Manger with Mimi

Manger With Mimi :: Artichoke Porcini Tartlets

Looking out the window today, all I could see was rain, rain and more rain. It’s one of those January days where you’re inspired to be creative, and dazed by the weather, I was suddenly transported to Italy as I reminisced on past holidays. Rome is one of my favourite romantic cities, and I was… read more

12 Tastes of Christmas :: Mimi’s Tarte Tatin

I just can’t shake off that Christmas spirit. As soon as December 1st arrived, the kids opened their chocolate Advent calendar and I started unpacking the Christmas ornaments stored in the attic. I had been eyeing the packed boxes for weeks, patiently waiting for the right moment. I couldn’t wait to meet our old friends again:… read more

Manger with Mimi :: Pomegranate Meringues

I just love pomegranate season. The beautiful colours of this sweet and tangy fruit make me feel so festive. That’s why I love to dress the little ruby seeds with a big crimson red swirled meringue. Pomegranate goes so well with orange blossom water, so I teamed these two ingredients to make a delicious syrup.… read more

Manger with Mimi :: Pumpkin Gnocchi

Now that the kids are back to school, it’s time for me (Mimi) to play. It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to sip my morning coffee, nibble on a butter croissant, read the news, bookmarked blogs and even some magazines. But one glance at the autumn colours on our kitchen table is all… read more

Manger with Mimi :: Peach and Vervain Tart

You might recall back in June when we featured the amazing culinary creations of Mimi Thorisson, France-based stylist, cook and food blogger. Well, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that, starting today, Mimi will be stopping by regularly to share some of her mouth-watering recipes with us. I don’t want to keep you guys from… read more