Do You Dare :: Funky Flooring

painted colorful diy floors interior design decor blue yellow pink

Michelle here, with a design challenge that’s reserved for only the boldest of decorators. If you’ve ever painted a room in your home, you’re familiar with the kind of thought and consideration that goes into choosing a wall color. That said, I tip my hat to any homemaker who’s daring enough to take the same colorful approach, and apply it to their floors. Though I’d be hesitant to experiment with the idea myself, there’s something so striking about wooden paneling in unexpected patterns and hues. Follow the jump to be floored by more mesmerizing spaces, and do tell: do you dare spruce up your home with graphic floor decor? 

painted colorful diy floors interior design decor blue yellow pink

painted paint mural floors art pink blue yellow diy easy floor wood

painted paint floor wood tile design interior decor pink yellow green blue diy

*images: 1, 2, 3, 4


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16 Responses to “Do You Dare :: Funky Flooring”

  1. Mariah Danielsen

    I’m in love with the green floor! We painted the floor in our mud room red, but I think a patterned painted floor would be stunning.

  2. GawgusThings

    I found it difficult enough painting our bedroom floor cream!
    Emma x

  3. Kerry

    Love it! The first two are my favorites.

  4. erin | houseofearnest

    I like the idea of painted each wide floorboard… It seems a little more organized/linear but still really fun!

  5. Emily

    I love the idea of painted floorboards, especially for a child’s bedroom. What a fun idea!
    Just discovered your blog, it’s fabulous! x

  6. Rebecca

    Love the graphic, red dining room room floor. I know it would be tricky to complete but is definitely pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Camille Styles

    As a stripes fanatic, I’m definitely drawn to the last option – the perfectly regular green and white stripes strike the perfect tone between preppy and funky!

  8. Sallie Humphrey

    Now that we have a flooring store I’m exposed to all types of new flooring available. My fav is LVT (luxury vinyl tiles). The best is putting in alternating colors in the same style. Its really easy and great for do-it-yourselfers! I love painted floors, they are so easy to change once you decided to go with something different too!

  9. Jolie Goodnight

    Never have I been so intrigued by a floor before! The floor is so easily ignored. This is such a great idea. Now I can brainstorm about my new place…

  10. Kristen

    Wow, in the last photo, it is especially cool how the floor has its direction and the paint sort of looks like it goes the opposite way. The paint almost helps one see the parquet floor more clearly.

  11. Marki

    Love all these floors! Does anyone know where I can find the alphabet print hanging above the bed in the first picture? I love it so much!


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