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Bring it Home :: Fancy Fixtures

April 2nd, 2012

Bring-it-home-Vogue-Living-Australia-crystal chandelier interior design living room dining room decor

With mid-century modern and contemporary design so en vogue these days, I (Cristina) sometimes feel like we forget to pay our respects to some of the classics. So with today’s installment of Bring it Home, I decided to draw inspiration from a sparkling decor piece that’s always in style: the crystal chandelier. Though the ornate fixtures are most often found in grand entryways or formal dining rooms, it’s far more fun to imagine hanging one somewhere unexpected, like a kitchen or even a bathroom! Keep reading for more design inspiration showcasing crystal chandeliers done right!

Bring-it-home-Vogue-Living-Australia-crystal chandelier interior design living room dining room decor

I know that traditional pieces often get dubbed as stuffy or difficult to work into a modern home, but they’re really a perfect candidate for mixing and matching styles. In an eclectic mixture of high and low, old and new, a crystal chandelier lends both a high-end feel and antique element to a room, and I love the idea of hanging one in a less formal area of the home! Using a chandelier for inspiration, I chose to create my dream breakfast nook featuring a round dining table with a traditional silhouette and a modern unfinished surface. And to keep things fun and casual I brought in a printed rug and mis-matched plates and silverware!


*images via: Vogue Living Australia, Country Living, chandelier, rug, plates, cups, salad servers, sea urchin salt and pepper shakers, table napkin, orchid, table, chair

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5 Comments under :: Bring it Home :: Fancy Fixtures
  1. Love the use of symmetry here – makes the crystal really stand out and own the room!

  2. That’s amazing, even though I prefer some more color :)

  3. Kristin says:

    I adore the granduer of a chandelier in any space! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Missy says:

    Where can I get/order that chandelier?

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