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Bottoms Up :: And an AMAZING Giveaway!

July 16th, 2012

Electrolux ICON Giveaway!

It’s been a little while since we’ve hosted a giveaway, so we’re bringing them back with what may be our biggest and best one yet. Since moving into our house last year, one of my favorite little luxuries has been our Electrolux Icon Wine Cooler – not only is it incredibly convenient to be able to store up to 48 bottles of wine chilled at just the right temperature…it also just looks so sleek in our kitchen. So in honor of the fact that we’re giving away one of these beauties to one lucky reader, for today’s edition of Bottoms Up, we’re talking summer wines to serve at a party. Keep reading to see a few of my favorite selections and how I like to serve them… and find out how to enter to win your own Electrolux Icon Wine Cooler (valued at $2,199!
Wine Tasting Essentials from

1} copenhagen carafe set 2} fletching bottle stopper 3} dip-dyed baguette board  4} lulu glasses  5} pocket notebook for tasting “notes,” 6} titanium bottle keepers

While I happen to love wine (and can’t wait to drink it again after I have this baby in a few weeks!) I am so not a wine snob. In fact, the bottles I buy are usually under $15 and easy-to-drink, refreshing varieties. There are so many great affordable options available now, it makes it easy to keep my wine fridge stocked and party-ready at all times! My only rule when choosing wines is to drink what you like – if you’re a newbie, talk to the guys at your local wine store or Whole Foods, as they’re usually full of great recommendations. Four wines that are always big hits at my summer dinner parties:

  • Sauvignon Blanc. Refreshing, light…and my favorites taste like grapefruit.
  • Rosé. You really can’t pour anything prettier at a summer shindig.
  • Vinho Verde. Love serving this with Mexican or Spanish menus – it’s light, fizzy and festive! (and super affordable, too.)
  • Moscato d’Asti. I fell in love with Moscato a couple of summers ago. It’s sweet and feels almost indulgent, and I’ve yet to meet a party guest who didn’t fall head over heels, too.


Now for the part you’ve been waiting for… the Giveaway! We’re making it super simple for you to enter to win your own Electrolux Icon Wine Cooler. All you have to do is:

The winner will be announced on Friday, July 27th…Good luck!

*layouts by Jennifer Rose Smith; bottom image photographed by Mike Bullock.

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1,088 Comments under :: Bottoms Up :: And an AMAZING Giveaway!
  1. In the summer I love a good Muscato – or maybe Sangria with lots of citrus, ice cold! Yuuummmm!!!!! boy I would love to win that wine cooler! <3 love you Camille!!

  2. sarah says:

    I’ve had my eye on one of these wine coolers for a long time! My favourite wine to drink is a Cote de Provence Rose…perfect for a summer evening, eating al fresco and catching up with friends. It’s refreshingly light and goes with all those summer foods we love…bbq prawns, smoked chicken salad and of course beautiful French cheeses!

  3. Meredith says:

    Toasted Head – Chardonnay is definitely my favorite summer wine to sip on! It is so refreshing on a hot summer day, I just love it!

  4. Steve Sperle says:

    My favorite wine to drink is a Riesling Spatlese 2002. J+H.A. Strub, Niersteiner Oelberg. This was given to me and it was very enjoyable.

  5. i am totally with you on missing wine! unfortunately i have quite a ways to go. thanksgiving is going to be wild;). i love a good pinto grigio in the summer!

  6. Therese Vasquez says:

    LOVE a chilled moscato in the summer!

  7. Nicole says:

    For the summer, a perfect wine is Moscato. I love to pair it with a decadent strawberry cake and just sit on the patio with friends and people-watch. Great summer wine!

  8. Laura says:

    I love a good dry Prosecco in the summer…nothing better!

  9. I love Sangria in the summer! What a great giveaway, thanks for hosting it!

  10. Lacey says:

    Pinot Grigio or Riesling!

  11. Jill says:

    I love a crisp sauvignon blanc or a glass of prosecco in the summer!

  12. Silvia says:

    Mmmmm… I LOVE to sit with a chilled bottle of Viognier… Cline makes a great bottle at a great price! I can’t wait for my own little babe to hatch in just a few short weeks so I can indulge again!! All of that paired with an AMAZING wine fridge will make this new mama very happy! How fun… and yay!! 🙂

  13. I love a great sangria during the summer, it is perfect with seasonal fruit and great friends!

  14. Allison says:

    I love a dry crisp Brute Champagne in the summer… the bubbles make it feel like a constant celebration in a glass and the dry crisp taste balances the warm summer nights!

  15. Jessica Root says:

    What a great givaway! I love a nice, slightly sweet Prosecco! One of my good, less expensive go to summer wines is Trader Joe’s own ‘Honey Moon Viognier” It’s so tasty! Only 10:15am in Los Angeles and now I’m craving wine 🙂

  16. Sneha says:

    Nothing can beat a refreshing sip of sweet Sangria wen sitting poolside in the summer!!

  17. Kathleen says:

    OoOo I would love love love to put this in my new kitchen!! I think I would have to say a sangria with lots of berries or prosecco 🙂

  18. Lindsay says:

    Chardonnay in the summer…or Sangria!

  19. Abby says:

    I love a chilled prosecco during the summer– would love to have this in my kitchen!

  20. Amanda D says:

    Liked both Facebook pages. Fav wine to drink in the summer is the same all year round – champagne. 🙂

  21. Tash says:

    I LOVE sauvignon blanc in the summer. What a fantastic giveaway!

  22. chelsea lawrence says:

    i love a cold glass of crisp chardonnay; my favorite is Williams Selyem.

  23. Olga says:

    I love Rose in the summertime! Specifically; Planeta Rosé 🙂

  24. Emily says:

    I love to drink fruity Sangria in the summertime. Great giveaway, thanks!

  25. OMG. Awesome giveaway. My fave summer drink is chilled white wine sangria with peaches. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  26. Leland says:

    Great giveaway! My favorite summer wine is red sangria… I’m still developing a taste for the whites & lighter wines!

  27. Always Albariño…crisp, citrusy and delicious on a hot summer day!

  28. Latour says:

    white sangria for the summer

  29. Mary says:

    My fiance and I love to sip sauvignon blanc during DC’s hot summer months.

  30. Christina says:

    My favorite summer drinks… a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, a M<ichelob Ultra pomegranite rasberry beer, or my newest obsession… Rumchata!!

  31. Lauren says:

    Picpoul is perfect in the summer. It is crisp, refreshing and makes you want to sit on the porch for hours.

  32. Kelly says:

    White wine Sangria loaded with fruit -sitting on the beach!

  33. Vi Nguyen says:

    I love to drink white sangria with fresh fruits all summer long.

  34. weena says:

    Sangria is a summer must! I love to take advantage of all the summer fruits, blending with the wine! Delicious! I also love a good sparkling wine! Great for all of the summer celebrations!

  35. Kelley Rose Burrus says:

    Robert Hall Rhone de Robles

  36. Erin says:

    a tall glass of Rosé, please!

  37. Megan says:

    My favorite wine in the summer is Villa Maria or Satellite Sauvignon Blanc. So crisp and refreshing. It’s great for summer!

  38. Angelica says:

    I love a cold refreshing white sangria (with rum, of course!) or really cold prosecco in the summer months! light, crisp and delicious!

  39. Morgan says:

    I’m definitely with you on the Moscato! It’s by far my favorite summer wine. I actually consider it dangerously good 😉

  40. Ashley A says:

    LOVE THIS! I’m always a fan of sauvignon blanc and enjoy a fruity wine on occasion like strawberry wine.

  41. jenn says:

    always love a buttery chardonnay!

  42. Alexa Giacomini says:

    For me, wine drunk during the summer should be light and refreshing. I’m partial to dry rose, vouvray and orvieto classico for everyday… but I also love a good champagne, cava or prosecco. (My favorite summer treat is prosecco poured over lemon sorbet.)

  43. Rachel says:

    Sauvignon Blanc never fails!

  44. Lauren W. says:

    I already liked your page, and I liked Electrolux on fb too! I love any white wine in the summer, but especially love a not too sweet Riesling! Thanks!

  45. catherine scott says:

    I liked both!! woohooo! crossing my fingers!

  46. Maria O. says:

    Hands down, it has to be Frog’s Leap – 2011 SAUVIGNON BLANC. Love Napa Valley!!!

  47. catherine scott says:

    I liked both pages woohooo! Fingers Crossed!
    My favorite summer drink would be some chilled champagne bubbles with a splash of mango juice!

  48. Maria C says:

    I also LOVE a chilled moscato in the summer!

  49. Maya says:

    I love a having a generous glass of La Fantasia, a rosé sparkling wine that is found only at Castello de Amorosa in St Helena (Napa Valley). It has a lower alcohol content and is oh-so-refreshing!

  50. Julienne says:

    Homemade slushy margaritas with fresh lime juice. Sitting at my desk I’d really like one now.

  51. Jessika says:

    I love a good Pino! Something that is light and just a little sweet is perfect for a Texas Summer night!

  52. Marissa C says:

    Love a Vinho Verde in the summer time, reminds me of my time in Europe!

  53. Aubrey says:

    My summertime faves are Moscato, Sangria and I always love a good Merlot!

  54. Amanda Hepner says:

    One of my favorite summer moments was enjoying Pink Moscato with close friends on the patio of one of the girls beach houses. We had just enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal and went on the pack patio to visit and enjoy some wine and pink lemonade cake we baked up.

  55. Caroline says:

    A nice, perfectly chilled glass of bubbly! Perhaps popping in an in-season berry to add some colour as well!

  56. Kelly says:

    I love sparkling whites in the summertime! Keeps you refreshed and happy 😉

  57. Katy Parsons says:

    We’ve been drinking sparkling shiraz this summer – its a great summery option for the red wine drinkers. My husband is lusting after these Electrolux coolers. What a great giveaway!

  58. lisa peters says:

    I LOVE masacto!!! Even a cheaper one is still yummy and smooth!

  59. Maggie says:

    Great giveaway! I love a crisp Pinot Grigio

  60. Nora says:

    Oooo, divine! Just got a shipment from a recent trip to Napa the other day from Sterling Vineyards and Frogs Leap. Nothing better than a little crisp refreshing wine on a hot summer evening. My choice? Vinho Verde, Muscat, or even a Sauvignon Blanc…hmm, no wait, maybe some bubbles? Oh, it’s all delish and even better when shared with friends! 🙂

  61. It’s a toss up between bubbly and a crisp glass of white. My new fav, Mer Soleil Chardonnay.

  62. Prosecco! specifically Cupcake Prosecco! Such a fun wine to serve at a party!

  63. I am a fan of both Facebook pages. Right now I’m loving a good Vinho Verde.

  64. Jill says:

    For wine it’s definitely a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. But if it’s liquor I love anything with Deep Eddy or Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka!

  65. Jessica B. says:

    On hot summer nights, I love a chilly glass of Riesling in place of dessert. For parties, sangria is always a hit.

  66. I always enjoy a nice cool glass of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. 5 p.m. on the deck enjoying my pacific ocean views. Best kind of evening!

  67. Lara says:

    I love Sauvignon Blanc! Either a New Zealand or Napa variety … yum! I can assure you, my husband and I would put this wine cooler to GOOD use! 😉

  68. Kristen says:

    I love a crisp Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc while sitting outside and while sitting inside Benovia Pinot Noir.

  69. Breanne says:

    I’m a huge fan of sparkling white wines. I would fill that whole fridge up with Prosecco, sparking Shiraz…. etc.

  70. Marta says:

    Normally I’m a big Sauvignon Blanc Fan – love Kim Crawford. We got this great version on our Italian Honeymoon from Avignonesi. But this summer, we are pushing our boundaries with roses – we like Swanson Rosato!

  71. Elisabeth says:

    There’s nothing in the summer quite like a gruner veltliner. Crisp, refreshing white wine – perfect if you don’t partcularly care for things on the sweet side. Also, Jordan makes a phenomenal Chardonnay.

  72. I love Prosecco – it’s wonderful for Florida summers…it’s wonderful any time of the year!!!

  73. Already “LIKE” Camille Styles and loving it!

  74. I “LIKE” Electrolux on FB and would love to win this amazing cooler!

  75. Andria says:

    I love a glass of brut in the summer or Kim Crawford Pinot Grigio!!

  76. Jo Martin says:

    Homemade white sangria (when I take time to make it) is one of my favorites. Must use cool, light, crisp white wine

  77. Melissa says:

    I love a delicious Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay or a refreshing Virginia Viognier. Oh man, can I get a glass right now? 😉

  78. Kindl says:

    I would have to say my summertime wine favorite is a great sangria! Yum!

  79. Heidi W says:

    Any type of is the best summer drink =)

  80. Julie Smith says:

    Oh, how lovely! My favorite summer wines are Viognier anytime and Sancerre with seafood!

  81. Ginny Kirklin says:

    Rose is the best in the summer.

  82. Hi Camille,
    I’ve “liked” you for a while and I’ve just “liked” Electrolux. I also “like” Savignon Blanc no matter the season!


  83. lindsey says:

    i’m a sucker for sweeter wines, love me some moscato! amazzzzzing giveaway!!

  84. Sofia says:

    I love Rieslings! Year around, but especially in the summer. Nothing better than a chilled, sweet and crisp glass. Amazing giveaway!!

  85. Allison says:

    I love Sangria!

  86. Anna says:

    I love sparkling wine in the summer… Champagne and prosecco are my favorites. Toss a fresh blueberry in the glass to add some color! Cheers!

  87. Alexis says:

    Hands down my all time favorite summer wine is Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. The crispness is exactly what the dr ordered after a long commute home from work in this heat!

  88. Megan says:

    Nothing beats a refreshing glass of white wine on the deck during the summer!

  89. Abby says:

    For a hot summer, I like a cold tropical sangria!! Sauvingnon Blanc with lots of different fruits – anything you can find at the Farmer’s Market that morning!

  90. Leyla says:

    I like Casillero del Diablo red Chilean wine;-) First tried it in Dominican republic and fell in love with it;-)

  91. Sangria is my favorite refreshing summer time wine

  92. Anna says:


  93. Risa Nelms says:

    A tropical sangria would be my favorite summer time drink!!!

  94. Katelin says:

    I love a dry rose. A new found love for me!

  95. Katy D says:

    I love wine , my favorite is white sangria !! Thanks for this awesome chance .

  96. Heather G says:

    My favorite wine is ST Chapelle ice wine. It is so refreshing this time of year.

  97. Sandra davis says:


  98. Kristina C says:

    Artesa Chardonnay

  99. Loc Vu says:

    This summer I’ve been drinking a lot of sangria. I think it’s perfect for summer.



  101. Josephine M says:

    chilled prosecco! <3

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  102. vanessa says:

    Chardonnay Is my favorite on a nice hot summer day !

  103. Joan Bailey says:

    Could go for a cool glass of Rose.

  104. Tiffany Christian says:

    I LOVE SANGRIA! I also liked both facebook pages! 🙂 thanks!!

  105. Jim says:

    I like to have most any sweet wine during the summer.

  106. Jermain says:

    Moscato!! MMmmmmm

  107. Mary says:

    I love our local winery, Williamsburg winery. Governor’s White is my favorite.

  108. Janet Ehnen says:

    I like a cold glass of riesling or a watermelon sangria. Thanks for the giveaway. What an amazing prize. Hope I win…

  109. fernanda mendez says:

    any red will work with my sangria 🙂

  110. brenda S says:

    Any Chardonnay is my favorite 🙂

  111. LaDina Perrault says:

    I’m not a huge wine drinker, but I do like ChocoVine during the summer, and anytime really.

  112. Felina M says:

    Lately I have been drinking a Vignoles

  113. julie g says:

    Stella Rossa (Berry)

  114. Kari says:

    Pinot Grigio

  115. Jen Lynn Rutsky says:

    Red Moscato is my new favorite summer wine! I hadn’t tried it until a few weeks ago but I’m in love! xoxo

  116. Rosa says:

    Already liked Camille’s page and just liked Electrolux. My absolute favorite summer wine is this sparkling Rose that my father orders by the cases. It’s crisp and delicious and he always starts his summer dinner parties with a glass and then sends us home with a bottle! It’s Michel Freres Rose Brut Cremant de Bourgogne 2009. YUM!

  117. Suzanne Yorgensen says:

    I love sweet and enjoyable wines like, Moscasto, Reislings, etc.

  118. MARCIA E BROWN says:

    Sangria is my summertime favorite. The color and taste are exquisite for any dining experience, especially with a setting sun and cool breeze!

  119. Leigh says:

    Barefoot Muscato – very light and refreshing in the heat!

  120. D Schmidt says:

    Like both you and Electrolux on Facebook as D Schmidt

    My favorite summer wine is 2009 Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Blanc

  121. Keeley says:

    I would love to gift this to my parents! They love pinot grigio.

  122. Angela says:

    I like a good blush … Franzia (not sure of spelling) is my favorite.

  123. Tony Tannahill says:

    Real nice prize choice (*0*)

  124. Josephine Summers says:

    Mmmm Riesling..

  125. eva kiss says:

    i love to drink sangria in this humid weather it helps you cool off

  126. Kimberley Sharper says:

    I love drinking Rosé in the summertime … and, even better, I like to use it when making Sangria. I found a recipe for Blackberry Sangria on Martha Stewart’s website and made it for Labor Day 2011. It was so delicious!

    I would love to win the cooler for my parents. My mom and dad drink one glass of wine every night. Their year-around favs are Chardonnay and Zinfandel.

  127. Cynthia says:

    I love light and refreshing crisp wine for my summertime!! This is awesome 😉

  128. Still loving our Grenache from Standing Sun Wines! We have tried many but still go back to the Grenache!

  129. Lynda says:

    almond sparkling wine

  130. Quineka Pembrook says:

    Im a big moscato fan in the summer,I also love chardonnay’s and pink blushes.

  131. amy says:

    riesling! so refreshing.

  132. Dee Dee Saterbak says:

    Love both Moscato di Asti and fruity Red Sangrias!

  133. Sherri Pettit says:

    Love a nice cool glass of sangria

  134. Mukul says:

    Homemade white sangria

  135. Patty Gaeta says:

    Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Chardonnay

  136. Meghan Minihan says:

    I love a good pinot grigio 🙂

  137. Brittany H says:

    My favorite wine to drink in the summertime would have to be Andre Dezat Sancerre!

  138. Jeannie says:

    love a nice cold glass of Moscato on a hot summer day!

  139. Dayna says:

    I like to make a white wine sangria using Sauvignon Blanc & Peach Schnapps, adding fresh peaches, raspberries and kiwis, garnished with a sprig of fresh mint

  140. Mark says:

    Sangria would have to be my favorite for the summer.

  141. Jeff Rodgers says:


  142. Well for me I really LOVE any kind of wine, but i especially LOVE the wine coolers as they are very refreshing, and I especially like their size as they can fit in the wine refrigerator awhloe lot better too!! Also thanks for giving me the chance to win here!!

  143. Brad says:

    I try other wines but I always go back to a nice Shiraz. I have spent time in Australia where I did start drinking GSM wines as well.

  144. Jamie T. says:

    My favorite wine to drink at any time is Sutter Home White Merlot…yum!!

  145. Pam says:

    Nothing more refreshing than a Sauvingnon Blanc on a hot day

  146. I love Rieslings on ice with a fresh strawberry thrown in-yum! Also a homemade sangria with lots of fruit served nice and cold! Very excited for this give away after 10 years in a 100 year old farm house we are finally renovating our kitchen!

  147. Trudy Drexler says:


  148. robert nunn says:

    La Marca Prosecco

  149. Dana G says:


  150. Kathy says:

    I love to sit on a patio on a warm summer day with a pitcher of Sangria and a good friend.

  151. Frances Loper Corwin says:

    Pouilly Fuisse _ white french burgundy have loved this for over 20 years !

  152. susan watson says:


  153. Trudy says:

    Sangria in the Summer!

  154. Kira says:

    A refreshing, crisp, dry champagne is the best thing to imbibe on a hot summer evening! It pairs with most everything, and tastes amazing on its own.

  155. Susan says:

    I love Sav Blanc this time of the year.

  156. Brenda says:

    Riesling or sparkling wine!!!!

  157. Holly Bernier says:

    All I can say is Chardonnay!!! 🙂 For red I love a Pinot Noir!

  158. Christy says:

    A chilled Riesling

  159. Lee Taylor says:

    Nothing says summer quite like a chilled glass of Moscato!

  160. Theresa J says:

    I like 2010 Honig Sauvignon Blanc

  161. patricia zbleski says:


  162. Gerry says:

    Love Moscato and cabernet!

  163. Roset says:

    I love a glass of champagne sparkling wine. So delicious, refreshing, and fun to drink!

  164. dawn says:

    Vinho Verde all the way!

  165. Amanda says:

    I am just learning about wines, but I like the fruitier ones to the dry ones. My mum calls them dessert wines. This is something I am just getting into with her as she really enjoys the wineries. We did a wine train a while back and it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing a second on soon.

  166. Linda Ann says:

    I love Yellow Tail Merlot. We had it on our table at a wedding we attended & I have loved it ever since. I love the logo too, so much fun.

  167. JANY FRY says:

    Chilled Riesling sounds nice.

  168. Diane Désilets McDonald says:

    In the summertime I do like a very light and not too dry white white,pinot grigio or I have tried different chardonnay’s which weren’t too sweet…usually 0 or a what I prefer…or sometimes a red..very cold..cabernet sauvignon,zinfadel and many others.

  169. JUDITH says:


  170. Mary LeMunyon says:

    sangria with citris fruit slices….yum!

  171. Jessica says:

    Mm, moscato is definitely one of my favorites. If it’s sweet and sparkly, I love it! 🙂

  172. Melissa Yarber says:

    I love Moscato!

  173. Andrea Ryland says:

    sangria with tropical fruit

  174. Victoria says:

    Icy cold moscato

  175. MikeyP says:

    A delicious buttery Chardonnay! 🙂

  176. Rebecca Boivin says:

    I love having a glass of Cabernet/Shiraz with a grilled steak and veggies

  177. Lori Lodice says:

    melot love

  178. Andrea Gumm says:

    Beringer White merlot any time of the year 🙂

  179. Lori Lodice says:

    merlot love

  180. Lita says:

    Pink Moscato discovered this around New Years and deemed it my new favorite, all seasons.

  181. Liz says:

    Blushing Rose is my favorite!

  182. Dixie Bibbee says:

    I love my Reisling at 9:00 each night. A person of habit, right on time.

  183. Michelle Willcox says:

    I could fill up that wine cooler with Moscato (the one that Olive Garden serves) and live on that for life! Yum!

  184. Kathleen L.M. Santiago says:

    Wine….always good what ever time of the year it is…..relaxing after a hard day at work….and sexy when spending time with the one you love……2002 Bell Cabernet Savignon is my choice…..Aloha from Hawaii!

  185. gary clatfelter says:


  186. Shannon Sampsel says:

    Rosé … mmm so good!

  187. Jessica Anne says:

    a red sangria!

  188. Deb Worthman says:

    Moscato is one of my favorites. Another is Edelweiss from James Arthur Vineyard or Mac’s Creek Vineyard.

  189. Lawrence Cwiok says:

    White Cabernet

  190. Angela says:

    I come from a small town in PA that is essentially made up of italian restaurants and wineries. Needless to say I get my fair share of wine during the summer months and would LOVE a place to keep it cool instead of having to choose what gets chilled and what doesn’t. My favorite wine to drink in the summer time would have to be Penn Shore’s Pink Catawba. Very fruity and refreshing!

  191. KELLY says:

    My favorite wine to drink in the summer is moscato 🙂

  192. Mark D says:

    I like a nicely chilled White Merlot- a very delicious plumb flavor.

  193. Suzy says:

    I live in north Georgia wine country and have been enjoying a lighter bodied red from our local Habersham Winery called Scarlett

  194. Best giveaway! We are about to redo our bar in the basement so this would be PERFECT timing!! Fingers crossed 🙂 I liked both pages on facebook and my favorite summer wine is definitely red sangria….does that count?!

  195. Ellen says:

    Chardonnay – year round, but especially on a hot summer day 🙂

  196. Mary B says:

    In the summer I enjoy drinking Sangria. Like fruity, citrus flavors blended together with the wine make for a refreshing cool down drink on a lazy summer afternoon

  197. Heather Poquette says:

    Moscato all the way baby!!

  198. cold Bele Casel Prosecco – most refreshing in summer!

  199. Nancy Reno says:

    Love Reislings and Pinot…nice change is Strawberry Rhubarb!!

  200. Kristyn says:

    I am not very knowledgeable, so I would say anything that I try that tastes good!

  201. Vicki says:

    Since the beginning of summer I’ve enjoyed Mimosas. Although any slightly sweet white wine will do 🙂

  202. Amie Crouse says:

    The girls introduced me to moscato to me and we love it for outside parties!

  203. Pam L says:

    I love many many many types of Moscato. Moscato or Asti is perfectly fruity and refreshing during the hot summer. 🙂

  204. Mary says:

    Love anything from Quintessa!!! Or Cliff Lede.

  205. Hagit says:

    LOVE chilled white wine in the summer!

  206. katie says:

    I love sangria in the summertime! You can make it as dry or as sweet as you want and it’s always refreshing!

    Great giveaway!

  207. Brian Carlson says:

    Beringer White Zinfandel

  208. Chaz Decker says:

    I love Perrier Joet Blanc de Blanc or Rose in the summer… but then I love it anytime.

  209. Danielle says:

    During the summer time, I just <3 the Arbor Mist Sparkling wines… so refreshing! But being in an Italian family… wine is an important part of many Italian family dinners!

  210. Kelli Rolvaag says:

    Champagne or sparkling wine! Dom Perignon ’96 is my favourite, but my budget picks that I enjoy more often are Veuve Clicquot or Yellow Tail Bubbles.

  211. Pat says:

    My husband and I have been wanting a wine cooler for years. We love to have a glass of wine with dinner or just relaxing.

  212. Chris Heinemeyer says:

    I like a nice glass of Charles Shaw

  213. elizabeth says:

    Sangria is a must for the summer heat!

  214. Nina says:

    My favorite wine is Cakebread Chardonnay – perfect chilled for summer! What an amazing giveaway, fingers crossed! xo

  215. Ellen says:

    Anything out of a bottle

  216. Deborah says:

    I love rose and proseco!

  217. Margaret says:

    Our favorite wine to drink in the summer is an ice cold dry Riesling. So refreshing with chicken, fish or salads.

  218. Julie Stinchfield says:

    My absolute fave is Prosecco!

  219. Gail D. Adams says:

    I enjoy a chilled Moscato as an after dinner dessert like drink!

  220. Kerry M says:

    A white sangria!

  221. My favorite is Moscatto and Reisling, they’re very refreshing.!

  222. I love a cold, cold sweet wine in the summer. I have even tried the frozen wines, they are o.k. Guess I just like an old fashioned sweet wine in a glass.

  223. NiCole Lynn says:

    I like White Zinfandel in the summer.

  224. joy says:

    cava sangria with mint and strawberries!

  225. Rachel says:

    I love Sangria with chunks of fresh fruit!

  226. Brandy says:

    Oh! i LOVE lychee wine in the summer time… the grapefruit Sauvignon Blanc sounds amazing! Thank you for the chance, this giveaway is bad. ass.

  227. Shannon says:

    I like a Moscato in the summer – the colder, the better – with some fresh fruit on the side.

  228. Gloria Dornin says:

    I love a crisp sauvignon blanc

  229. rebecca oakleaf says:

    Red sangria is perfect 🙂

  230. Judy W. says:

    Love Pinot Grigio, I would love to win this!

  231. Caritz says:

    My favorite summer wine is St. Supéry Sauvignon Blanc because it absolutely delicious and has guava, passion fruit and peach flavors. My husband and I usually have this when we are grilling and out enjoying the night summer breeze.

  232. cat leonard says:

    Love Zonin Prosecco for summer evenings. So special!

  233. Magdalena Kubow says:

    My favourite summertime wine is gewurztraminer! Fantastic aroma and hints of lychee fruit in its flavour 🙂

  234. Wendi St. Jean says:

    I love a sweet Reisling, moscato, or a nice Chardonnay 🙂 Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  235. Rebecca says:

    Don’t have a particular favorite. Would love to win this to be able to keep a variety on hand.

  236. Aimee Rogers says:

    I love a good white zinfandel or a pinot grigio! Thanks for the chance to win, I could really use a wine chiller!

  237. Andrew Torres says:

    I mostly a beer drinker…but during those nice summer days…gotta look forward to a nice glass of Sangria.


  238. Jodi says:

    I think the best wine for summer is Sangria with orange slices or pineapple.

  239. Scott M says:

    The best drink for a summer lunch is Italian Grandma’s Vermentino from the Liguria/Tuscany border.

  240. Ellie says:

    In the summer and year round I prefer a crisp Pinot Grigio or even Riesling (Hogue makes a lovely, low price range late harvest Riesling). Another lovely summer indulgence (and very reasonably priced) is Gazela Vinho Verde.

  241. Kathryn Murray says:

    We LOVE drinking a crisp Rosé in the summer. Yum!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and your inspiring site!

  242. lori wright says:

    my fav wine to drink in the summer is a white zinfadel or a chardoney

  243. A fresh crisp Rose with hints of strawberries is the wine I adore in the summer. I would love to win this as there is never room in the fridge for my wine haha.

  244. Leah B says:

    Oh my gosh what an amazing giveaway! I like both pages on Facebook and the wine I drink most in summertime is a cool glass of chardonnay. If I drink red in the summertime it’s usually in sangria form! Fingers crossed that the Electrolux fridge will be mine. eek!

  245. Anastacia Kluge says:

    A good crisp Riesling is always a fave in the summer time.

  246. Kevin says:

    Gruner veltliner!

  247. EurJean says:

    Great giveaway! I would love to win 🙂 My favorite wine to drink in the summer is champagne/sparkling wine with different fruit/juice/syrups. Right now I’m loving it with Elderflower liquor.

  248. claire evans says:

    a fine Pinot, chilled just right

  249. I love sipping on Willamette Valley Vineyards Riesling during the summer. Great light and sweet wine! Excited about this giveaway!!! 🙂

  250. Joanna says:

    Rose, or sangria if I’m feeling ambitious!

  251. Michaelene Koskela says:

    Champagne with a splash of cranberry!

  252. JoAn says:

    I like a good organic red wine.

  253. Stephanie Ganshert says:

    I like to drink Cabernet Savignon Blanc in the summer.

  254. I LOVE sauvignon blanc! My favourite is Oyster Bay or Cloudy Bay, but for a less expensive version I go for Two Oceans from South Africa. I write about wine on my blog, too!


  255. Megan says:

    I love Moscato in the summer, and I just tried a Gamay (a chilled red) that rocked my socks off.

  256. Nancy Kee says:

    A friend just got into wine making…and she made banana wine. Yes, you read that right. It is so smooth and really good! She also gave me some apple wine and chokecherry wine…I need this cooler!

  257. I love love wine!!!… French and Italian wines are my fave!!!

  258. Rose B. says:

    Sangria with a sweet white wine or a sweet red. Yummy. Oh, and lots of crushed ice!!!!

  259. Susan Kennedy says:

    Merlot is my favorite wine to drink in the summer and year round.

  260. Rebecca says:

    Rose, absolutely. I adventured to Sweden last summer to visit a dear friend and we sipped rose every day and night. Stockholm enjoys (very) longs days and nights of sunlight and drinking rose was what we did and what we loved. Now I drink rose in the summer for fond memories of my adventure as well as the amazing taste. It’s the perfect summer style of wine for relaxing and taking a moment to unwind.

  261. Kristen Hnasko says:

    I would have to say either moscato or Riesling, both are on the sweet side which pairs nicely with summer foods!

  262. Ann Wright says:

    Great giveaway!! I like both you and Electrolux on FB. My favorite summer wine is sauvignon blanc, but I am not picky. Fingers crossed!

  263. Brittany Roske says:

    I love nothing more than sitting out on my front patio with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc and listening to the busy Chicago sounds. If I have the choice, I’ll drink a Sauv Blanc from New Zealand… The subtle hints of grapefruit are lovely and absolutely perfect for hot summer nights.

  264. Kelly says:

    If it’s wine, my go-to is always Crios Rose of Malbec. I’m not a wine snob either, but started to love this wine for not only the taste, but the story behind it that I’ll never forget (1st and last story to ever remember!)
    Fun fact: this woman, Susana Balbo became the 1st Argentine winemaker to be hired as a consultant to make wine outside of Argentina. Crios means “offspring” & she chose this name to honor her children. It’s $10/bottle and so delicious. Plus, you have to applaud the female entrepreneur! Locally, Uncorked serves it.

    If I’m not drinking wine, I love a good Moscow Mule — so far, 2nd Bar & Kitchen makes the best one in Austin!


  265. I love a good rosé in the summer!!

  266. Sondra Brazier says:

    I love, love, love moscato in the summertime!!!

  267. During the summer, and any other time of year for that matter, I like to drink Zichichi Family Vineyard Estate Zinfandel.

  268. Emily Konkle says:

    We already have a similar fridge and LOVE IT. We love it not only for wine but for beer and those great pizzas from Costco, as well.

  269. mary says:

    santa margherita wine

  270. My favorite summer wine is Opala Vinho Verde, but there are so many great choices. What a fabulous giveaway!

  271. I like a Bianco wine, not too sweet/tart and lovely in the eveninh on the deck watching the stars <3

  272. Carla says:

    Sparkling wine is the best!

  273. Margaret says:

    Sangria is so great during summer when there is so much fresh fruit to utilize.

  274. Therese says:

    LOVE a chilled bottle of chardonnay in the summer to enjoy with friends!

  275. Ginni says:

    My favorite wine to drink is a good Cabernet because the taste is a little sweet, a little dry and I feel like I’m doing something good for my health because I’m drinking red wine. Electrolux are EXCELLENT quality products and I would love to have a wine cooler so that my wines aren’t sitting on the counter or on the bottom of the refrigerator shelf.

  276. Lauren Basham says:

    I love a good Chardonnay in the summer. I’m usually not a white wine drinker, but a crisp, cool, refreshing glass of Chardonnay really helps beat the Texas heat!

  277. Christine A. says:

    Moscato is my absoulute favorite, so sweet and refreshing. Our state fair has a worlds fair of test tasting and it is the best time. You can try all the statewide award winners too.

  278. Yael Neubauer says:

    Santa Margherita – Pinot Grigio and Voga Pinot Grigio are certainly favorites

  279. Claire says:

    Sparkling wines are my favorite during the summer. I love how you can add some fruit and have a wonderfully refreshing summer drink! I recently had a sparkling wine with added almond flavor called Bollicina from Sorelle Wineries, really quite delicious & refreshing on those hot summer nights.

  280. Jenna Noel says:

    Love a dry Rose or Sparking in the summer!

  281. Em Robin says:

    I love the new rose wines, well chilled. They’re great to sip on a hot summer day on the deck.

  282. Holly Johnson-Fisk says:

    I love a very good and very sweet red wine, like Madeira and Chocolate Finale year round!

  283. Taylor says:

    This wine cooler would be so perfect for my new upcoming home! If I could own this pretty little piece I’d store my newly discovered Tormaresca Neprica (top 10 summer wines at Whole Foods) and pair it with drunken goat. The Tormaresca has changed my view on red wine in the summer. The taste is so complex yet light and refreshing for a Texas summer! Mmmmm.

  284. erin Culkin says:

    Sangria…..pinot any time!!!!

  285. wendy says:

    I have to vote for moscato also!

  286. rachael says:

    white burgundy!!!!!!!

  287. Cindy Martin says:

    I love Reisling in the summer time. :0

  288. Linda Beaton says:

    I’ll nurse a bottle of Fetzer Gewurztraminer any day of the week and I’ll be a happy camper!

  289. Annye says:

    I love, love, love sparkling wine for the summer! Add some blood orange soda and frozen fruit and it’s the perfect summertime cocktail.

  290. Cassandra says:

    Cava or Chenin Blanc…. screams summer to me!

  291. MaryJo says:

    My husband would LOVE this! We are fans of red wines and like to try all different kinds. We try to be adventurous!

  292. Jennifer says:

    I love a rose! Domaines Ott is my favorite. I love most wine though 🙂

  293. Terri Ingham-Bollin says:

    My favorite wine to drink in the summer time is white zinfandel.

  294. Paulina J! says:

    I love a Moscato and Sangria during these hot summer nights 🙂

  295. I am a fan of the Camille Styles FB page, and just ‘liked’ Electrolux’s FB page. Lately I’ve been on a Pinot Grigio kick so that is what I’ll probably be stocking in the wine fridge 🙂 Maybe some red wine in the fall!

  296. my favorite summer wine is rose. I love how refreshing it is on a hot, summer night. This is such a fabulous giveaway!

  297. Allyson says:

    I love Chilean Sauvignon Blancs in the summer, but, honestly, I drink a lot of craft beer, too. The summer seasonals are just too good to pass up!

  298. Lynn Lawrence says:

    I love Barefoot Muscato anytime!

  299. I love to drink La Crema Chardonney in the summer!

  300. Tracy Reed says:

    I love to try anything local to Colorado where I live-the mountain air and elevation have a lovely effect on taste. My favorite today is….Viognier 2011 from the Mountain View Winery in Olathe, Colorado.

    “Wine makes
    daily living easier,
    less hurried, with
    fewer tensions and
    more tolerance”- Benjamin Franklin

  301. Casey says:

    Wowzers! I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy a riesling year round, but in the summer, they are especially tasty!

  302. Emily says:

    White Sangria with seasonal fruit, best drank on the boat/beach!

  303. Elizabeth says:

    Moscato or Ice Wine. For sure. Something a little sweet with some fresh berries is my pick.

  304. M Llooyd says:

    I love a Pinot Grigio will do for me during the summer–just had the best Blackjack Syrah also !

  305. Shandy says:

    My favorite is a nicely chilled moscato! Followed closely by a lingonberry wine from Door County 🙂

  306. Linda says:

    I enjoy a glass of anything Yellow Tail

  307. allyson says:

    Far Niente Chardonnay!

  308. Pat Arnold says:

    I love to drink tall glasses of Sangria on my deck at the end of the evening, against the backdrop of a glorious sunset. Summertime at it’s best.

  309. Amy Hermann says:

    This summer I’m really enjoying different moscato wines:) ..and it would be awesome to fill an Electrolux wine cooler with lots of bottles!

  310. Isabelle Osmar says:

    Rosé – sweet, refreshing and perfectly compliments a warm summer day!

  311. Shannon says:

    Sunstone Winery SYRAH ROSÉ is my favorite summer wine. Pair it with something from the grill or a nice charcuterie plate It makes you feel like you are in the South of France!

  312. Karen Velonis says:

    Summertime favorite is Schramsberg Rose, yum!

  313. Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! I love wine! My favorite summer drink has to be a white sangria. So refreshing with fresh fruit, perfect for a hot summer day!

  314. matt fikes says:

    I’m a fan of a plain old barefoot riesling

  315. Carla Gullotto says:

    I’m not much of a drinker, but I do have a bottle of Apple wine my father made many years ago in my fridge. It’s still good, just a tad stronger than it used to be.

  316. Krista says:

    My favorite summer wine is a rich Viognier.

  317. Jennifer Essad says:

    I love Sangria! The varieties we have now are wonderful!

  318. Biz says:

    i love pino grigio anytime!

  319. Erica says:

    My favorite in the summer is a crisp bottle of Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc, served by itself or as a simple Summer Sangria with fresh, local huckleberries and seasonal fruit! YUM!

  320. Emily Krieger says:

    You can’t beat a good merlot; I just moved, so I’m dying to crack open a bottle on my deck!

  321. Zoriana Zozulia says:

    This giveaway just gave me a courage to wright a first comment. Let me say, you really know how to target an audience 😉 I’ve been reading your blog daily forever. Such an inspiration. You’re doing an amazing job. As for my favorite summer wine, I’d take Riesling for refreshment and Sauternes for sheer indulgence.

  322. Kari says:

    I love pinot grigio! Nothing better then sitting out on the deck in the summer drinking wine with my husband (who is usually drinking a beer) or my friends (who would deplete the 48 bottles in the fridge!)

  323. shelly sklar says:

    Sangria on ice

  324. Jennifer M says:

    I like light wines like Pinot Grigio.

  325. Allyson Gleason says:

    although I do enjoy a rosé during the summer months, I must admit that a crisp prossecco is truely my favorite go to wine (Italian champagne). The best thing about enjoying prosecco in the summer, is that you’re able to put seasonal berries into it to add a little kick of flavor and to make an ordinary glass look beautiful! Delicious!

  326. nicole b. says:

    Pinot Grigio. Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win! xo.

  327. eve sinclair says:

    I really, really like Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling – affordable, easy and refreshing to drink on a warm summer evening – and it reminds me of the Riesling my Opa (a winemaker in the Mosel Valley in Germany) used to make, before he passed away. Sometimes we even pour it over cherry ice cream for fancy floats!

  328. Malena says:

    Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite in the summer

  329. Terry Hartman says:

    Love, love Sangria

  330. Audrey C says:

    Love to drink Chardonnay on a summer afternoon!

  331. Maria S. says:

    Rose is my favorite, especially if sparkling 🙂 Would love to win the cooler – literally C.O.O.L!

  332. C Hofford says:

    Any good chilled wine is perfect to enjoy sitting on the porch swing with a good book!

  333. Kendra Marshall says:

    Prosecco with fresh Canadian fruit!

  334. Rachel says:

    Nothing beats a glass or two of sweet red wine on a summer night!

  335. John J Dynia says:

    I love Sangria in the summer!

  336. Lacey M says:

    Summer time calls for a crisp Sauvignon Blanc…and my favorite is usually based on the most fabulous label 😉

  337. Brian Dadey says:

    My favorite is a red wine from a local winery…Presque Isle Chambourcin.

  338. Christy George says:

    Sangria is my choice for summertime! 🙂

  339. Isabel Monteiro says:

    A glass of chardonnay is the best on a hot summer day!

  340. Laurie Fisher says:

    Cupcake Moscato or something from any of the 3 local wineries here.

  341. I love sparkling white wine in the summer, and a budget one to boot. If I can find a prosecco or a cava for a starving-actor’s price I’m a happy camper.

  342. Shannon S says:

    I love Frances Ford Coppola’s Cabernet so yummy…

  343. Shane C says:

    A crisp prossecco for a hot summer day!

  344. Deborah Rosen says:

    During the summer, I like to drink a lightly chilled rose.

  345. Kim Mayer says:

    Love any sweet dry white wine that is ice cold on these hot summer days.

  346. Lindsy says:

    I love a white sangria!

  347. Adia Holt says:

    I love love loooovea fruity sangria.

  348. Cindy Shaw says:

    I love ice wine!

  349. Samantha Waxler says:

    Sangria! Sangria! Sangria!

  350. Margaret Galton says:

    Sangria with lots of fruit or a nice Prosseco!

  351. Kim says:

    I really enjoy Chardonney in the summer, especially oaky chardonney! Also, you can never go wrong with sangria on ice.

  352. Monica says:

    Prosecco DOC from Valdobbiadene, of course.

  353. Maria says:

    I like light refreshing sangria during the summer

  354. Jennifer E says:

    I enjoy wine in the summer whether it be indoors after a long day or just relaxing with the family having a BBQ! A nice riesling, sauvigon blanc and prosecco always does the job. I love crisp flavors with citrus undertones and even medium body wines won’t be turned away. With this new wine cooler I will have the ability to store all these wonderful wines at perfect temperature!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  355. miki says:

    My favorite wine is a rose on the dry side like a rose of syrah 🙂

  356. Jimmy says:

    Love a yummy Sangria

  357. Michelle says:

    Moscato, hands down. Now you have me craving it!

  358. S Magee says:

    An unoaked Chardonnay

  359. Heather Paulo says:

    I LOVE prosecco!

  360. Amy Adams says:

    I love white wines during the summer, especially a good quality Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. Anything slightly chilled to escape the heat.

  361. Brenda McQueen says:

    I enjoy several different wines. Mostly reds ,tho. Would so mlove to win this cute lil cooler.

  362. Caitlin Parrow says:

    Tough decision! ! A sangria with lots of fresh summer fruit!!

  363. Madeleine says:

    A glass of Pedroncelli chardonnay totally hits the spot on a hot summer day! It’s light and refreshing.. the perfect chardonnay and it’s so well priced 🙂

  364. Karly W says:

    Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio sangria with apples, lime, and grapes!

  365. Lyndsei Pacini says:

    It’s really hard to find but, when I do, I love to drink Zenato Lugana. It’s an amazing italian white wine!

  366. kat says:

    cava or prosecco are my summertime go-to wines. after visiting the codorniu winery in spain two years ago, i always go for their cava if i can find it!

  367. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I like you both on Facebook and Sangria sounds really refreshing right now. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I’d love to try Vinho Verde–sounds delicious!

  368. Marg says:

    Right now – Moscato – it’s my wild about you wine right now.

  369. Vernie says:

    Champagne Rose

  370. Marie Bartony says:

    I love visiting our local wineries and bringing home bottles of wine to keep on hand for unexpected company. I also discovered the Muscato d’Asti you mentioned. Love it!

  371. Steve Paulo says:

    My favorite summertime wine is rosé of Sangiovese. Goes great with grilled meats, or just on its own! Yum!

  372. David Irish says:

    Ice cold anything—most likely Sangria w/ lots of frozen fruit.

  373. Barbie says:

    I love a chilled Riesling from Grand Traverse Winery in Michigan. Some fresh fruit with it and good to go !

  374. Kurt Veit says:


  375. Bev Dunigan says:

    I love pinot grigio! It is such a clean, crisp wine. When I can find the brand I prefer (Santa Margherita), I stock up!

  376. Laura Fransen says:

    I love a good Moscato

  377. Chrystal Ales says:

    Sangria Baby!!

  378. Lisa Marie Anctil says:

    I honestly do not think I could pick just ONE favourite wine to drink during the summer! There are so many delicious options and it definitely depends on the mood, weather, food, everything! When it is scorching out I love a very fruity sangria which is extremely crisp and fresh. I also like champagne during summer to celebrate life, accomplishments, friends, and family. Any type of red wine is delicious in the summer but especially a nice deep shiraz for those chilly nights when you are cuddled under a blanket looking at the stars. Well, I literally could probably go on forever! Wine is wine and it tastes best when accompanied by the ones you love. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

  379. kari says:

    I love a good moscato!

  380. Moscato. Always Moscato.

  381. Lauren H. says:

    Castello Banfi Rosa Regale – lightly chilled. It’s the perfect “dessert” after a summer dinner, al fresco of course!

  382. Audrey says:

    Anything sparkling! It makes your day feel like a special occasion.

  383. rose sangria with lots of fresh peach slices!

  384. Leonard Cage says:

    any quality merlot or malbec

  385. Tinatre says:

    Rosata and Moscato is so light and sweet to drink in summer.

  386. Cara says:

    Definitely Moscato, but I wouldn’t say no to Sangria either!!!

  387. Elizabeth says:

    Nothing is better than a little cheese and wine on the patio with my girlfriends! If only this Texas heat would hold off a bit.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  388. Andrea says:

    A Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc with a flowery or horse-themed label.

  389. Karen Koval says:

    I love “Sweet Bliss” It’s great by the glass or made into Sangria. Yum!

  390. Ann Gottlieb says:

    Sangria with LOTS of fresh fruit for a party….and Rose for a quiet afternoon.

  391. Ina says:

    In the summer I love a brute champagne with a spalsh of bitters and a strawberry…so yummy!

  392. Carol Wessel says:

    Moscato D’Asti is our whole familes favorite wine.

  393. Theo B says:

    My current favorite summer wine is Pascal Jolivet Sancerre 2010. Very nice and my guests love it.

  394. Luciana says:

    You can’t beat a nice glass of sauvignon blanc in the summer time!

  395. Jessica says:

    I’m absolutely smitten with Relax Riesling. It’s not a fancy wine, but it’s fruity and refreshing – the perfect summer combo.

    I’ve liked you both on FB! (name: Jessica Hamm)

  396. Mary Lu Marr says:

    I enjoy pinot grigio. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize.

  397. Kathryn C says:

    favorite for summer so far is one I discovered from a local winery here in Kentucky-
    the wine is *Jessamine Rose* from Chrisman Mills Vineyards (no, I don’t work there!)
    and its a sweet & fruity blush wine

  398. Raymond Langer says:

    I love sipping on chilled rosa.

  399. S says:

    I love a good, dry Rose in the summer! Or a glass of Prosecco!

  400. claude st-gelais says:


  401. Tara says:

    I love any kind of wine!!!! As long as its chilled I’m in!!

  402. Stacey C says:

    I love a lcassic Chardonnay or a crisp Sav Blanc!

  403. Theresa Jenkins says:

    wine punch, and an older lady gave us the recipe and it’s called “RECIPE” …. equal parts of a cheap red wine and concentrate and a 5th of whisky : 1gal. red wine; 1gal. black cherryor cherry daily’s or hawaiian punch concentrate add a 5th of whisky

  404. Elizabeth Esposito says:

    Rose is my favorite summer wine

  405. Lauren says:

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! This has been on my wish list since I moved in to my house! (Liked both on FB)

    I’m a bit of a champagne girl. For summertime parties, there’s always a bottle of prosecco in my fridge.

  406. Darlene says:

    I always love White Zinfandel no matter what time of year!!!

  407. Anna @ IHOD says:

    Totally amazing giveaway!
    Favorite wine in the summertime is a local wine from a GA vineyard called Fat Boy Red! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance!

  408. Jamie Mabry says:

    I love Blush or Chardonnay in the summertime or really, anytime!!

  409. Claudia says:

    Not because it is summer, but because it is sweet, I like iced wine. Sounds good too for summer….:)

  410. Lindsay says:

    This is an amazing giveaway!! I liked both pages! I love a good crisp pino grigio on a hot summer day…also love a good white wine mojito too! 🙂

  411. Jessica S. says:

    What an amazing giveaway – this would be a great addition to our new home. My favorite summertime wine is the Sauvignon Blanc from Peju Winery in Napa. So delish 🙂

  412. Leslie Strath says:

    This looks wonderful, even better when full, of Moscato?????

  413. Blair says:

    Beckman Sauv Blanc + a SUPER thin crust pizza..made on the grill with strawberries, goat cheese, and prosciutto!

  414. Amy says:

    I love a yummy sangria.

  415. Dexter says:

    I love a good dry white wine all seasons.

  416. Lauren Poses says:

    This is awesome!! My favorite wine in the summer is Rose! Love my rose 🙂

  417. K maiewski says:

    I would give you a wonderful home dear wine chiller!

  418. Claire says:

    I really dig Burgans Albariño.


  420. Jason Harless says:

    Light crisp Chardonnay is perfect for any hot summer’s day.

  421. MP Crosson says:

    A crisp Chardonnay served ice cold will do nicely.

  422. Thea says:

    What a FANtastic giveaway! the Electrolux ICON under counter wine cooler is sleek & stylish – one of life’s little luxuries. Summertime means something cold & sparkling. I love to sip a glass of Argyle 2009 Black Brut while lounging in my black & white stripped cabana on a picture perfect summer day with a soft summer breeze and cloudless summer sky.

  423. Cindy A says:

    Chardonnay over ice in the summer time…yummy

  424. Carolina says:

    I love wine – my family is Chilean (we pride ourselves on great reds) and Basque (gotta love their whites). My favorite wine to drink in the hot summer months is actually Champagne by Veuve Clicquot!

  425. Kristin C. says:

    Pinot Grigio! Sometimes as a spritzer with soda!

  426. Linda Kubala says:

    New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite.

  427. kim h says:

    I love to drink Izzo’s reisling. it is very good and refreshing for the Summer.

  428. Rachel Hilgendorf says:

    anything made with gruner veltliner grape from austria is divine in the summertime!

  429. Lilian Chua says:

    Asti in a frozen bellini is my all time favorite, but this year I’ve been partial to white wine sangria…

  430. Suzanne says:

    I’m consistent. A good Chardonnay, of course!

  431. Ann Gottlieb says:

    Sangria with LOTS of fresh fruit for a party….and Rose for a quiet afternoon.

  432. Angela Carpenter says:

    Pinot Grigio with a splash of ginger ale is perfect on a warm summer day.

  433. Margie says:

    I love a Sauvignon Blanc or Rose. A spot to sit outdoors doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

  434. Christine says:

    Chardonnay or Viognier in the summer!

  435. Tammy says:

    Right now, any cold chardonnay over ice, with lots of fresh berries on top. Perfect!

  436. Laura says:

    I love Tempranillo & Prosecco all year long!

  437. Barb Carter says:

    Pinot Grigio 🙂

  438. Bobby Hughes says:

    I prefer a red wine which my doctor says can give you a better HDL reading.

  439. Lily Lombardi says:

    My favorite is Casal Garcia Vinho Verde. YUM!

  440. heather c says:

    I love a good Ice Wine Martini, with equal parts Ice Wine and Vodka. Yum! Just one, though. Pretty powerful!

  441. Patty Johnson says:

    I love the Rose (can’t figure how toput the mark above the”E” tho)

  442. Lynda C says:

    I don’t really have a favorite, but if I’m pressed, I’d have to say a fruity sauvignon blanc.

  443. carl says:

    sauvignon blanc

  444. Deb says:

    Mimosas with a sweet champagne, OJ, and strawberries!

  445. Rosalie says:

    My favorite is my dad’s homemade!

  446. ohn fink says:

    ice cold riesling simply the best!!

  447. Bob says:

    Chablis, how can u go wrong

  448. Renee owen says:


  449. Lauren C. says:

    Rose is my summer go-to. However, if it’s a special occasion, I opt for prosecco because nothing says “special” like bubbles!

  450. kelly thompson says:

    yellow tail-

  451. Dan Schrack says:

    Give me a Riesling any day it’s above 65!

  452. Elisabet A. says:

    Liked x 2!
    Nothing suits summertime better than a real nice classic Rosé wine
    if that´s not available a simple Egri Bikavér gives me chills up my spine!

  453. Denise jiles says:

    One of my favorite summer wines is a Sweet Red that I get from a local winery in Georgia. I also get a slush mix on the internet to make wonderful wine Slushies for by the pool! Divine.

  454. ralph gonzales says:

    oh give me some chilled blue nun anyday

  455. Amanda Miner says:

    Rose, definitely! Love the cooler! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  456. scott jones says:

    I love Sangria

  457. Jennifer H says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I love Moscato and Rose for the summer, but my very favorite wine of all time is Ripasso- it is the smoothest red wine I have every tasted.

  458. marie-anne says:

    Love Sangria with lots of fruits in the summertime or nice cold rose !!!

  459. Denise says:

    Sangria with all types of fruit. What ever you have on hand!

  460. Deidra C says:

    I love a great Coppola with ice in it.

  461. luther funches says:

    i love some rose with my friends

  462. Brittany says:

    My favorite wine to drink in the summer is a classic Rose like everyone else who commented on here! A chilled glass after a long day at work, watching the sunset is the perfect end to my evening. Here’s to hoping I win!


  463. Danielle says:

    My favorite wine to drink in summer is a local Florida rose wine. I typically don’t love rose or blush wines, but the local grape muscadine has such an earthiness to it in its blush form! I discovered during a trip to the local winery, for a tasting with my fiancé. We always pack it for picnics in summer.

  464. Michelle S. says:


  465. Yvett says:

    On a hot summer day, I love a buttery Chardonay while sitting in our yard with my chatty friends and listening to some music!

    This is a fabulous giveaway! Thanks Lady.

  466. Joan Norkus says:

    My favorite summertime drink is Vodka & Lemonade.

  467. Chardonnay. Hands-down 🙂

  468. Budoh says:

    With a record breaking summer heat, I love a glass of prosecco or a sauvignon blanc. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! 🙂

  469. Alison Campbell says:

    I love a chilled Rosé.:))

  470. Brenna Austin says:

    I love a nice glass of sauvignon blanc in the summer!

  471. Becky says:

    My favourite wine is Sister’s Run Riesling. Yum!
    Fun story behind the making of the wine and lots of great memories drinking these wines.
    I also love a glass of Prosecco on a hot summer night.

  472. kathy letourneau says:

    love a chilled rose or muscatto for the salad course

  473. Dustin says:

    A nice , cold Chardonnay… Yummers!

  474. Vicki Holmes says:

    Magnotta’s Romania Cabernet Sauvignon!!!

  475. shauna says:

    My favorite wine is called Miss Behavin and its from an amazing winery in upstate NY, Lucas Vineyards…it is from their line of “nautie” wines. Its perfectly light and sweet.

  476. Callie says:

    I love a fruity, sweet Riesling on a hot summer day.

  477. Tracie Long says:

    I’m torn….on a really hot day, I have been liking some lighter Pinot Noirs-I currently have some in my glass. Though I have a rose that will be opened next! Here is another suggestion-Verdejo from the Rueda region of Spain.

  478. Cynthia Hric says:

    Rose is great in the summer!

  479. Anna says:

    I love a refreshing glass of white wine sangria in the summer!

  480. Larry says:

    Nice Chilled Riesling… #refreshing

  481. Kim S says:

    I enjoy a very very cold glass of Pinot Grigio on a hot summer evening.

  482. ANYTHING SWEET!!!!!!

  483. bonnie says:

    sauvignon blanc

  484. Alicia Hodapp says:

    Electra Moscato is the best!!! Me and my girls hanging out at the pool with a few bottles, just relaxing!

  485. ruby says:

    light and sparkling is always nice! do u really need a reason to celebrate? :o)

  486. Callie says:

    I love vinho verde too! Or a great glass of sangria.

  487. I love great local wines, my favorite is from Blue Mountain Vineyards, A blush called Bri’s Blush and they describe it as an “Attractive pink hue, with a clean, fresh and fruity aroma and taste. “Zin” with zip!”

  488. Sarah says:

    I love Pinot Grigio in the summertime!

  489. Robin B ullock says:

    I like a nice Chardonnay in the summer.

  490. sara gruver hartman says:

    my favorite wine is definately yellow tail….perfecto<3

  491. Hilary Mapuhi says:

    I love Moscato. I tried it at a restaurant and loved it right away!

  492. Sarah says:

    I love chardonnay while I relax on the back deck.

  493. DALLAS DAIGLE says:

    I am loving the Apothic Red this summer!!!

  494. cathi says:

    I love Stiletto any time of year but especially during summer.

  495. Ron Kan says:

    A well-chilled red Zin, for the win!

  496. Kimberly Gloss says:

    I love any kind of Sangria! It’s all good.

  497. Tonya Froemel says:

    I like riesling or gerwurtzaminer in the summer.

  498. Tonya Froemel says:

    I like riesling or gerwurtzaminer in the summer, but mostly any wine will do me any time of the year!

  499. Sherry Dorsey says:

    We like to make white sangria with any availabale summer fruits- oranges, pears, peaches, kiwi. Refreshing.

  500. John Crawley says:

    Lailey Rosé is my favourite summer wine.

  501. Tina Murillo says:

    Why, Champagne, of course!

  502. I love roses and pinot noirs!

  503. Anne Jensen says:

    Would love a wine cooler filled with Rose! Thanks!

  504. Tess Prescott says:

    Love Pinot Grigio during the summer. So refreshing! Thanks for the AMAZING giveaway!

  505. Sarah Zindt says:

    Pinot Grigio!!

  506. I love to drink champagne or moscato in the summertime. Love this post + giveaway. Thank you, Camille Styles & Electrolux.

  507. AT says:

    Marco Negri. Super sweet!

  508. Sharon Tudor says:

    I love white merlot or a refreshing wine cooler! Great anytime!

  509. Jim says:

    Ice Cold Chardonnay on a hot summer day.

  510. Lynette Ross says:

    beautiful addition to my home this would be loaded with some wonderful fine wines from everywhere 🙂

  511. Kyna Ganshert says:

    Chilled Prosecco on the patio with an accompanying Scrabble game is a great way to spend the summer!

  512. Heather Livingston says:

    My favorite summer time indulgence is ice cold sangria! You can mix it with lots of types of fruit for variations.

  513. Carolina says:

    Sauvignon Blanc from New Zeland’s Marlborough region.

  514. Israel Goldshmid says:

    i like a glass of nice sparkling wine, but the Dr does not let me even have a sip

  515. Veronica says:

    I love a chilled Riesling!!!

  516. Stephanie says:


  517. Elisa Lower says:

    Any chilled sweet fruity wine.

  518. Shannon says:

    You are definitely right about this being an AMAZING giveaway! My favorite summer wine is Crios Rose of Malbec. Just found it, and it’s perfect in the Texas heat!

  519. Andrea says:


  520. Janet says:

    Vinho Verde! Reminds me of summer in Portugal!

  521. Cynthia says:

    Any good white wine for sangria, will do very quite nicely!! This is a wonderful giveaway!! : )

  522. Kelsey Ross says:

    I am a sucker for a crisp glass of any Sauvignon Blanc in the summer. I,too, am pregnant- and oh how I miss sitting on the back porch with a glass every evening!!

  523. Andrea Brockmeier says:

    Prosecco is always nice!

  524. Carol Dayton says:

    My Dad sold Electrolux vacuums when I was a child, I received my grandmother’s Electrolux vacuum when I was married, I loved selling E appliances when I designed kitchens a few years ago and I just moved into a house on the lake where I intend to entertain. Wine is a favorite comfort “food” and I LOVE Electrolux so I would love to win the wine cooler.

  525. Lynne Happes says:

    I love a nice sangria with fruit–very refreshing!

  526. elaine powell says:

    don’t know much about them. so whatever you’re giving away

  527. judy clark says:

    brambleberry by hazlett winery on seneca lake, ny.

  528. Stephanie says:

    Summer is for Sangria and white wines like menage trois

  529. Griselda says:

    Pinot Nior- Bear Boat. Perfect for every occasion.

  530. V. Kidd says:

    Sangria for me!

  531. Guen says:

    My favorites are Yellowtail Reserve Chardonnay, and 3Girls Cabernet. Its hard to keep some on hand though with only a small refrigerator! This would be a dream come true!

  532. Mike Stavros says:

    White Zinfandel

  533. cindy samms says:

    my favorate wine is sparkling white wine

  534. John says:

    I’m probably going to be one of the odd ones here in my preference, but I love cold blackberry wine 🙂 And not blackberry flavored, but real blackberry wine. I find it to be quite the treat on a hot summer evening, which we have been having plenty of!

  535. LARRY WISE says:

    White Zin

  536. Marsha Gilbert says:

    Sweet sangria is amazing this time of year. I also love wine made by a friend, especially sweet cherry. I would love to have this wine cooler.

  537. Cheryl Bondy says:

    A nice Zinfandel blush would be nice

  538. Hanna Chang says:

    Love a rose for the summer!

  539. Deborah Calcutt says:

    Asti Spumanti

  540. My favorite summer wine is J Vineyards Pinot Gris… Simple, refreshing and perfect for warm weather parties!

  541. Glenn says:

    We tend to enjoy a glass of Blackberry Merlot while we’re relaxing by the pool and the Strawberry Merlot while we’re roasting marshmellows over the campfire.

  542. Mary Slack says:

    I love the sweet wines, Rieslings, moscatos, and gwertz.

  543. Michelle Jones says:

    I love a good Muscato!

  544. Mary Berg says:

    I truly enjoy great Sauvignon Blanc.. it is not as heavy as most reds..

  545. Mary Berg says:

    I truly enjoy great Sauvignon Blanc..

  546. Monica Root says:

    Pinot Grigio without a doubt!

  547. Amanda says:

    mmm…this would be perfect in my kitchen!!!

  548. jennifer edmondson says:

    I love moscato

  549. katie osumi says:

    okay! okay! i too will ride the rose’ train, but i’ll also grab a sweet glass of dolce or d’yquem if i’m feeling rather fancy.

  550. Nancy Bloore says:

    I love Presecco in the summer time…you can make frozen fruit sticks (I love frozen mango nectar) or fresh fruit! Great for a relaxing afternoon or party!

  551. Lisa Alvarado says:

    I love a good Zinfandel on our weekly pizza date nights at home.

  552. Lauren B says:

    My favorite summer wine is Sauvignon Blanc. Kim Crawford is one of my favorites. I especially love when its mixed in a white wine sangria!

  553. Megan says:

    Menage e Troi white! I love a good vino verdo, too. Deck Wine: Two Vines is of the cheap enough to glug with a burger and not feel embarrassed variety.

  554. Laura says:

    I love a good Riesling!

  555. Will Griesmer says:

    Fizz 56

  556. KLV Moreno says:

    My favorite summer wine is Pinot Grigio, but I’m preggo right now so I’m definitely missing it!

  557. Lauren says:

    Sangria is a must n the summer!

  558. claire says:

    rose… or a crisp Riesling…
    my mom always serves pinot grigio with a frozen peach slice…surprisingly tasty.

  559. Tracy says:

    We would love one of these to keep our local wines, Pinot Grigio cool and crisp and all of our local home brew’s chilled. In this hot hot Mississippi summer.

  560. Robin says:

    I like a nice, large glass of Pinot grigio in the summertime.

  561. Morgan M. says:

    Rose – no question! There’s nothing prettier or more refreshing on a balmy summer day!

  562. Barbara says:

    Summertime sipping is often Sauvignon Blanc from Brander Vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley, CA.

  563. ninabeans says:

    I love drinking white sangria with ice during the summer. Ahh refreshing!

  564. Peggy Doty says:

    Chardonnay is my fav on a Hot Summers day.

  565. Rebecca says:

    I love Sauvignon Blanc or Seyval Blanc, for their light, crisp, refreshing citrusy notes.

  566. Annette Goubeaux says:

    Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is heaven in a glass!

  567. Anita Roberson says:

    Love to drink a ice cold Riesling to cool things down.

  568. Scott Becker says:

    A good Merlot!

  569. I love summer sangrias with a crisp sauvigon blanc!

  570. keri says:

    I like Merlot the best!

  571. TV says:

    Vinho Verde. I like the fact that it’s light & a little lower in alcohol.

  572. Dana says:

    I love Moscato in the summer, fall, winter and spring. Yes, Anytime.

  573. hope says:

    my favourite wine to drink – all seasons – is always sparkling wine.

  574. Caroline Clark says:


  575. Carolyn Sisco says:

    Any wine chilled is my favorite for summer time!

  576. Natalya says:

    I recently discovered a really nice Tavel rosé…magnifique!

  577. Katie says:

    Simi Chardonnay is my fave – mostly during the Summer, but I’ll pop a bottle in the Winter if I have to!

  578. Zenia Esparza says:

    I enjoy all white wines

  579. Neal Trautloff says:

    Rosé is my favorite!

  580. Alylie Saberon says:

    LOVE a chilled moscato in the summer! Hope to win:)

  581. Teryl says:

    I like a cold white wine spritzer in the summertime. Lower those calories!

  582. Whitney says:

    A dry Rose is nice in the summer. And I always like to have a bottle of bubbly on hand for celebrations or whenever!

  583. JW Walthall says:

    A sauv blanc with good minerality. Perhaps a good sauvette sancerre

  584. Gabby Davidson says:

    I love the sparkling champ for the summertime- mirabelle! Also- Latley I’ve enjoyed a new bottle called yardstick, a great Cabernet, reasonably priced!

  585. Connie Normandeau says:

    Rose for me, please. It’s so pretty and tastes like summer liquified.

  586. Katie says:

    I love a glass of Rose in the summer. I just discovered it and can’t get enough of it. This is a great giveaway. We just purchased a new home and this would be a perfect housewarming present!

  587. Jen says:

    My drink of choice is a glass of Chardonney….I am not picky what kind!

  588. J'Lyn E. says:

    I love a good Pinot Grigio! Also, love to drink Moscato with my girlfriends!!

  589. Mary D says:

    I love to drink Pinot Grigio in the summer.

  590. Mary D says:

    Pinot Grigio–light and refreshing

  591. Stacey Rider says:

    We always drink Chardonnay, however a glass of Proseco with a scoop of my frozen lemon thyme ice is amazing! This would cool everything perfectly.

  592. Elaine Rysner says:

    Vouvray is crisp and delicious!

  593. Lauren says:

    Love a Chilean or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for the summer! Although Pinot Blanc is a close third!

  594. Becky Strom says:

    My favorite summer wine is a nice Malbec in a big wine glass relaxing on our deck in the mountains :0)

  595. Bill Ryan says:

    Moscato chilled

  596. Wynn Y. says:

    At your suggestion, we tried the Moscato d’Asti. It’s our new fave, not just for the summer but year round cuz it’s always summer in Hawaii!! Mahalo for the suggestion!

  597. Michelle Siu says:

    Champagne always fits the bill!

  598. Alanna says:

    While a chilled white wine is a wonderful thirst quencher on a hot summer day, I’m a red devotee. A go-to for me is the Irony pinot noir. It’s light strawberry flavor pairs well with fresh veggies on the BBQ, and it’s affordable (under $20) and easy (at the supermarket)!

  599. Kati says:

    WOOLLASTON SAUVIGNON BLANC 2009! Juicy tropical flavors like passionfruit, mandarin and red grapefruit- YUMYUM!

  600. Amanda says:

    Rose is my favorite!

  601. Laura says:

    Love a chilled glass of Chardonnay in the summer!

  602. Heather W says:

    I love a chilled glass of reisling in the summer, a perfect drink to relax on the deck with!

  603. Nichole V. says:

    This summer…..I’m loving ALL my wine!!! That’s what happens when you’re a little stressed!

  604. Kirbi Knop says:

    What an amazing give away, Camille!!! Exciting! I would LOVE to have one of these appliances by Electrolux. I think right now in this Texas heat, I am also loving a good drinkable Rose. Can’t go wrong, perfect summer blend! 🙂


  605. Katie Nichols says:

    I love a glass of Rose in the summer- day or night!

  606. Christine says:


  607. Mike S. says:

    I love a frigidly cold Sovingnon Blanc – I know you’re not supposed to go that cold, but thats how I like ’em.

  608. Reina B says:

    I love moscato! It is the perfect end to a summer night with a beautiful view.

  609. Sue Shay says:

    I love Airlie Riesling, a dry Rosé made from Pinot Noir, or a bottle of Nino Franco
    Rustico Prosecco di Valdobbiadene.

  610. jess martinez says:

    I love a 2-to-1 mix of Riesling and club soda or Moscato & club soda

  611. Della says:

    My favorite wine has to riesling and sangria with lots of ice and fresh orange, strawberries and limes.
    My husband loves pinot.. well anything red he
    This would be a good birthday present for him 🙂

  612. Roe C. says:

    Moscato or Pinot are always refreshing in the summertime.

  613. Ginger S says:

    I love anything from Simi

  614. Jessa says:

    I love a good sangria with a spanish red or a light white wine.

  615. Marianne P. says:

    Ooooh! So many wines! I do love Pino Grigio, but most any wine with good friends on the deck is definitely the way to go in the summertime!

  616. Sheila says:

    Sangria or Lover’s Wine (from Amana Colonies)

  617. Gabrielle Gantos says:

    I love to drink Moscato too – my boyfriend and I recently had a bottle… Ruffino, and it was delicious!! Thank you!

  618. Kay Blake says:

    chardonnay! Oh, YUM! Summer evening with great family and friends!

  619. Camille,

    As a somewhat newbie not only to your site but also to TX, I feel that I have 100% benefited from the expertise you set forth for not only party planning, but how to make everyday life as fabulous as the most lavish party in town!

    On the topic of favorite summer wines, mine is definitively in the category of sub-$15. I absolutely adore Pinot Noir, however, many are just too heavy to enjoy on my hot San Antonio porch in the heat of summer. For this reason I have turned to the Naked Grape -Pinot Noir, usually stocking up at my weekly target visit! Now, as much as I love Naked Grape, i certainly have a number of precious vintages that could desperately use the attention of the FABULOUS elecrolux wine fridge giveaway! As a newbie to the wine world, I feel this would be the perfect appliance to compliment my new ventures 🙂

    Hope you are enjoying you summer!

    Molly Guingrich

  620. Amanda Owens says:

    I have liked both pages! My favorite summertime wine is Merlot by Robert Mondavi! Love it!

  621. Annie says:

    Mojitos all the way!! Thanks for the chance to win this unbelievable giveaway!!

  622. Brandy says:

    Definitely a rose!

  623. Niko says:

    I really enjoy a little sweaty bottle of white wine while having a picnic in park with friends

  624. Angelica Sandoval Salisbury says:

    My ol’ faithful that I can still get at the corner store is a chilled bottle of Santa Margarita’s Pinot Grigio. Sharing a glass with my hubby helps make it taste like a million bucks.

    Love the blog!

  625. Briana Hobson says:

    Have to say it would be Sangria!

  626. Dawn P. says:

    Prosecco in the summer! Refreshing!

  627. Eric Estate says:

    I love a great Syrah!

  628. misschels says:

    You know its all about the moscato all day, every day, 24/7/365 🙂

  629. Nina says:

    That is a really hard question but if I has to choose one.. Pimm’s Nr. 1 Cup mixed with Ginger Ale! Rosé Champagne is one of favorites too… 🙂

  630. Françoise says:

    A great chilled Chardonnay wine is the way to start happy hour !!!
    Thank for the give away .

  631. Andrew Gordon says:

    I like a good moscato in summer

  632. Kim Sheldon says:

    Pinot Gris! Oh Summer, where are you?

  633. marianne eriksson says:

    I am old fashioned and like Californian White. That´s a wine that gives me memories, happy memories.

  634. Bobbie Trammel says:

    I love my red all year long.. I am so redoing my kitchen appliances right now too.. Would love to add this to my new line of Electrolux appliances… and I LOVE THEM!!! Washer & Dryer are nest and Im sticking with the theme throughout the house!! Electrolux everything I can get my hands on!!!! lol

  635. Autumn says:

    I love a chardonnay by Stuhlmuller or a sweet Moscato with peaches!

  636. My grandmother had a house in Bandol in the South of France so a crisp, dry Bandol rose is my favourite summer drink. Always.

  637. Well I am super excited that you gave some wine suggestions in this post! I wasn’t sure how much to spend on a decent wine and I’m really looking forward to trying the Moscato d’asti now! Thanks!

  638. Amy MH says:

    Having just moved to New York City from Sydney, Australia, I’ve been hit with the blaring heat and incredible humidity that somewhat resembles walking into a hairdryer. Funnily enough, it’s this very weather that reminds me of home. When I don’t have the option to dip into the nearest beach, my ideal way to cool down is with a crisp, refreshing and fruity glass of sauvignon blanc. With just a sip, I bring a little piece of home to the most amazing city in the world.

  639. Elise says:

    I always love sparkling wine or champagne, no matter the season – although I discovered Vinho Vherde last summer and enjoy that during the warmer months. Awesome giveaway!

  640. Jessica Brown says:

    Sangria – no doubt, with all of the fresh fruit of summer!

  641. Todd E. says:

    Any white wine that is chilled made by Cupcake

  642. Dee Dee Jefferson says:

    I love all varieties of Sangria in the summer! I love to concoct. My own and try them out on my friends and family!

  643. Rachel says:

    I love a nice bright sauvignon blanc! Pinot grigios are nice too.

  644. jamie vaughters says:

    Strawberry Margaritas by the gallon!!

  645. Kelly Johnson says:

    I have gone over to the dark side and I enjoy an Old Vine Zinfandel all year round. I will occasionally have a few glasses of Santa Margarita’s Pinot Grigio. If I can find it, I love Cake Bread chardonnay, but only certain years have been really spectacular.

  646. orlan mendoza says:

    love to drink ,a want this

  647. Amanda says:

    Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc! From the moment the warm weather hits, to toasting the last weekend of summer! What a great giveaway!

  648. Kelly says:


  649. Olga says:

    White wine sangris with lots of citrus; basil stem for stirrer !!!

  650. My favorite wine to drink in the summer time is a fruity and light reisling… My favorite reisling is a $10 bottle of Relax!! It doesn’t hurt that the name encourages me to sit on a back porch in the evening sipping a tasty wine and enjoying all summer has to offer 🙂

  651. Kristen says:

    I love a glass of chilled rose in the summer, makes me think of I am in the south of France!

  652. Jonathan B says:

    A nice cold glass of Pinot Grigio.

  653. Patrick Nevels says:

    a cold drink of homemade peach wine

  654. Krista says:

    I’m a big fan of a dry rose in the summer.

  655. Patricia says:

    My favorite summer wine is a glass of Pinot Grigio

  656. Erin Barry says:

    My favorite drink in the summertime is an even tie between Sauvignon Blanc (Kim Crawford is my favorite!) and a delicious, CLASSIC mojito with lots of mint!

  657. Alanna says:

    A perfectly pale rosé or a super dry champagne are my summer picks. I would fill the whole wine fridge with them!

  658. Mira says:

    This summer I am loving sparkling reds like lambrusco– refreshing, but still a little intense! I also snagged a great and super-simple cocktail recipe from a beloved restaurant here in NY: fresh grapefruit juice, st. germain, champagne. Add mint if you like. So delicious!

  659. Judy Bradley says:

    I am really not a wine drinker – in summer, or anytime, I love lemonade. My fridge is full of bottles of root beer, squirt, lemonade, and various juices, mostly diet drinks.

  660. Molly Pace says:

    Big Fire Pinot Noir – it’s served chilled, so absolutely delicious on a hot summer’s night!

  661. Blair says:

    Definitely a Rosé! A fruity Carmenere Rosé from Chile.

  662. Mary Villasmil says:

    The rose sangria is a great wait to end the week and start a nice relaxed weekend 🙂

  663. Katie Barkley says:

    My fiance and I made a white sangria with vinho verde and sauvignon blanc and summer fruits. So light and bubbly and delicious!

  664. Jana Motzkus says:

    I am a red wine lover so I love to get a great red and freshen it up in the summertime by adding frozen berries to it.

  665. Elena says:

    ‘Like’ both pages on FB /Elena Rudaya/
    I love a chilled Rosa in summertime

  666. Amy Buehne says:

    Prosecco is my favorite in the summer. Refreshing and bubbly!

  667. elissa says:

    during the summer (or any season, really) i like a crisp and cool chardonnay. even better if sipping boatside!

  668. Carrie says:

    a sweet and cool ice wine!

  669. Annika Joshi says:

    Our favorite wine for the summer is the Peju Carnival 2009. You can only buy it online by the case or at the winery itself, so we are in DESPERATE need for a wine cooler to keep it nice and cold in the Houston heat!

    On a side note, I have used a wine cooler as a “carrot” to “encourage” my husband to do all kinds of things around the house…clean the office, bathe the baby, etc. He would be ecstatic to see one of these magically appear in our home.

  670. Stephanie P says:

    I love a refreshing glass of moscato!

  671. Alexis T says:

    Prosecco is a great wine for hot summer days.

  672. Lois says:

    An easy default for us is Kendall-Jackson chardonnay. For a special treat, we chill some Eiswein–a sweet sipper.

  673. Jackie Diprimo says:

    sauvignon blanc or a good rose

  674. Gena says:

    New Age Rose + Fruit = The perfect sangria to sip with enjoying a backyard bbq!

  675. Natasha says:

    I really love cab francs… whenever I see one on a menu I order it right up!

  676. annette kilwein says:

    rose wine is my favorite

  677. Deborah says:

    Sangria or Muscoto.

  678. Chardonnay is my favorite wine to drink on a warm summer night – amazing getaway!

  679. Michael G says:

    Not sure. My wife generally chooses a pretty good wine. Summer seems right for lighter, chilled fare though.

  680. Azlan says:


  681. lisa mcfarland says:

    white zinfindel

  682. Jenny from Belgium says:

    My husband and I love the Anima Negra/2 produced in Mallorca (Spain)

    – the taste is perfect
    – the design of the bottle is fab and looks great on the dinner table
    – we served this wine on our destination wedding (wich was also in Mallorca) exactly two years ago…today is our wedding anniversary…
    – we will open a bottle later this evening to celebrate this special day, although for me it will be only a small sip, becauce I’m 8 months pregnant!

  683. Jordan says:

    Barefoot Moscato is perfect for summer!

  684. sue jurecki says:

    There are many choices.. but I totally enjoy Cavit Pinot Grigio, which has a balanced character, an appealing aroma, and fruit flavors !! …. and the bottles would look OH SO NICE in the Electrolux Icon Wine Cooler :)))

  685. Donald LeMunyon says:

    white wine

  686. Lauren Delgado says:

    You can never go wrong with a Moscato. Most wine intimidates me, I never know what to pick and if I really like it or think I’m supposed to like it. I have yet to find a Moscato I DON’T like.

  687. Rita Matos Oliveira says:

    I love to drink Moscatel, with lemon and ice. My favourites are José Maria da Fonseca and Favaios!

  688. Lauren Breuning says:

    ONEHOPE WINE! Half of profits given to charity, a different cause for each varietal of wine – breast cancer, autism, troops. Great reason to drink!

  689. April Brenay says:

    liked on FB : April Brenay

    I prefer a white wine really sweet, but my husband likes reds.

  690. Lynn de Beer says:

    I love a dry white wine with loads of ice!

  691. Astrid says:

    I like a good sangria, but I also just discovered House of Rose’s rosé which is delicious!

  692. Kelly says:

    on a hot summer day – white wine sangria is the most refreshing with lots of berries!

  693. Katie says:

    I love a good moscato. This wine cooler would be a perfect gift for my mom, who loves wine and shares her wine wisdom with me. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  694. colleen says:


  695. Alix Gates says:

    Sauvignon Blanc in the ‘States OR better yet, any chilled house wine in Italy. I have fond memories of drinking chilled red *gasp!* of who-knows-what variety, eating a fabulous spread of cheese, fruit and wine while laughing with friends amongst the gorgeous scenery. Would love to put this wonderful appliance to work to chill delicious delights for friends.


  696. Jennifer says:

    An off-dry Rose or Sancerre.

  697. Courtney says:

    A good light Pinot Noir can be amazing on cooler summer nights when you want just a hint of warmth! Love the giveaway topic!

  698. Denise says:

    Oh, this summer we have been enjoying Lillet Rose. It is light, refreshing and marvelously French!

  699. amy says:

    pinot grigio

  700. Heather says:

    I don’t have facebook but my favorite summer drink is a cucumber mojito!

  701. Amelia says:

    I love making champagne sangria and making grilled pizza!

  702. La Chapstick Fanatique says:

    I really love sangria, especially with champagne or prosecco!

  703. caroline forrest says:

    a nice chilled rose is perfect for a summer afternoon. whispering angel is my favorite.

  704. Michela says:

    Sangria is my favorite in the summer time. I love red-wine sangria with berries and oranges, or white-wine sangria with melon (watermelon and kiwi is my favorite combo)!

  705. Shannon says:

    My favorite summertime wine is a sparkling rose. Pink AND bubbly? Can’t get any better than that.

  706. Kat McCluskey says:

    Sauvignon Blanc is my fave, love ones with bright citrus notes 🙂

  707. MarthaC107 says:

    Sangria is always good in the summer time.

  708. Rebeccah says:

    I love a chilled rose wine in the summer time or make a big batch of Sangria for me and my friends for outdoor parties!

  709. Danielle says:

    Wow, this is an unreal giveaway!! I am so excited 🙂 My favorite summertime drink is a super cold glass of white wine, preferably Sauv Blanc!

  710. Nycia says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!! I’ll take a glass of Resling or Moscato any time.. The hubby and I could definitely use this cooler for our wine stash!

  711. Caitlin says:

    Bee Lovely Rieseling!

  712. Emily B. says:

    I love a crisp Sauvignon Blanc in the summertime!

  713. Sarah O. says:

    I love a simple rose!

  714. Amy says:

    Sangria. Anything fruity and cold!

  715. rachelle bell says:

    My favorite summer wine is a Reisling from Gainey… its special because it comes from the winery where I married my hubby. AND of course, it tastes great. 🙂

  716. Ashley Goudreau says:

    I love sangria by a pool, on a hot summers day..

  717. Gary says:

    I like White Zinfandel. However my wife and I are about to try Moscato based on our daughter’s recommendation.

  718. Kyl Neusch says:

    chilled moscato

  719. Kyl Neusch says:

    Like Electrolux on Facebook.

  720. Tarah says:

    What a fantastic giveaway for summer! My favorite summer wine is New Age from Argentina. It’s a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Torrentes. It’s under $10 and super refreshing on a hot day!

  721. Megan says:

    A crisp refreshing glass of Sauv Blanc always does the cool-down trick! 🙂

  722. Sara says:

    A good Riesling or Pinot

  723. carl barnett says:

    my mouth waters when i think of a bottle of chilled sauvignon blanc just taken out of a electrolux wine cooler

  724. Reed Marshall says:

    A nice chilled Sauv Blanc

  725. Liz says:

    Nothing is better than relaxing on my apartment’s rooftop with a glass of wine during the summer! I typically love a refreshing Pinot grigio or a fruity Pinot noir.

  726. Mike says:

    cold chardonnay

  727. Kara says:

    My favorite summer wine is Sungarden Reisling. When my husband and I first started dating we found this wine at a local wine shop while vacationing on the North Carolina coast. To this day it is still my favorite summer wine and brings so many wonderful memories with it!

  728. jodi a says:

    I love sangria

  729. Sarah says:

    Riesling is my absolute summer go-to wine. It pairs perfectly with light summer dinners like fish, or pasta with olive oil and vegetables. Most nights, a glass accompanies me to the back porch where I watch the sunset over the trees. I recently invested in a Peisporter Michelsberg Riesling – Spatlese to get me through the summer. Best purchase ever!

  730. Caroline says:


  731. julia mcintosh says:

    A classic White Zinfandel is a great choice.

  732. Jules says:

    My favorite summertime drink is a glass of Pinot Grigio. I’m not too particular about a specific type but good friends and my fiancé with some light finger foods complete it!

  733. Jeffrey says:

    Any wine in the summertime is great!!

  734. Brooke says:

    My favorite is a glass of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 🙂 Nothing beats that on a summer day!

  735. Linda Lansford says:

    •Like your page on Facebook,

  736. Linda Lansford says:

    Like Electrolux on Facebook

  737. Linda Lansford says:

    favorite wine to drink in the summertime is chablis

  738. Erin Bradbury says:

    Whitehaven sauvignon blanc is refreshing, it’s hot in Massachusetts!

  739. Michael Marson says:

    I like a good full bodied Merlot…perfect for sipping as the sun sets and the cool evening air brushes over us. Of course, it is to be enjoyed with the girl I love. 😀

  740. Jane says:

    Hands-down Casal Garcia Vinho Verde. It is light, not sweet, and has the perfect amount of effervescence. It’s great for a day by the water or to complement any light summer fare. And at $6 a bottle, you can’t beat it. Although I would never turn down a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Champagne.
    Great giveaway idea Camille!
    Come on lucky number 728!

  741. tracy davis says:

    Prosecco is my fave.

  742. Christine says:

    moscato in the summer

  743. I love a sweet refreshing wine in the summer like a riesling or moscato!!

  744. Amys says:

    Summer and sangria…me like.

  745. Kathy S says:

    I like to drink MERLOT in the summer (and spring, winter, and fall too)!

  746. pat youngblood says:

    Some moscato d asti

  747. Catherine says:

    Wow, a crazy amount of comments!

    My favourite wine to drink in the summer is Sauvignon Blanc, though I’ve recently been trying a few rosés and have been enjoying those as well!

  748. Lauren says:

    Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc…… Crisp. Having some now in fact…..

  749. Haydn Lucenada says:

    I love a chilled Sangria in the summer…drinking with my husband (of course!).

  750. Erin Inala says:

    I love a good white wine sangria in the summer. You just can’t go wrong with a light, refreshing glass of vino and fruit.

  751. Sheila says:

    I love a chilled glass of Champagne with some seasonal berries!

  752. Kobie Botha says:

    Chilled Pino Gris..

  753. Drew Erin Savich says:

    I am usually big on red wines; but if it is summertime, it Definitely has to be a Pinot Grigio 🙂 I have fallen in love with a Pinot Grigio that is called ‘Danzante’- it is not too sweet nor too dry & finishes a hot summer day perfectly. (relaxed thinking about it!)

  754. Hailey says:

    my favorite bottle is naia – it’s a great chardonnay from Africa!

  755. Rhonda Grisham says:

    A nice Rose is my fav.

  756. Jen says:

    Congrats on your soon to be here new arrival! I too recently discovered moscatos and think they make a great summer adult refresher

  757. Sherry Compton says:

    I know deep reds are good for you, so I try to drink those. A good merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon goes great with grilled steak

  758. Brandi Reiland says:

    I have been loving a light Pino Noir lately on our summer nights. I still tend to go for those that have a little hint of spice- it’s my preference for most reds. But it’s proven to be the perfect accompaniment to chicken, steak, and even tossed pastas on a warm night!

  759. Kirby Brooks says:

    During the week a glass of Sauv Blanc is perfect for after-work, but on the weekends I can’t help but crave a margarita! What an amazing giveaway, pick me, pick me!


  760. Lisa M. says:

    My favorite summer wine is a Pinot Grigio or a Sav Blanc.

    What a wonderful giveaway.

  761. My favorite summertime wine is Clos Sainte Magdeleine , chilly cold…enjoyed while overlooking the small village of Cassis, in Provence.

  762. Allie says:

    I agree, can’t go wrong with Sauvignon Blanc! I’ve got a few bottles at home now that could use a pretty new home!

  763. andrea says:

    I love a chilled glass Reisling in the summer time, can’t ask for a better glass of wine cool an crisp!

  764. Melissa R. says:

    Last night I gave Sofia rosé a try and was instantly a fan. I will definitely big enjoying it a few more time throughout the summer!

  765. Peter says:

    My favorite is Sauvignon Blanc. Thanks.

  766. Varsha V says:

    I like to drink chilled a chilled Gruner or anything bubbly:)

  767. Kate says:

    I LOVE a good bubbly Rose, it goes with everything! Grilled steak, fish tacos, salad of any kind, grilled veggies, dessert of ANY kind!

  768. Hollis says:

    I LOVE “RELAX’ when I’m not feeling adventurous. It’s easy, cheap, and tastes SO goo!

  769. Lorna says:

    Pinot Grigio, or Prosecco, or Chardonnay!

  770. Monique Rizzo says:

    I like St. Chapelle Reiseling.
    Thanks for the chance.

  771. Lynn Watson says:

    I Love Port Wine!

  772. Kendall says:

    I love a light, crisp (not too sweet!) rose. Wolffer Estate makes a great one!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  773. carol wessel says:

    We all love Moscato D’Asti.

  774. LIND FRANK says:


  775. T Alexander says:

    I like to sip on a nice chilled merlot.

  776. Sarah says:

    Sparkling wine 🙂 Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  777. Mary says:

    “Liked” both. Love this product. Favorite wine in the summertime is Pinot Grigio!

  778. Amy Z says:

    I like you and Electrolux on FB via Amy Zak. My favorite summer wine would have to be this amazing cherry wine that the local vineyard makes. It’s delicious and refreshing.

    amyzak11 (at) gmail (dot) com

  779. Champagne for sure! I always love bubbles!

  780. ChristyPea says:

    I like Fume Blanc when it’s too warm for a red.

    And I’ve been looking for a bottom-vented wine fridge to go in our wet bar that I just spruced up, so if I do win this it would be PERFECT! *crosses fingers*

  781. Chris Perez says:

    I love a chilled, super crisp Pinot Gris in the summer.

  782. Zenia Esparza says:

    Rose wine is my favorite during summer.

  783. Lauren says:

    Sangria in the summertime is the best! Pick me! Pick me!!

  784. Ashley G. says:

    In the summer time I enjoy glasses full of vinho verde! Goes great with light pasta dishes and seafood.

  785. Linda Gawthrop says:

    A smooth merlot from Woodhall WIne Cellars.

  786. A cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc!

  787. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i like both on fb and my favorite summertime wine is riesling

  788. LaMarca Prosecco! Or some great Sauvignon Blanc. I love Vinho Verde but it’s rarely available in the summer 🙁

  789. Karen says:

    The lazy hazy days of summer are the best sipping a glass of rose’ sitting under the pavillion of our neighborhood pool!

  790. Vanessa says:

    In the summer, nothing can be better than opening a bottle of Buçaco Reserva Branco, a delicious and very traditional portuguese white wine. But, once you’ve openned it, you’ll have to appreciate it till the last drop!

  791. Giovanna says:

    My favorite wine in the summertime is Moltepulciano d’abruzzo! So refreshing, so summery! Yum!!

  792. Lisa says:

    I love to drink anything sparkling in the summer, especially a dry champagne (even better with a splash of campari)! I also can’t help but love Malbec year-round. It’s great that you called out Vihno Verde – it’s often forgotten, but so refreshing!

  793. Leanne Ralston says:

    With so many summer celebrations to attend (weddings, baby, birthdays), I always look forward to my next glass of extra brut champagne!

  794. Ana Lara says:

    Rosé or Moscato! I can make a Moscato granita to refreshing all hot afternoons!

  795. My favorite red wine is 7 Deadly Zins and my favorite white wine is Relax Riesling or Relax Rose which is in the super cute bubble gum pink bottle!

  796. Amanda says:

    I adore a rosé from Provence! Santé!

  797. Terry says:

    St Michelle reisling

  798. Emma says:

    Definitely a Rosé for me 🙂

  799. Cacie says:

    I like Yellow tail chardonnay.

  800. Kimberly says:

    I prefer Prosecco in the summertime

  801. Jenny Griffin says:

    I was once told you can never have a bad party with too much bubbly! If that’s not available a dry ros is always good.

  802. Liz says:

    Love a summery Vino verde!

  803. Edmond Leung says:

    Pick me, pick me. Your next winner!!! Show me the money! Chilled Rosa is my fav. It would be a dream come true and means a lot more to me than anyone else to win the prize. Starving artist here desperately needs the prize. A life changing experience. Top of my bucket list.

  804. Jessica Rose says:

    Going to have to go with a good Moscato

  805. Brett Harmon says:

    During the summer, I love French Rosé!…but any type of wine I am fond of 😉

  806. Adrienne Wright says:

    Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is THE BEST!! And, you can buy it at Costco at a great price – perfect for parties…

  807. Laurie Fisher says:

    Raspberry wine

  808. Rachel says:

    I’m a rose girl too! I can never resist that perfect pale pink color . . . but I’ll have to try Moscato. Sounds delish. Great giveaway!

  809. Adina says:

    French or Italian Roses are the best for me in the summer. Love them with a good veggie grill and flatbreads.

  810. Michelle L says:

    I like to drink moscato di asti in the summer

  811. Cyn says:

    mimosa’s with a few frozen raspberries hits the spot for me =D

  812. Veronica di France says:

    Love Sangria!!!

  813. Jennifer B. says:

    Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio

  814. I love a nice Rosé. We’ll have to enjoy a glass after sweet P is born!

  815. Donna says:

    Pinot Grigio with anything! Favorite though is with sampling parties or the ole favorite cheese and fruit board with bread.

  816. Rach Kershaw says:

    This would be a great pressie for my mum who LOVES Chardonnay.

  817. Gabby says:

    I love red Zinfandel or a Brunello

  818. leah leitch says:


  819. Karen Lin says:

    chilled rosa or proseco would be light and refreshing

  820. Clare says:

    Chilled sparkling Gamay. And Electolux has such great products. Love the food warmer also!

  821. Ronda Patrick says:

    Raspberry Wine from our local winery, Rustic Acres.

  822. Mandy says:

    I have to agree with a lot of the others….moscato is divine in the summer!

  823. ELIZABETH C. says:

    Liked your page on facebook

  824. ELIZABETH C. says:

    Like Electrolux on Facebook.

  825. Amanda says:

    I love a crisp sauvignon blanc!

  826. ELIZABETH C. says:

    White Zinfandel is my favorite.

  827. Anya Jensen says:

    I am partial to a chilled Bandol Rosé, og a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.
    Fingers XX

  828. Tracey Slobotkin says:

    I love something light and fruity in the Summer – White Sangria is always fun to have while sitting outside. My all-time favorite would be Santa Margharita Pinto Grigio

  829. Vanessa says:

    My favorite wine this summer is Cupcake Moscato!

  830. Lorraine G says:

    Love a nice crisp Pino Grigio

  831. Michelle says:

    My summer favorite is dry whites, but I always turn to bubbles for a special occasion! Or just because…

  832. Stephanie I says:

    Prosecco! It’s my new favorite 🙂

  833. Andrea Henderson says:

    I also love a good Sauvignon Blanc. One of my favorites is the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. I’ve been looking for a good Rosé as well. I’ll have to check out the one suggested. Anyone else have a favorite Rosé?

    This is such a gorgeous wine chiller! Fingers crossed!

  834. Amy Lowrey says:

    I love a white Zin in the summer, but can’t pass up on a Merlot. Great give a way! Thanks.

  835. Jess says:

    This summer it’s definitely a rosé!

  836. Helen says:

    Sangria for the summer!

  837. Helen says:

    Liked your page on FB!

  838. Helen says:

    Liked Electrolux on FB!

  839. Britney Sauer says:

    Don’t tell my boss, but I think this might fit under my desk 😉 I LOVE a glass of moscato by the pool in the summer!

  840. Laura Jordan says:

    Prosecco….Makes me think of my wonderful summer in Italy. Great Giveaway!!

  841. Tracey Evans says:

    I love a crisp cold Riesling!

  842. Tracey Evans says:

    I Like your page on Facebook. 🙂

  843. Tracey Evans says:

    I like Electrolux on Facebook. 🙂

  844. fallon gaskamp says:

    Love everything you do! My fav drink is a light crisp wine like a vino verde! xoxo

  845. Crystal says:

    Nothing beats Rose in summer.

  846. Kristen Giorgi says:

    Although pregnant this summer, my favorite wine to sip on is a golden buttery chardonnay (like Cakebread Cellars to be specific). Nothing satisfies more when you’re limited on the amount you can drink. Ahhhh, I can taste it now!

  847. Stephanie LaVoy says:

    A cool, crisp, fruity glass of vinho verde during these warm summer months is the perfect wine for me. When the sun goes down, you will catch me with a deep red cabernet sauvignon. Wonderful giveaway!

  848. Jennifer says:

    I have been drinking Rose this summer.

  849. paige perkins says:

    this summer i’ve been loving sofia rose. yum!

  850. Keith says:

    A light, sweet white does the trick!

  851. Kim Bowers says:

    Pinot Grigio or White Zin in the summer… nice and crisp! I want that cooler!

  852. Molly says:

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! I am a softy for a good cold sweet gewurztraminer wine. It always reminds me of sitting outside in a cafe along the river in German wine country.

  853. Ashley says:

    A crisp Sauvignon Blanc . . . Drylands & Kim Crawford are a two of my favs!

  854. gina says:

    Raumbauer Chard is my favorite! Thank you Camille Styles and Electrolux for this opportunity! Cheers!

  855. Geneva says:

    What a great giveaway, Camille! Even though it’s fallen out of sommelier favor, I love a glass (or bottle!) of Grüner Veltliner in the summer.

  856. Kristie says:

    Nothing is better than some bubbly PROSECCO! 🙂

  857. Sarah R. says:

    a glass of rosé in the summertime, on a beach in the south of France, during sunset!

  858. Molly says:

    Rose! (Lucien Albrecht Brut is my go to rose, and I go to it a lot!)

  859. Nina says:

    Sauvignon Blanc – elegant, delightful, cool and glistens like diamonds on a sunny day!

  860. Rachael Nash says:

    My drink of choice for a hot and humid summer day (which is often) is a cold glass of chardonay! Yummy! 🙂

  861. Andries J Els says:


  862. Stephanie says:

    Cakebread- Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
    Crisp, very good!

  863. Christina says:

    I love moscato during the summer! specifically rose moscato! so light and yummy 🙂

  864. My absolute favourite is a local winery’s Sparkling Blackberry wine. It’s SO refreshing, and always makes me feel like I’m celebrating (if nothing else – life!)

  865. Kurt V says:

    I love a great sangria during the summer, it is perfect with seasonal fruit and great friends!

  866. Naomi A. says:

    My recent loves are BullyHill wines. I like the drink the Banty Red after a long day at work.

  867. Ashley says:

    A crisp. sweet, ice-cold, sparkling rose! Mmmm.

  868. Lindsey says:

    rose…such a beautiful color and tasty too 🙂

  869. Laurie says:

    Some chilled rose is perfect for the summer heat!!

  870. Ashley says:

    Reislings and sauvignon blancs are delicious!

  871. Monica says:

    Espiral Vinho Verde with peaches…yum!

  872. anthony ciofani says:


  873. Liza says:

    vihno verde rose with a lemon peel!

  874. paige chandler says:

    I love a nice German White

  875. Wendy says:

    Mauritson Sauvignon Blanc. Coold and crisp on a summer day

  876. Ziem says:

    A glass of Vistalba!

  877. carina williams says:

    Cava always makes the occasion a bit more special !

  878. Mmmmmm I love a good Pinot Noir or a Sangria! Now I’m thirsty!

  879. Sarah B says:

    It honestly does not get better than Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc…. It is the quintessential perfect crisp summer wine. So, so refreshing!

  880. jeff davis says:

    Sangria is my favorite drink in the summertime!

  881. Nina says:

    Clean Slate Riesling is so good.

  882. Glenda says:

    anything sparkling, but my favourite is champagne, in particular champagne with orange juice

  883. Stacey Brown says:

    Like both FB pages and sangria is my favorite summer drink!

  884. Stacy says:

    Rose – the perfect summer wine

  885. Caroline says:

    Best, inexpensive summertime wine is Cupcake’s prosecco wine. Light and refreshing, I always try to have several bottles on hand for last minute bbq’s and brunches.

  886. Liked on Facebook! And Pinot Grigio! Light and white for the summer!

  887. Melissa says:

    I liked both pages on Facebook!

    My favorite is Alice White. It might not be high-end, but boy does it hit the spot on a hot day.

  888. Laura Henderson says:

    My favorite wine to drink in summertime is Sangria white or red with gingerale and fresh or frozen tropical fruit 🙂

  889. Shannon says:

    Sangria is the perfect summer refreshment with all the fresh local fruit available.

  890. Ryan says:

    Sangria smoothies

  891. Clara says:

    I know everyone is saying it, but hands down, has to be rosé. Non alcoholic- a really really zesty homemade lemonade.

  892. What a fabulous summer giveaway! My favorite summer wine to drink is Lambrusco, sparkling and cool, but still rich in flavor. It’s all I want right now!

  893. BIG fan of Vinho Verde, makes light and refreshing white wine sangria too! Good choice!

  894. Tricia says:

    Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato are my Summer favorites.

  895. Dana says:

    My parents live right down the street from a great little winery in Virginia (Paradise Springs). I have been loving their Viognier this summer. It smells and taste like honeysuckle!

  896. Ryann says:

    A nice glass of bubbly by the pool!

  897. Lindsay says:

    LOVE LOVE a crisp Malborough NZ Savignon Blanc! Great giveaway!

  898. Stephanie Cunningham says:

    I have been really enjoying Chardonnay this summer. And I have recently been introduced to some wonderful rose wines.

  899. Tricia says:

    I love the blue glasses, sometimes its nice to have a summer wine in a tumbler.

  900. mallory says:

    Chilled Prosecco!

  901. Liza DiCosimo says:

    Barn D’or Chardonnay is nice. An approachable, affordable white!

  902. marisa says:

    Loosen Bros Riesling

  903. nancy rosman says:

    Rieslings, sweet and crisp, great chilled

  904. Allison Lee says:

    I love a good Sangria with fresh fruit in the summer!!!

  905. Nicole Dellert says:

    I love light and chilled pinto grigio. It so hot in Texas summer you can barely stand it so I have to put the reds away until November.

  906. Jen Sheppard says:

    Although I’m not a huge white wine fan, something about warm TX summer evenings that makes me want to sip on a nice Alsatian Gewurztraminer or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.

  907. Simone says:

    In a cold summer in Germany, I prefer a Rioja.

  908. I’m a total Sauvignon Blanc girl. Add a little bit of dark chocolate and a breezy beach and it’s heaven.

  909. Jannie Bryant says:

    Any white wine that is light, slightly fruity and not too sweet.

  910. Judith Pizelman says:

    My Favorite is champagne

  911. Rachel says:

    It wouldn’t be summer without Frascati. But a nice, effervescent Lambrusco really does the trick sometimes, too.

  912. kat says:

    Prosecco. Great when it is a served as a Bellini or enjoyed a lone with a light dinner.

  913. DENISE. says:

    Pinot Grigio is my favorite, but lately I’ve been loving Sancerre and Rose too.

  914. any Italian red wine sounds good

  915. I love a Rose sangria with TONS of blackberries it it!!!!

  916. Heidi Henriksen says:

    I love a good rose. Not too sweet, not too dry. A little fruity. And cold! I typically prefer Malbec or Shiraz but on a warm, summer day, nothing beats a beautiful, chilled glass of rose.

  917. Aprille Mammone says:

    Sparkling wine! Add juice or fruit – the best!

  918. Beverly Aucoin says:

    My favorite is rose’

  919. BABYDOLL1129128 says:


  920. Katharine M. says:

    a glass of sparkly cava – so refreshing!

  921. Tara says:

    Vinho Verde is by far my favorite summer wine! I buy it by the case 😉

  922. Laurie Fisher says:

    Pinot Grigio

  923. Karva Beasley says:

    A chenin or fume blanc. Yum! Wishing I had some now . . .

  924. Monika says:

    Pinot noir

  925. Katie R says:

    I love a smooth malbec in the summertime
    Like on facebook (Katie Roch)

  926. Sheila do Couto says:

    Amo o Rosê para datas comemorativas, especial para o meu aniversário de casamento e neste ano faço 16 anos em setembro. Vinho Rosê é The Best.

  927. RaeDavenport says:

    I love a cool Pinot Grigio in summer.

  928. Darlene K says:

    I love Reisling – the not too sweet variety. Delicious with Indian food on a hot summer night!

  929. Susan Ladd says:

    My favorite is chilled Rosa. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!!!!!

  930. Laurie Fisher says:

    My favorite wine is Moscato

  931. Shelley Kushner says:

    Cava with some fresh fruit! Yum…

  932. Susan Truax says:

    My favorite is a nicely chilled Viognier. Pairs well with most summertime foods and is oh so fun to say…..vee-on-yay!

  933. Glora G says:

    Sokol Blosser Pinot Gris

  934. My favorite Summertime wine is Sweet Carolina from Duplin Winery! it’s amazing!!

    liked both fb pages – Ann Lyfe

  935. stephen allard says:

    Any good Red wine!!

  936. William Mills says:

    All wines are my favourites.

  937. giovana says:

    lambrusco 😉 just for the price!
    llovis_j at hotmail dot com

  938. Laurie Fisher says:

    zin tonight

  939. I love a nice, sweet Moscato!

  940. eileen bryant says:

    Rose Sangria with fresh farmers market peaches! Yes please!

  941. Vernie says:

    a crisp french rose

  942. Betty Raymer says:

    I love a good Lambrusco….It’s just right for me!

  943. jasmine goudreau says:

    I would love this!!! I could many more dinner parties and be fully prepared at all times!

  944. Laurie Fisher says:

    a Rose Sangria

  945. ron says:

    would be great for chilling a nice New Zealand Cab Sav

  946. Happi Shopr says:

    I like Penguin’s Merlot

  947. Allie Sansing says:

    I love Rose of Ivanhoe, its a sweet local red.
    I also like cranberry wine, its actually my favorite!

  948. Sharon says:

    I like chilled Tampranillo

  949. Beth Elder says:

    Pinot Grigio

  950. Sonya says:

    FB fan of both as Sonya Neal. I love a nice Riesling!

  951. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Leitz Dragonstone Riesling

  952. terri schroeder says:

    Friend’s brought a moscato d’Asti to a horse showa year or 2 go and I fell in love with it

  953. Wendy says:

    I’m a Reisling fan. A late summer harvest Riesling is indulgent!!

  954. Vanda Chittenden says:


  955. Laura says:

    Sangria is my absolute favorite drink in the summer

  956. tamar says:

    I like you on FB! Tam Sweeps = me

  957. tamar says:

    Also like Electrolux on FB. Tam Sweeps

  958. tamar says:

    And my favorite wine is Moscato D’asti.

  959. Jennifer says:

    Sangria is my favorite during the summer!

  960. Debbie C says:

    My favorite to drink in summer is Prosecco or a Spumanti.
    I follow both you and Electrolux on Facebook. Debbie Christie

    • Altair aparecido Pereira says:

      Ótima combinação para acompanhar um bom jantar rômantico.

  961. Ashley says:

    Sauvignon Blanc!

  962. Kelly Perkins says:

    Sauvignon Blanc, or Champagne!

  963. Linda Peavy says:

    I love a good Llano red wine.

  964. Nicole Kaney says:

    I love a cold Spanish vino verde in the summer!

  965. Laurie Fisher says:


  966. Suzanne Drews says:

    ~2010 Commanderie de la Bargemone Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence Rosé ~

  967. Brittney House says:

    camille fb fan brittney house

  968. Brittney House says:

    electolux fb fan brittney house

  969. Brittney House says:

    I love drinking sangria.

  970. Jennifer says:

    I liked both facebook pages and My favorite wine to drink in the summer (if not sangria) is the linganor spicy regata

  971. Sumer says:

    My fave wine to drink while sitting out on the porch swing is a nice sangria.

  972. Eileen Burke says:

    I liked you both on facebook. My fave wine to drink in the summer is Rosee!

  973. shawna says:

    I liked both pages and my fav wine in the summer is moscato.

  974. Nicole says:

    I like a nice Pinot Grigio.

  975. Connie says:

    I enjoy a glass of chardonny while relaxing in the evening.

  976. Emily Seweryn says:

    I love sangria. All wine really is great.

  977. Jim Cabaj says:

    I love a chilled viognior

  978. Tan Eng Huat says:

    I love a chilled Moscato in the summer the most!

  979. jules mcnubbin says:

    chilled white zinfandel

  980. Erik Liptak says:

    I don’t really like wine but if I have to partake I would choose Chardenay

  981. Laurie Fisher says:

    white zin

  982. Michelle S says:

    I like both pages on FB. I love a good Chateau St. Michele of course.

  983. Richard Hicks says:

    like both fb Richard Hicks

    love Cabernet sauvignon

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  984. Inez Cegelis says:

    My fave is a nice rose

  985. Robert Pyszk says:

    What a fantastic review and giveaway ! 😀

    •Like our page on Facebook, where we’ll announce the winners first. DONE

    •Like Electrolux on Facebook. DONE

    •Leave a comment below letting us know: what’s your favorite wine to drink in the summertime? Domaine Tempier Rosé 2004

    Thank you so much happyskunky at yahoo dot com

  986. Dayle B. says:

    :Liked both pages on face book.
    Like to drink a cold glass of Pinot Grigio
    great giveaway too.

  987. Jeff L says:

    Pinot Grigio in the summer for me.

    Facebook = Jay Low

  988. I like a Sangria in the summer while relaxing by the pool.

  989. Christine Sarkauskas says:

    Liked both pages on facebook
    I like to drink a nice glass Pinot Grigio! It’s always been my favorite!

  990. natasha brodsky says:

    In the summertime I definitely prefer a white wine.

  991. Erin E says:

    I follow you and Electrolux on Facebook, and my favorite summertime wine is a nice Pinot. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  992. Cálaeb T. says:

    warre’s port.

  993. Derek T says:

    I liked both pages.
    I like to drink Merlot

  994. Wayne Lecoy says:

    Please Enter Me In Your Electrolux Icon Wine Cooler Giveaway.
    This Would Be Great To Win.
    As Per Your Requirements To Enter This Giveaway I Liked The
    Camille Styles Moore And Electrolux Pages On Facebook And In Response To Your
    Question Of what’s your favorite wine to drink in the summertime?
    My Answer Is Dom Perignon.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

  995. michelle colon says:

    i like a very chilled sangria…or white zinfindel!

  996. Diane W says:

    Chilled Chardonnay is my fav in the dog days of summer.

    Like both on FB as diane.wortman

  997. Sara says:

    I love a nice fruity sangria!

  998. Stephanie Adkins says:

    I love to drink white Sangria!

  999. Tania Bugnet says:

    I like Electrolux and you on FB. I love a great full bodied rose in the summer time. Thanks!

  1000. Crystal Renee says:

    I like rose and blush wines.

  1001. Amber Perkins says:

    I love a nice glass of Pinot grigio

  1002. Ken Turner says:

    A good cab with my fiancee.

  1003. robyn paris says:

    i like to drink merlot

  1004. Colleen says:

    A chilled prosecco with blended fresh strawberries is the perfect summer refresher!

  1005. Lisa Fonseca says:


  1006. Caitlin McClure says:

    I love pretty much any wine 🙂 Can’t have any now either, due in September!

  1007. Kristie Betts says:

    I love to try all the wine available

  1008. Jessica Hays says:

    I liked on facebook via Jessica hays. And my favorite wine is moscato!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  1009. Angela C says:

    Love me some chardonnay! Mmmm.

  1010. Dennis says:


  1011. Like Camille Styles More on FB.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  1012. Like Electrolux on FB

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  1013. I love moscato!

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  1014. Altair aparecido Pereira says:

    adoro um Moscato com um bom prato preparado com camarçoes.

  1015. Laurie Fisher says:

    mmm Moscato

  1016. Tammy Mauk says:

    I love cool White Zen!

  1017. Marianna says:

    How about a good Sangria? Not technically a wine, but contains wine – so should count, right?

  1018. Christine burd says:

    I like Merlot

  1019. Heather S says:

    white sangria

  1020. Melissa Shirley says:

    I Like our page on Facebook as Melissa Shirley

  1021. Melissa Shirley says:

    I Like Electrolux on Facebook.

  1022. Melissa Shirley says:

    I like to drink Sauvignon blanc.

  1023. Tanya White says:

    liked Electrolux on facebook

  1024. Tanya White says:

    Moscato is my favorite summer time drink.

  1025. Cynthia W says:

    I love to drink Casal Garcia Vinho Verde Rosé during the summer.

  1026. getpalmd says:

    Liked both (Sara Näse) 🙂 Favorite wine… to be honest I don’t know that much about wines, mum has a cellar full of them and I try to buy her nice bottles whenever I’m abroad as she appreciates a really good wine. However I’m such a newbie here – rather than naming a favorite wine, I say that I prefer a really cold white wine or a sweet fresh red wine that isn’t too heavy in taste… if that makes any sense 😉 And often drink with food, not that much “just for fun”.

    I might need a short wine lesson from mum, haha, this sounds so uneducated.

  1027. Sarah Yurga says:

    I like chilled white wine in the summer

  1028. Kim J says:

    My favorite wine is peach sangria in the summer time so refreshing

  1029. kelly says:

    I love moscato or reisling.

  1030. kelly says:

    I like electrolux on facebook.

  1031. kelly says:

    I like your page on facebook.

  1032. leswilson says:

    I bet Berringer white zinfandel would be great in this.

  1033. Thomas Chappell says:

    Dialed in Red wine. Not usually a mix wine type but this was super yummy

  1034. Ambre W. says:

    I love the moscato!

  1035. I like moscato! I love sweet wines.

  1036. susan smoaks says:

    fb fan tony l smoaks
    i love reisling

  1037. Dawn Reid says:

    My perfect summertime wine is Moscato.

  1038. sarah woods says:

    Love this cooler for family fun and entertaining made easy.

  1039. Trisha McKee says:

    I love red wine!

  1040. kathy pease says:

    like you both on facebook kathy pease

    i like merlot

  1041. Sand says:

    I Likeed your page on Facebook, like Electrolux on Facebook & my favorite is Gewurztraminer in the summer.

  1042. Mikala Simon says:

    Moscato d’asti!!!! Mmmm! I have a bottle in the fridge right now 🙂

  1043. shirley zolenski says:

    like u both on fb as shirley greenawalt zolenski

    My mom drinks wine and I think she likes rose or rosa?

  1044. paige jagan says:

    I love a chilled glass of chardonnay in the summer! perfect!

  1045. Jessica A says:

    I like both on FB Jess Anderson and during the day a blush and at night Merlot.

  1046. David Hodge says:

    I can’t afford anything nice…something light will suffice.

  1047. My favorite summertime wine is Moscato

  1048. Laurie Fisher says:


  1049. Laurie Fisher says:

    Cupcake Moscato

  1050. Laurie Fisher says:

    cold Sangria

  1051. Laurie Fisher says:


  1052. christina w says:

    Hi and thanks!
    In the summer (and call me crazy) I still love a good ole Malbec to drink only because I just can’t seem to find any whites that I like anymore. However I have been starting to test out Rosé and have found that some of them are so delicious and crisp! I just need need to find a particular estate that I like and stick to it !!

  1053. christina w says:

    I liked electrolux!!!

  1054. christina w says:

    And I liked your facebook page as well 🙂

  1055. Abby J says:

    I like a refreshing crisp reisling or a prosecco!

  1056. Laurie Fisher says:

    Rose Sangria

  1057. Laurie Fisher says:

    Pino Grigio

  1058. Laurie Fisher says:


  1059. Jo-Ann Ortega-Macanas says:

    Nothing will beat Moscato in a summer day.

  1060. Laurie Fisher says:

    chilled Moscato

  1061. Laurie Fisher says:


  1062. Laurie Fisher says:

    Moscato D’ Asti