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January 21st, 2013

ryan korban bedroom | fiju files for camille styles

One of Ryan Korban’s favorite words is expensive, “for me it relates to everything, and it has nothing to do with money. It is the perfect description of how I want something to look.” And he certainly nailed it when designing his chic New York apartment pictured above. Cristina here, and I love the look of the expensive interiors in glossy magazines – who doesn’t? – but what I love even more is the challenge of creating an expensive looking space on a less-than-luxe budget. It can be as simple as switching out the handles on your dresser or throwing a faux fur across the foot of the bed. For me, it was finally throwing out my old plastic hangers and replacing them with wooden ones – a cheap and cheerful way to make your clothes feel much more expensive! Keep reading to see how to bring this look home… and I’d love to know: What little luxuries make your space feel expensive?

ryan korban bedroom | fiju files for camille styles

*images: photograph by Ditte Isager for Harper’s Bazaar, faux fur throw La Redoute, drawer pull Ansaldi & Sons,  owl photograph Sharon Montrose, floor lamp Restoration Hardware, crochet dress Topshop, hangers Zara Home, books VintageScholar


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18 Comments under :: Bring it Home :: Luxe for Less
  1. Teia Collier says:

    I added lots of mirrors and luxe textures. Organized my closet, made it a nice, beautiful space to enjoy

  2. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    Love this post, Cristina! I’m working on doing some things in my place right now to dress it up a bit: painting the interior doors a glossy black, looking for some pretty antique rugs and hopefully incorporating some satin and velvet textures as well.

  3. I love this post, Cristina! I’m all about the luxe look for less. I’ve already incorporated the faux throw into my living room and have found that spray painting most anything gold goes a long way to making an ordinary item look “expensive.”


  4. I love this. I recently freshend up my bathroom with new knobs, shower curtain and rugs. Its looks so fresh now. Great advice lovvveee the fur in this post.

  5. I’m swooning over this inspirational image, Cristina… amazing how the little things make such a luxurious impact!

  6. I have a furry throw like the one you’ve included here- they are the best! And that simple owl illustration is so wonderful =) xx Sallie

    Bluebonnets for Sal

  7. Linda says:

    I love your style! What wonderful selections!
    Thank you for including my vintage book collection!

  8. em_dash512 says:

    The little touches that you start to acquire throughout life make all the difference. A little bronze statue, a cozy throw on an armchair or couch, a vintage decorated box.

    Also, my favorite things (furniture included) are second hand (i.e. not Ikea) and often from Craigslist or yard sales. Those are great places to find cheaper, one of a kind pieces with spunk.

  9. Ruins Barry says:

    Came across your blog and fell totally in love. Great post. Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most luxurious.

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