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Entertaining With :: Paul Qui & Deana Saukam

December 20th, 2012

Ever since I met Top Chef season 9 champ Paul Qui and his fashionista publicist and fiancé Deana Saukam at a runway show earlier this year, I’ve been dying to see how these two food-industry powerhouses entertain in their off-hours. In a testament to Paul’s total lack of “media star” behavior and endearing modesty, they dove headfirst into planning a holiday get-together for us at their downtown Austin loft, inviting our team to capture the entire process from start to finish. I almost couldn’t believe that they managed to squeeze it in between near-constant travel and preparing for the opening of East Side King’s first brick-and-mortar space the following week, but they did it with aplomb, starting the day by gathering ingredients at the farmer’s market and sipping champagne as they prepped for guests. Click through the images shot by Chelsea Fullerton for all the details, and stop by later this afternoon for the incredible video that brings the entire day to life.

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6 Comments under :: Entertaining With :: Paul Qui & Deana Saukam
  1. ccg says:

    didn’t want that feature to end!

  2. […] of sparkle, festivity and (of course) plenty of food porn. For all the details, don’t miss this morning’s post where Paul & Deana spilled all their entertaining […]

  3. Samantha says:

    Our “signature house drink” for parties is Chatham Artillery Punch! Our recipe was found in the New York Times a couple years back and includes another kind of alcohol and a different mixer, so I will have to try this version for our next party. So glad to see that I have something in common with such chic hosts!

  4. em_dash512 says:

    Love Paul’s cooking! Glad to see more coverage of Austin peeps out in the blogosphere!

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