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10 Best Apple Dessert Recipes

September 20th, 2013

Haven’t we always been told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, now that we’re halfway through September, it’s time to pull out the Granny Smiths and let autumn’s prime ingredient take center stage in some rustic, gorgeous delicacies. If you have plans to entertain or are simply in charge of dessert for a fall potluck, look no further: these apple-centric sweets are sure to keep guests comin’ back for more. Click away for some seriously mouth-watering recipes…

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  1. I love the individual desserts! They look lovely and the person eating it feels so special!

  2. Oh wow, they all look so good!

  3. I love fall and every apple-spiced thing that comes with it. This is such a beautiful collection of apple desserts. I want to make and eat every single one!

  4. Wow. Seriously drooling over here… all of these look amazing. I absolutely adore the apple sundaes idea! xo Big Hugs

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  6. julia says:

    yum! thanks for sharing. I am finally ready to embrace autumn (and apple desserts!)

  7. Wow! Fantastic inspiration! Running to the store to grab apples! Love following your blog!
    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  8. Greg Garcia says:

    Great post….. I’ve already started the season with one of my apple favorites, whole apples cored, with a small or large piece of butter in the center topped with brown sugar and cinnamon, could also grade fresh nutmeg, all spice or clove. Heck they are your taste buds skies the limits. Place into a baking dish, add a little water or my favorite apricot wine to steam bake at 350 until soft or when time is of the essence use the microwave lol….

    Enjoy…. I can’t wait to try some of these shared with us. Thank you….

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