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Embracing Your Best Self :: Annie of SkinOwl

January 31st, 2013

For the final installment of our Embracing Your Best Self series, we’re turning to Annie Tevelin of SkinOwl. As an admitted skincare nut myself (and huge fan of SkinOwl products), I was so thrilled to hear that with the help of photographer Robyn EdenMaja would be peeking into the life of this seriously inspirational entrepreneur to uncover her personal health and beauty secrets. From Annie: “SkinOwl was born to fill a void in the cosmetic industry. Like many of my clients, I spent a lot of time and money on my skin without many positive results. I wasn’t getting anywhere talking to dermatologists, who mostly recommend harsh topical creams at a high cost. I spent years working for a department store cosmetics brand, and it was there that I realized there wasn’t a voice of truth in the beauty industry — everyone was after a sale. I knew I had something more to offer.” Click through to read more, and tune in here to learn more about SkinOwl’s mission…

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8 Comments under :: Embracing Your Best Self :: Annie of SkinOwl
  1. Sarah says:

    You had me at balance! I love to see successful people who still value their private lives. Good for you!!

  2. Totally agree – I was super inspired by Annie’s outlook on life, love and beauty. I’m really drawn to people who value health and wellness, while still embracing things like chocolate and a glass of wine once in a while. 😉

  3. todaloos says:

    Great interview! Absolutely agree with starting and ending the day with a big glass of water.


  4. Kathleen McGlade says:

    Really enjoyed this piece 🙂

  5. Amy Fromlin says:

    So inspirational! She represents inner and outer beauty. Love this piece, Camille!

  6. Edward Nahon says:

    Brava Annie! Thorough and well written.
    P.S. Where can I learn to work 26hrs in a 24 hr day? ( ;

  7. Rachel says:

    Love this! Wondering what brand of sunscreen Annie recommends 🙂

  8. Lori says:

    I too really enjoyed this – lots of food for thought. Thank you.

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