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For today’s edition of Entertaining With, we’re stepping inside the modern-eclectic home of fashion and interiors stylist Sara Leete and her policy analyst husband Travis. They share a charming East Austin abode with their adorable dog Cash, and I’m so excited to share the little secrets (Sara’s signature pasta recipe!) and personal touches that make their get-togethers chic and fun. Click through the images (shot by Chelsea Fullerton) for all the inspiring details!

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The Leete’s beloved pooch was a gift from Sara to Travis. After giving him a photo of Cash one year for Christmas, she drove for hours through a storm to a tiny town to pick him up…she just had a gut feeling that this dog belonged in their family. The gorgeous hallway rug was a hand-me-down from Sara’s mom.

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17 Responses to “Entertaining With :: Sara & Travis”

  1. Caryn Crasnick-Maloney

    Terrific little feature! Do you know where the wooden snack tray is from? I love it!

    • Sara Oswalt Leete

      Caryn – The wooden tray is vintage and I found it in a cute little vintage shop in Wimberly, TX. It is a mid-century piece that has individual drink/snack trays that are separate pieces from the main holding tray.

  2. Perri

    LOVE those snack trays! Would love to know where they came from.

    • Camille Styles

      See Sara’s answer above… they are SUCH a cool find!

  3. Tolly

    Oh yay Sara!!!! So thrilled to see your little home featured on Camille’s site! It is SUPER STYLISH and cute, girl!

  4. Claire Z.

    Love this house and everything in it! Great photos, Chelsea! Thanks for sharing, Sara and Travis!

  5. Camille Styles

    And it is every bit as cool in person as it is in photos. It was hard not to shoot every square inch of the place (the bedroom…the front porch…) So much great style!!

    • Tolly

      Also, where did Sara get that awesome Moroccan (?) rug in her front foyer? Love it!

      • Camille Styles

        I am obsessed w/ that rug too. Sara said that it was a hand-me-down from her mom. Lucky girl, huh?!

  6. Jennifer

    ABSOLUTELY stealing the W Magazine coffee table idea. Love it.

    • Sara Oswalt Leete

      Really started out as temporary and then turned out to one of my and everyone’s favorite pieces. (Not exactly the best choice is children are in the house.)

  7. @jtimberlake

    love the look

  8. Claire Oswalt

    What a warm and loving house to live in! what an incredible sylist all around!

  9. Karen

    Very inviting indeed! Sara and Travis having fun is infectious and you want to be a part of it! Speaks well of Camille for having the insight to feature such a “happening” kind of style!

  10. Debra

    Lovely photo’s, I didn’t want them to end. That salad looks VERY good!


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