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May 13th, 2013

Photo by Damian Russell | Camille Styles

I (Cristina) was talking with a friend recently about the challenges of choosing a color palette when you’re sharing a space. Whether you’re cohabiting with friends, a significant other or your whole family, it can be quite the feat to design a space that will please everyone. My advice? When in doubt, choose blue. Forty percent of the world’s population does, when asked what their favorite color is (followed by purple with just 14 percent). And it’s not hard to believe — teal, indigo and turquoise are all serious contenders for my number one spot. So next time you find yourself in a design dispute with your roomie, consider shades of blue or purple for a palette that’s sure to be crowd-pleasing!

Damien Russell Inspired Bring It Home | Cristina Cleveland for Camille Styles

*inspiration image Damian Russell, butterfly prints Rocketts St George, wallpaper Eskayel, sofa Svenskttenn, pagoda lamp Jonathan Adler, birds painting Meghan Howland, chair One Kings Lane via Little Green Notebook, lips Kelly Wearstler, hexagon tables West Elm, Bitossi horse Unica Home


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8 Comments under :: Bring It Home :: Choosing Favorites
  1. That room is definitely gorgeous!!! I do think there is a shade of blue for everyone. I love robins egg blue, teal, and royal blue.

  2. Great advice – we actually have a dose of blue in every room of our home. I also have those exact butterfly prints in my dining room!

  3. Classiq says:

    Blue is definitely a safe choice, and such an elegant one too.

  4. tashaicb says:

    I am LOVING all of this. Totally need a home so I can decorate.

  5. Chelsey says:

    Gorgeous inky blue and indigo shades- timeless choices.

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