Balance // Fall Sneakers

15 Best Sneakers For Fall

By / September 4th

Raise your hand if you believe that comfort should trump sky-high heels on occasion (or… always, perhaps?) Luckily, the rise of the fashion sneaker means that we no longer have to sacrifice …read more