Morning Meals

Morning Meals :: Savory Breakfast Tartine

I truly love a savory breakfast — it’s no secret that I always love an avocado toast (like this one!), and I’ve been wanting to share my favorite “breakfast salad” recipe on here for a while. But the produce lately has been so gorgeous, I thought I’d set aside my avocado toast for something a little more… read more

Morning Meals :: Heirloom Summer Herb Frittata

I recently realized how much I absolutely love frittatas. Not the tasteless and chewy ones from your average brunch buffet…I’m talking the homemade kind. Anytime I’m entertaining for breakfast, the frittata is my go to. It’s similar to the age-old “everything but the kitchen sink” soup or salad. The possibilities here are endless and best when… read more

Morning Meals :: Breakfast Tacos

I grew up in Southern California which means Mexican food is as prominent in my house as chicken and rice. Almost any meal deserves red pepper flakes or hot sauce, and breakfast is no exception. Breakfast tacos and burritos were a huge part of my family’s breakfast menu. It also happens to be a seriously… read more

Morning Meals :: Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal Crisps

This breakfast is somewhere between a healthy morning meal and a delicious indulgence.  It’s the perfect warm weather brunch idea, individually baked for your guests.  Breakfast crisps are perfectly sweet without giving you the sugar hangover of most pastries.  It’s best served with strong coffee and a dollop of whipped creme if you’re feeling fancy.… read more

Morning Meals :: Basil Pesto & 6 Minute Egg on Toast

The simplest breakfasts are often the most delicious. Much like the beloved avocado toast, it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients to form an addiction. My boyfriend made this delicious combination for me on a whim, and since then, I can’t get enough.  It’s the perfect flavor for a light, early Summer breakfast. 2 large organic… read more

Morning Meals :: Raspberry Almond Muffins

I know most people spend their mornings rushed with a quick pastry and coffee-to-go. As much as that seems easy and convenient, gluten-free pastries are not widely available everywhere…so I am usually stuck making my own. Luckily, these homemade muffins are incredibly addicting. They will keep you full longer than the average muffin (thanks to… read more

Morning Meals :: Coconut Walnut Oat Bars

We all love a warm bowl of oatmeal in the morning, but sometimes its nice to switch it up. What can be better than coconut oat bars with tart raspberry preserves? This delicious breakfast can be eaten warm, cold, at home or on the go. Raspberry preserves were my first choice, but feel free to… read more

Morning Meals :: Quinoa Scramble

Easter brunch doesn’t have to be all about hiding eggs this year. Our Spring-y scramble is a perfect light and bright breakfast for the upcoming holiday, and we promise your guests will love it, too. Serve it warm with your favorite brunch beverage (coffee or a cocktail)…sometimes we like both! 1/2 cup quinoa 3 tablespoons… read more

Morning Meals :: Spring Potato & Egg Bake

I love a one-pot meal for dinner, but I love ‘em even more for breakfast. This spring skillet bake is heartier than a standard “hash” and isn’t just a breakfast side…it’s the main event! Not only does it feed up to four guests, but you can serve it oven-to-table without re-plating or fussing over servewear.… read more