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Featured :: Band Riders by Henry Hargreaves

August 29th, 2013

If you caught our new Editors’ Essentials series, you know that we tend to be a bit nosey around here — there’s something so thrilling about discovering what makes people tic, don’t you think? Submitting to my voyeuristic guilty pleasure, I couldn’t resist sharing these photos with you all today: Henry Hargreaves photographed (in baroque-inspired still life, mind you) the quirky requests made by famous musicians when on tour. And not only is this series fabulous for giving us a peak into these celebrities’s larger-than-life personalities, but it makes for quite the lesson in food styling (because anyone who can make Wonderbread photogenic is seriously talented!) It got me thinking about what crazy requests I’d make on tour, and so far all I’ve come up with is heaps of avocados and tomatoes… and puppies. Click through, and I’d love to know — What wild demands would you make if you had the world at your fingertips?

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  1. Naomi A says:

    Yes, I would only be able to drink my Cristal with a bendy straw too. That sounds nice.

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. kristina says:

    Like we needed more confirmation that Frank Sinatra was THE MAN. Love it.

  3. Axl Rose sure likes to cover the entire spectrum, doesn’t he???

  4. This is beautiful. Dark photography is definitely something I am working on. I love the drama!

  5. these are so beautifully arranged and displayed!!! i think i would like a pint of ben-and-jerry’s and a green smoothie. that would be nice…

  6. Ah! Great idea! I would request a tub of Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream and a taco bar setup. And Britney…why no buns??


  7. Oh wow, these are gorgeously styled images….wonder bread, eggs, sausage, and all!

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