Bring it Home :: Moody Blue (Bookshelves)

The first time I (Cristina) painted my own room at age 14, I chose a deep blue that I loved for many years. I’m still partial to the color, but if I ever paint my walls blue again I’ll be sure to include the bookshelves too! Colorful shelves are such an unexpected way to add interest and depth into any room, and make a lovely backdrop for beautiful books and magazines.

I love the saturated look of the blue walls, window frames, curtains, shelves, and even ceilings in this living room – the cool color truly transforms this space. Keep reading to see how to bring this look home!

Built in bookshelves are ideal, but for those of us without that luxury these blue stand-alone shelves would beautifully display your literature collection. I paired them with a yellow painting (one of my favorite color combos!) and then grounded the space with natural textures like wood, linen, and fur. As SXSW approaches I’ve found myself looking for ways to accommodate multiple guests in my home, so I was attracted to the multi-functional daybed in the first inspiration room. Toss a few throw pillows on top and this bed doubles as seating for the rest of the year!


*images: inspiration room 1 by Elle Decor, room 2 by Jan Showers, room 3 by Elle Decor Espana, blue shelves, yellow painting, Audrey Hepburn print, triangle print, striped pillow, Mongolian lamb pillow, kilim pillow, lamp, daybed, stump

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11 Responses to “ Bring it Home :: Moody Blue (Bookshelves)”

  1. Annie Hall

    I painted my bedroom blue at 14 too. This is just my styles,love it Cristina!!

  2. Kelly Bowman

    WIsh I had room for colorful bookshelves, love this christina!

  3. Claire Zinnecker

    I LOVE everything in this room, but the navy is delightful! We just convinced a client to paint his master bedroom and his office a beautiful navy!!

    • Camille Styles

      I loooove navy…though I’m currently a white wall kinda girl, I definitely feel like in a future house I could head over to the dark side. At *least* in one room!

  4. Vanessa @vanperrone

    This just makes me want to curl up with a book and read for hours on end! Love this.

  5. Patrice

    I had a dream once that my future home had a modern Victorian library with built-in cobalt blue bookshelves. True story-my REM cycle probably looks like a page out of Restoration Hardware.

  6. GawgusThings

    What a sophisticated 14 year old you were! I think I printed footprints on my wall when I was that age…!
    Emma x


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