Love + Work

Love + Work :: Sea Chant

“There are moments when we are looking at something we made together and it’s exactly what we have been dreaming and envisioning, something we could only create together…and it’s just really satisfying and full of love-feelings,” says Carissa Gallo, one half of the cutie couple behind Sea Chant, a photo/directing duo based out of Portland,… read more

Love + Work :: A Father’s Day Edition

Father-daughter team Andrew and Sophie are cooking up something really special, and yes, there’s food involved! Enter What To Cook Tonight – a new Sydney-based website that finally simplifies that ever-growing list of hoarded recipes by providing readers with weekly downloadable cookbooks that feature just five recipes, a plat du jour for every night of the week (and… read more

Love + Work :: Trey Hardee and Chelsea Johnson

The life of a professional athlete isn’t an easy one. Decathlete (and London 2012 Olympic silver medalist) Trey Hardee spends between 25 and 40 hours a week training in one of the 10 intense track and field events that make up the competition to be the “World’s Greatest Athlete.” And, Trey says he couldn’t do… read more

Love + Work :: Gail Chovan and Evan Voyles

Meeting Gail and Evan, one quickly gets the sense of a rare and truly artistic union. She, with her untamed blonde hair and strikingly tall frame dressed in signature black. He, with his broken-in denim and rugged good looks. Together, they’re the perfectly unexpected combination of yen and yang, and as a couple have been… read more

Love + Work :: Cobra Rock Boot Company

A cowboy and a Canadian fall in love after meeting at a concert on a courthouse lawn in West Texas. Logan remembers the day — “I was spending the summer in Lubbock. I said hi to him, and he was so friendly when he responded that we got to talking and I remember thinking, ‘Wow,… read more

Love + Work :: Miller and Jana Mobley

At just age 27, Miller Mobley has risen to the top of the ultra competitive photography industry to become one of the most sought after shooters in the business, traveling the world shooting A-list celebrities on assignment for the likes of TIME, Entertainment Weekly and the Hollywood Reporter, to name a few. He’s done it… read more