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Editors’ Essentials :: Cristina

October 21st, 2013

If you’ve been following our Editors’ Essentials series you know that it’s a fun peek into the lives/minds of some of our favorite people, and this installment is one that I’ve been especially looking forward to. Style blogger Cristina Cleveland of Fuji Files contributes my very favorite column on the blog, Bring it Home. With an impeccable eye for interiors and the styling chops to achieve just about any look on a budget, Cristina always leaves an impression. (She’s also the only person we know who’s gone from waist-long curls to daring short ‘do inside of one day!) We couldn’t wait to see what our favorite risk-taker turned in for her Editors’ Essentials — and just like her column, her list is thoughtfully curated and totally inspired.

*headshot photo by Jenny Sathngam

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  1. What a beautiful round-up of editors essentials, and that image of Stockholm is extremely captivating.

  2. i am totally on board with cristina’s essentials, especially stockhold {although paris is my soul city}, NPR, old films, and marble accents. great feature!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  3. Love classic movies too! I always get inspired every time I watch one of my old faves.

  4. Every single one of these is spot on…perhaps WE are soul sisters.

  5. diane smith says:

    Love the blue velvet sofa…it is amazing! Great images & ideas.

  6. Meenakshi says:

    I LOVE TCM!! I love watching old Hollywood movies. There is a wonderful charm and touch of glamour in every frame. Loved this list- that image of Stockholm is striking. And I’m checking out whether Amazon ships Mrs Meyers to India!!

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