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Baby Phoebe | Camille Styles

This weekend I’m knee-deep in envelopes, stamps and my favorite le pens as I work on getting Phoebe’s birth announcements sent out to family and friends. I’m pretty thrilled with how they turned out… I wanted a design where Buff Strickland’s beautiful photo of her took the full focus, and this flat card from Minted was just the ticket. These were printed on their luscious triple-thick paper (I got a sneak peek – the paper is available now for holiday cards and they’re rolling it out for other categories later this fall), and I included the important details – weight, length and DOB – on the back in classic helvetica typeface. Hopefully I’ll get these all sent out this week… She’s official!

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8 Responses to “Announcements, Announcements”

  1. Jonii

    What a sweet little girl! Beautiful card too. I’m sure all the recipients will be thrilled by such a lovely introduction to your newest family member. Thanks for sharing!

    • Camille Styles

      Thanks so much Jonii – she really is the sweetest thing ever!! xoxo

  2. Lindsay {Everistta}

    Beautiful! Definitely need to orderly little ones announcements from Minted. Love them!

  3. Yelle

    Such a great shot! Front and center on a birth announcement, just as she should be :)

  4. Phyllis

    Oh my goodness, she is THE sweetest little baby! Wonderful photo and love her announcement – she really is the little star. (Btw, thanks for the Minted rec – you featured them last year and because of that I checked them out and our 21011 Christmas cards were Minted! As will be our 2012. : )

  5. auste

    She is absolutely precious! I’ve been looking at Minted for our birth announcements (our little girl is due to join us next week!) – I think seeing yours has just sealed the deal for me. I’ll be ordering them soon!

  6. Rowaida Flayhan

    Aww Camille she is so adorable amd pretty. Kids are the greatest joy In life. God bless
    Best wishes xoxo


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