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My Favorite Healthy Snacks

February 20th, 2014

Recent nutritional wisdom has portrayed conflicting views when it comes to the idea of “snacking.” Most women’s magazines praise the virtues of small meals throughout the day, while current bestseller The Fast Diet touts stretching as much time as possible between meals without so much as a nibble. The Fast Metabolism Diet  recommends eating six times daily in order to turn your body into a “fat-burning furnace,” while Mireille Guiliano claims that avoiding snacks is one of the key reasons why French women simply don’t get fat. So what’s a girl to do with all these mixed messages? Ultimately, I think it comes down to listening to your own body and learning to distinguish when we’re really hungry. Some of us are ravenous at breakfast and some are hungrier at dinner; certain lifestyles demand smaller, more frequent meals, while others allow for a long lunch that will tide you over through the entire afternoon. I find that I almost always need a little boost around 3 or 4pm, so I’ve made it a point to stock the pantry with a few healthy, go-to items (some salty, some sweet) that feel like a treat and will keep mindless grazing at bay. Click through for all my current favorites…

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  1. kristen says:

    I haven’t found a good dark chocolate that isn’t too bitter…can you suggest one…also,how do you make your kale chips so you can dip them…mine crumble. Thanks

    • Kale chips are, by nature, more crumbly than “real” chips, but I’d start with choosing a really hearty leaf, like Tuscan kale. It’s going to hold up a lot better than a more delicate leaf, like baby kale. As far as dark chocolate, my absolute favorite is Guittard!

  2. Great rounded selection of snacks! I have the ‘6 small meals’ lifestyle and healthy snacks are really important. Kale chips are a personal fave and I’ve always got fruit, nuts and seeds on hand.

  3. Violette says:

    Great suggestions for healthy,satisfying snacks!

  4. Kind bars are my absolute favorite! I need to find somewhere to buy them in bulk.


  5. such great picks! i have never made roasted chickpeas, do you have a recipe you recommend?

  6. Love Kind bars! I need to find those Good Pops. They look yummy! Great suggestions!

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  8. McKenzie says:

    Great ideas! This saves feeling guilty for snacking 🙂

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