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10 Best Scented Candles

September 7th, 2012

When did my candle addiction begin? It must have been some time in 2007 — one strike of that match and I was hooked. These days you can put money on the fact that if I’m home, there’s a wonderfully scented candle burning right there with me. But uncovering the very best of them was a long journey, fraught with trial and error as I weeded out all those over-priced and under-smelly candles. Today I’m practically a pro, so I thought I’d shed some light on the topic with a list of my very favorite brands, and hopefully you’ll share yours too!

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  1. My all-time fav candle is Christian Tortu – Pamplemousse (A grapefruit-rhubarb blend). The scent is pure ecstasy.

  2. Desiree says:

    Voluspa candles are the best! I also love the Capri Blue Volcano candle- smells amazing! Good picks!

  3. veggielover says:

    Right now I’m burning the Voluspa Crisp Champagne candle. The scent is creamy and lovely.

  4. Our house scent is Voluspa’s Laguna. We have several candles throughout the house (and I cheat a little when company comes over with the room spray)!

  5. Camie says:

    If you are addicted to the smell of Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, you should try the Cashmere scent candle by Comfort Candle Company! This candle smells exactly like the perfume! I never buy candles, but I could not pass this one up! Divine!

  6. Alyssa says:

    I must say, I love Yankee Candle’s Macintosh. It’s a classic and I love the smell of apples!

  7. Mariana says:

    Oh, I love candles!!

    These days I relax with L’occitane fig tree leaf scented candle. Looove it!!

    And I love my own homemade candles, too. 🙂 In the beginning of june I made beeswax candles and to some of them I added lavender or lemon essential oil. Mmm… 🙂

  8. Chris says:

    I love Voluspa Hawaiian Maile Vine and Orangerie D’Azahar, and the Yankee Candle Macintosh really does smell exactly like fresh apples. Can’t wait to try the ones you enjoy!

  9. My all time FAVORITE candle is the Henri Bendel Lemon Verbana. It reminds me of lemon italian ices and warm summer nights. They seem to be selling them on and off, so when I see them available, I stock up!

  10. Great picks! I LOVE Voluspa candles! My favorite fragrances are Coeur de Cassis, Makassar Ebony & Peach and French Bourbon Vanille, but they are all fabulous!! I’m super excited about the new Vermeil Collection. Chestnut & Vetiver and Champagne Rose are amazing. I also love Lafco candles. So beautiful and crazy huge. I love Beach House in the summer and Feu de Bois in the winter. Fragrance is so much fun!!

  11. Pam says:

    The best smelling and unique candles come from Ocotillo Southwest. They have amazing fragrances from the southwest like Sopapillas and Honey, Trés Leches, and Ocotillo Nectar. They burn great, smell great, and are poured in beautiful glass containers.

  12. Tarah says:

    “Hope” by Aroma Naturals is my absolute favorite. (Rose and Vanilla)… heavenly.

  13. Donald says:

    Any candle with a lavender scent always turn out to be my favorite! Even with all the different scents available i always come back to lavender. You have some great taste in candles!

  14. A unique, entirely manual know-how. Each of the nine steps of production are carefully studied to result in excellence. The candles are available in a rare choice of around fifty scents, inspired by a childhood memory, nature or journeys.

  15. Gary says:

    Try ASH Candles they are 100% soy candles in wine glasses and are triple scented with you choice of wood or standard wicks. It is a green company. You can reuse the wine glass and eliminates large jar waste in the landfills.

  16. Nora says:

    Yankee candles. I will never know how they smell because they are around $30 each and who in their right mind would pay that for one candle. For $30 I would expect to get at least 6 candles. Anybody know of any cheap candles the smell good and last a long time?

    • Natalya says:

      I love Yankee Candle company candles! They have one called Chocolate layer cake! Everybody thinks I’m baking a cake! I do stock ups on the candles. Sometimes they have the largest candles that are 27.99 for 10.00. They recently had a sale for buy 2 get to free which made them about 14.00 a piece. Yankee Candle is also one of the cheapest strong scented candles put there. Everything that everybody else is listing from Barneys or whatever is double, triple or quadruple the price with less than half the burn time. I usually get over 150 hours out of the Yankee Candle candles and anywhere else that might cost you over a couple hundred. I like their mcintosh, Buttercream, Vanilla cupcake and others.

  17. Kiki says:

    Kendee candles has the best smelling Leather candle and tart melts in Ohio

  18. redshift87 says:

    Henri Bendel’s Firewood is my favorite!

  19. Christina Louise says:

    Great collection (i’d like to try all these candles).
    Of all candles that I currently have and all the candles I have ever purchased, candles & scents from Allure Home Fragrance is my all time favorite, I enjoyed all the fragrances/candles that I tried from them ( I’ll keep buying candles from other places, but my favorite is from Allure Home Fragrance.

  20. Michele says:

    Thank God, candle lovers who don’t want “food” scent candles!!

  21. Brad Johnson says:

    Most of these have been pretty good so far. Some are a little to pricey. A new company called parfumceleste.. ,I think that’s their name on Etsy, they have been putting out some great scents and are priced pretty good too. Hard to find them but they are worth it.

  22. CandleWix says:

    If you like scented candles you should try CandleWix handcrafted candles:

  23. Chanel,
    Although I do agree with most of your candle pics (especially the Jo Malone), many of these candles are pricey on the pocketbook. Have you reviewed Gold Canyon Candles? You should try them. They last just as long as the pricier options and come in many fragrances. Just a medium candle can scent the house and take away bad odors. I get mine from here

  24. Bee says:

    Thanks for this list. The Capri Blue is my favorite but I am looking forward to trying more. + candles make great gifts for clients:)

  25. Re says:

    Restoration Hardware’s Belgian Linen. I’m absolutely addicted to this scent.

  26. Justin says:

    If your looking for strong scented candles that wont break your budget, you should try They have simply amazing smelling candles for sale at reasonable prices!

  27. Darlene says:

    My favorite candle is Calvin Klein’s “Leaf.” It’s amazing…

  28. Kimberly says:

    Anyone tried candles by Nest?

  29. Elizabeth Newman says:

    I have purchased some of these candles at TJ Max and Marshalls for1/2 – 1/3 of the price I have seen on eBay and stores.

  30. Teresa says:

    I love many of the suggestions in the article and those in comments. Isn’t it time for a 2017 new or refreshed article? I would love to know of some great scented candles for spring and summer. I hope the new suggestions continue to include some medium high-end recommendations as those are the ones I’m hesitant to experiment with. With the lower price ones —especially when on sale— it is easier to play around and experiment. New article please!

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