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Bring it Home:: If Your House Were A Person

February 3rd, 2014

Modern Classic Bathroom by Sean Fennessy for Design Files | Fuji Files for Camille Styles

Do you ever watch design shows in which the designer’s first task is to identify the homeowner’s personal taste? The wife will proclaim “I love bold reds and leopard” and the husband says “I can only live with neutrals” and chaos ensues from there. Often people use colors, places, or time periods to describe their style, which makes perfect sense, but I was recently charmed by the brilliant way in which Caecilia Potter described her home, “We all love the sense of patina and age in our home, she is like a warm and fun old lady with a very original character.” Immediately I considered my own space—is it male or female? Young or old? What personality traits might he or she possess? It’s a fun exercise, and I’d love to hear from you in the comments: how would you describe your home?

Inspiration for a Modern Classic Bathroom by Sean Fennessy for Design Files | Fuji Files for Camille Styles


Jeeves & Wooster Pendant Lights — It’s all about these pendant lights. They’re made from authentic bowler and top hats, which makes me think there is a fairly simple DIY project opportunity here.

Charcoal Soap — This soap is chock full of natural ingredients that are nourishing for the skin, but I have to admit I’m most intrigued by the charcoal.

Chevron Turkish Towel — These woven towels fit the relaxed luxury of this gorgeous master bathroom.

Pear Branches — Lately I am loving the look of branches in a tall glass vase. They look equally good in an entryway, the kitchen, or in this case the master bathroom.

Wire ‘Be My Guest’ Sculpture — Ever since seeing Heath Nash’s wire sculpture in this outdoor shower I’ve been searching for a similar piece. Finally I’ve found this wall art at Anthropologie with an attainable price tag.

iVictrola — This iPad victrola would definitely take my singing in the shower to another, more sophisticated, level.

Bathtub — The clean lines of this tub did not distract from the hat pendants, and it’s all about the hat pendants!

inspiration photo by Sean Fennessy for Design Files


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18 Comments under :: Bring it Home:: If Your House Were A Person
  1. those bowler hat pendant lamps are absolutely fantastic!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  2. What a fun thing to come up with! I like to think of my home as a charming, feminine 20-something girl who loves black, white and pink, who is obsessed with books and candles, and who strives to be organized, but often end up rather messy 🙂 In short, she’s me 🙂

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  3. Emily says:

    Please, can you provide a link for the lovely shower head? Thank you!

  4. Cristina says:

    Love your description Ivana! 😉

  5. OMG those top hat lights! so cute!


    -Sayeh, The Office Stylist

  6. Phoebe says:

    I love those hats, they just seem a little puny, don’t you think? Maybe that’s just the dramatist, in me, but I think they should be about twice as big. (But yes, I understand they are original, and top hats weren’t twice as big!)

  7. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    Fun assignment! I think my current place is a forever-young free spirit with old Texas roots. A rebel debutante.

  8. I believe my place is an old, comfy man with a white, big bushy Beard. Always reading a Book, ’cause I got a few hundred Books in it, he can choose from a wide range while I live ‘with’ him.

    P.S.: Love the Jeeves & Wooster Penfant Lights!!!

  9. what a great post! I love your observations about the personality of a space. Now I am wondering if my living room is a he or a her 😉

  10. […] today I’m feeling the more traditional feel of this bedroom. In one of my previous posts I posed the question “if your home were a person, who would it be?” And to me this room is handsomely […]

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