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December 10th, 2012

Masculine Winter Interiors | Fuji Files for Camille Styles

I’ve always felt that winter was a more masculine season. We put away the light summer sundresses and flirty fabrics in favor of tartan plaids, rich dark colors, leather and boots. So I can’t help but be drawn to menswear-inspired looks this time of year – both in decor and fashion. Today’s Bring it Home is inspired by the living room of what I imagine to be a perfect gentleman. It appeals to my inner Anglophile and has me this close to buying a vintage surfboard, just for looks. Keep reading for my tips to bring this look home, and a few gift ideas for the stylish gentlemen in your life…

Masculine Winter Interiors | Fuji Files for Camille Styles

1. Vintage surfboard – This piece is a lotta bit form and very little function, but I like to think of it more as art. Lean it against a wall in the corner where it will have a large visual impact while taking up very little space.

2. Arrow print – I love this print by Sugar Paper Los Angeles. It’s printed by hand on antique machinery, and there’s nothing more masculine than antique machinery.

3. Vintage British Ensign Union Jack flag – I’ve been coveting the vintage flags in the pages of shelter magazines lately. Luckily Etsy and Ebay are an excellent resource for them! The older and more worn the better.

4. Crystal bulb – Don’t you dare cover this beautiful bulb with a lamp shade. We’ve all seen exposed lightbulbs but this exquisite crystal bulb is on another level.

5. Crosley turntable – Every gentleman needs a record player, all the better to serenade me with on our date night dinner for two.

6.  Ply Bak bench – It’d be nice to own a classic Eames lounge chair, but a more affordable alternative is this Mid Century Modern-inspired bench (it seats more people too!).

7. Vintage trunk – Vintage trunks make for great coffee tables with loads of character. This gentleman must have a soft spot for them because I spy two in this room.

8. Vintage photo – Don’t you think this vintage photo of a basketball team is the type of thing you’d find on the walls of an old pub?

9. Rabbit pillow – I know most men have an issue with ornamental pillows, but who can deny this little guy? This line of pillows comes in a plethora of animals, making it hard to choose just one.

*inspiration photo by Michael Graydon; paddles in image by contact voyaging company.

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