Photography School

Photography School #5 :: Which lens do I use?!

Do you all have your thinking caps on? For those of you who’ve been following along with our Photography School series, taught by resident expert Mike Bullock, today we’re taking a dive into the technical side of things. As an aspiring digital photographer who fears investing in the wrong equipment, I’m constantly inquiring about lens… read more

Photography School #4 :: Candidly Speaking

Candid photos strike a little fear in many people, don’t you think? When we imagine someone photographing us unexpectedly, we fear the strange, unflattering expression we were most likely wearing at that moment. Well it turns out that there are actually a few tricks of the trade to achieving beautiful candid photos, so we thought… read more

Photography School #3 :: Filling the Frame

We’re back with the third installment of our ongoing Photography School series taught by our resident expert Mike Bullock. We’ve been doing our homework and putting our lessons in Aperture and Lighting to good use over the last couple months, so we’re super excited to add another notch to our belt with today’s tutorial on composing… read more

Photography School #2 :: Ambient Light

Time for the second installment of Photography School with our resident expert, Mike Bullock. If you missed the first one, hop on over and get acquainted with Aperture. We’ve already received such an overwhelming response on this series, and I’m thrilled that y’all are as excited to tag along on my photography journey over the next year… read more

Photography School #1 :: Aperture

Morning y’all! I’m so pumped to launch an all-new monthly series called Photography School, led by our team’s fearless photographer (and videographer, director, cinematographer, key grip… the  man wears many hats) Mike Bullock. Remember my New Years goal to majorly up my photography game? Well, I’ve decided to take action, and I’m bringing you all along… read more