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Entertaining with :: The Little Yoga House

January 23rd, 2013

The older I get, the more I realize what an impact my upbringing had on the person I am today. I can’t begin to tell you how many dramatic tears were wasted on my parents as I begged for drive-thru lunches, just so I could get my hands on a rewarding toy, yet today I couldn’t be more grateful to my mother for demanding we eat nutritious, homemade meals. With that in mind, we couldn’t let our healthiest month of the year pass by without taking a moment to show some love to the little ones. The Little Yoga House is Austin’s first kids and teen only yoga school, and aside from having the most whimsically gorgeous studio, they also know how to throw one heck of a children’s birthday party. We took a peek into Abby and An’s entertaining style for a look at what it takes to keep a group of 6-year olds engaged and interested for hours, plus a few pointers on wholesome food and drink options for when all your guests want is sugar! Keep reading for all the seriously adorable details.

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7 Comments under :: Entertaining with :: The Little Yoga House
  1. Milynn says:

    this is the cutest!

  2. delia says:

    I need to teach kids yoga! 🙂

  3. Kristy says:

    Very cool what a fun place!

  4. Chanel Dror says:

    Most fun shoot ever! An & Abby are working magic at TLYH!

  5. Chelsea says:

    A kiddos dream. Truly!

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  7. Camille says:

    Can I go there I’m 35!:)

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