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Decor Resolutions | Fuji Files for Camille Styles

I (Cristina) find the renewed resolve of the new year to be very energizing… precisely the type of energy that can fuel us through a project, like a new coat of paint or even rearranging the furniture. When it comes to the domestic to-do list, decor is so often placed on hold in favor of more pressing maintenance projects. Of course a room is never really complete, but this year I resolve to get a little bit closer! For me that means actually hanging frames on the walls (even though that involves measuring, marking and hammering). Keep reading for fresh inspiration, and I’d love to know: What’s your decor resolution?

Decor Resolutions | Fuji Files for Camille Styles

photo by Nicole Franzen via Little Green Notebook, chandelier 1st dibs, botanical prints antiqueprintstore, candlesticks Ted Muehling, Chinese drums Wisteria, dinnerware Zara Home, domino book Anthropologie, Bringing Nature Home book Anthropologie, quartz candleholder Viva Terra, gnome bottle opener Burke Decor



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11 Responses to “Bring it Home :: A Fresh Start”

  1. delia

    I love the aqua chair and lighting.

  2. Camille Styles

    This post is SUCH a perfect compliment to this morning’s kale-inspired Mono Monday. We are on the same wavelength, girly! xo


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